Thursday, December 24, 2015

Who are The Angels?

For me, the best characters in the brilliant drama of The Nativity have always been the angels—although the camels are a close second. While the human players always seem almost boringly predictable, since I was a child I've been fascinated by the way angels always show up just at the right time, always calm but slightly "off" and weird.

As a child, one of my favorite books was an illustrated religious childrens' book, published for Roman Catholic households. The brief moral stories featured angels as the heroes and devilish-looking angels as the villains, always seeking to tempt children away from God in clever ways—while it was never clarified exactly what would happen if one did stray—so I didn't worry about that.

Although I greatly admired the visual illustrated beauty of the good angels with their multi-colored wings, I was far more attracted to the mischievous tempters, and felt a special kinship with them. In spite of the stunted, dark wings the illustrator had given them, I especially liked that they had much more interesting facial expressions, with none of the perfectly composed, almost self-satisfied smirks of the "good" angels. They weren't "bad" -- they were just more down-to-earth and just wanting to have fun. Ever since then, I seriously questioned if there really is any such thing as an imperfect or bad angel in a universe of absolute good.

Now, many years later, here is what the Risen have shared with me about "angels":
The alleged fall of rebellious angels from Heaven recorded in many ancient texts is actually a fabrication of the ego-mind. We are the angels, and while we might be drifting we haven’t actually fallen. Perhaps we could be called fledglings in the egg, and may still have a long process in our angelic development, but that is why we have immortality. The separation drama of “good” from “not good” angels is a dualism myth built from lies of the ego-mind, which seeks to make Authentic Self feel separated from Source and then keep Authentic Self under its control. This lie was effective in appearing to lower the Divine Human Authentic Self by creating a false hierarchy. It placed humanity at the bottom, and the inconceivable and unreachable angel at the top—beings who are always “closest to God.”  
Typical of the ego-mind’s approach, fear is used to keep humanity in its place. As noted in The Risen Dialogues, a myth is based upon certain realities that were misplaced from the present consciousness of the embodied collective of humanity. The ego-mind fostered this myth by capitalizing on certain psychological attributes of humanity’s mentality, making it believable by assigning to the angels human-like “lower” attributes such as fear and jealousy in order to explain their so-called “fall”—yet angels are supposedly perfect beings. This contradiction of lies appears true due to our aeons-long tendency to follow while not questioning such beliefs, rather than resting in the true knowledge that we are beings who can never stop living. 
Who are these powerful, light-filled beings who so often appear to humanity in the service of Creator Source? These angels are none other than “Beings and Becomings”—people like us—who have been evolving and transmuting for unfathomable eternities, just as we and our loved ones will on our immortal journey.
We are beings who are becoming angels.
When we can allow our self to become truly quiet and rest from a feeling of alignment we will begin to feel our Source, which is omnipresent, changeless, and resides here and right now within each of us. The now of within is the middle of everything. The feeling of now is the connection with the feeling of immortality. It is the feeling of “I Am.” 

The feeling of reaching and reuniting with our immortal residence is also the feeling of coming Home. The vitalized Authentic Self will inevitably recognize the feeling of its truth in its various states, thereby recognizing Itself as an immortal being as It moves inwardly from any felt point, ever onward.

[Excerpted from A Risen Companion to Grief (in press)]

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rest in the Silence of Nature

"Replace the end-of-life thoughts with silence, and then rest in that silence. Nature is the best remedy for over-indulgence in worry and what-if's. Placing our awareness on plants and animals, sky, stars and weather will evoke the divine silence that is the center of the whirlpool that will lead us into the Great Ocean of Source."

[Excerpted from A Risen Companion to Grief (in press)]

The Mystery of the Ghostly Tie

After getting home late the other night, I began changing my clothes into something more comfortable, taking off the green tie I had worn in honor of Solstice. I put the tie in its place on the rack, and then turned around to continue to unbutton my shirt, only to discover there was now a blue tie wrapped around my neck, as if someone had been standing behind me, taken it off the rack and put it on me, ready for me to tie. This all happened in less than 10 seconds. I haven't been able to figure out if I could have somehow accidentally done this myself. Is Spirit trying to tell me I need to get out more?

Good friend and science-lover, Zoë reminded me of our shared experience of the mysterious Red Hat, some years ago.

From the Archives: The Case of the Red Hat

Those who have a copy of our book, The Risen, may have noticed in the dedication in the front:

To Zoë
~ Who Witnessed the Red Hat ~

Several readers have asked about it. Here is the story behind it, as reported in this blog in October of 2006. Zoë, now a little older and wiser, still remembers it, and has herself experienced her own odd events similar to this since then, and also still has the appropriate response: she laughs.


The week I spent camping on Lake Champlain in the Adirondack Mountains went by faster than I thought, but I'm glad all the same to get back to the place I call home. (and 2 kittens are especially glad!)

While I never saw "Champ" - the alleged "Loch Ness Monster of Lake Champlain" - I did have a very intriguing experience that was unique in my already very strange life. I have yet to figure it out, but haven't really pursued it yet, just letting it rest a bit. There doesn't seem to be any of the "psychospiritual amnesia" effects that I've cited in The Risen and are usually associated with Risen contact, as the details are crisp and clear in my memory; nor did I have to struggle to retain the information. Of course, it was observed and corroborated by another person, so perhaps that "solidified" it in some way.

I was traveling in a car with 2 friends and their 9 year-old daughter, Zoë -- who's also my fairy god-daughter (long story) when we stopped for gas in one of the many small towns in that part of the state. We noticed that they had firewood for sale, which we needed, so I started to get out of the car to go buy some. My red baseball cap, which had a large "Strand Bookstore" logo on the front, had been lying on the seat next to me, and I reached over and put it on my head as I got out of the car. Immediately I found that for some reason, it wouldn't fit on my head -- it was too small!

My hat was a faded red, and the Strand logo was sewn directly into the hat. Z. was still sitting there, so I asked her if it was her hat. She looked at me and laughed, and said no. I countered with that it wasn't mine, so whose could it be? Did it belong to Mom or Dad? Nope. Did she ever see it before? Nope. Hmmmm. So where was my hat?

I took it off and looked at it, to discover that it wasn't my hat; rather it was a plain hat with no logo on it. True, it was red, but a very bright, new-looking red; it seemed to be made of some kind of bizarre material, not really fabric, and not really plastic, but something in-between; it looked as if it had a very fine "weave" but it was fake, as if a picture of a weave. It had the feel of an object that someone tried to copy without really knowing what the object was or what its function was. I now regret that I never had the presence of mind to take a picture of it; alas I was not one of those wed to their cell-phone!

I carefully explained to Z. what my hat looked like. I put the strange hat down on the seat where I was sitting. While she looked for mine, I got out of the car and showed it to her mother who was walking towards me. All I got was strange laughs when I complained that somehow my hat got switched with this little inferior one; it was just assumed "August was having one of his 'spells' " --they are used to my trances and other nonesuchnesses, and usually don't ask too many questions. "Look at it," I insisted, "it doesn't even fit on my head! I'm not crazy!" Taking it in stride, my friend continued to walk towards me and said that the firewood was inferior, so not to bother, we'd get some elsewhere.

That was fine with me. I turned around and got back in the car and picked up the hat I had left lying on the seat. Only it was my hat, the Strand hat! I looked at it in disbelief. I stopped Z from her searches and said I'd found mine. But where had it been to begin with? And now where was the other one, the smaller, redder, plain one?

It was nowhere to be found.

Immediately Z. and I began tearing the back seat apart and then the far back of the car, looking for the hat. I kept my own jammed firmly on my head. We never found the mystery cap. Not then, and not the next day, nor the next. And my friends continued to insist that they didn't own such a cap to begin with.

Z. and I went over and over this event for the next few days; and then she would go to the car and search for the cap we had both briefly seen before it disappeared. We felt bonded by this mysterious trip to the Twilight Zone, and will probably remember it as one of the main highlights of our camping trip -- even more than our visit to Santa's Workshop!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

From The Archives: Cristes Mæsse

[First posted 12/24/10 - a reader recently wrote about finding it "evocative" . . . the summer, as least in this part of the world, is past its zenith, and before we know it, we will be crossing the threshold of a new year. Perhaps this previous post can continue to offer some reflection of who and where we are, in this moment.]

When the tips of the pines
Touch the twinkling stars
On the cold, crisp nights of December,
May your blessings be more
Than you've ever hoped for,
And your Christmas a warmth to remember.

~ a poem on a card sent by Aunt Doris ~

For some reason, as I began cooking this morning of Christmas Day Eve, I was impressed to put on a CD of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor – a strange kind of music for Noël . . . nonetheless, it affects me deeply, evoking complex emotions, all tinged with sadness.

The turnips are peeled and roasting – my contribution towards tomorrow's cozy gathering of friends, coming together to celebrate many things – consciously aware living, loving, and sobriety. Together, we manifest and share a "field of gratitude" that spontaneously arises from our gathering together.

In The Risen, we explore the idea of "fields" – realities that interpenetrate our material one, and which we often can sense emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically. This idea is practically no longer abstract, but is quickly becoming a realized fact by primarily quantum scientists, many inspired by theoretical biologist Rupert Sheldrake's understanding that there is no "inside" or "outside" to one's mind. It is further noted in The Risen:
"Sheldrake suggests that memory is not stored in the brain, which is a kind of tuning system, rather than a device for storing memories. Our brain resonates within a morphic or morphogenic field. This resonance is a form-shaping field, an invisible organization structure wherein all experiential information is recorded and stored.
"Morphogenic fields are patterns that structure our reality. Older, primal societies have been well aware that the forms of our experiences are shaped by something greater than us, and of which we are simultaneously a part. Modern, 'civilized' societies have contracted the mind into the idea that the mind exists only within the confines of our physical skulls."
Sheldrake would likely agree with the idea of the spirit of a holiday—that it’s a morphic field containing the memories and rituals associated with that holiday.
Viewed from this perspective, the spirit within a human being resonates from within the larger spiritual morphogenic field. From their perspective, the Risen suggest that the so-called boundaries of any field are arbitrary and subject to one’s perceptual awareness, meaning that the fields are infinite in space and time. Thus, Risen fields interpenetrate non-Risen fields, which also interpenetrate." (pp. 137-138)
In 21st century terms, this is "non-locality". Non-locality is one of several important principles of quantum physics, and has given rise to the concept of nonlocal space, explained by Pim van Lommel, MD as “ … a multidimensional space, with nothing but possibilities … and without certainties, without matter, and without a role for time and distance … (and) represents a hidden reality that, at the quantum level, exerts a continuous influence on our physical world, which is the complement of nonlocal space."  While interpenetrating the local consciousness of the physical brain, non-local consciousness expands unbounded beyond it, and is believed by many to support perceptual reality. This concept underlies theories about after-life survival, remote viewing, and other out-of-body experiences. (From his book, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience, pp. 227-28) [Highly recommended.]

 Mozart claimed that he heard the music in his head and that all he had to do was transcribe it; he did this in near-perfect notation in a very brief window of time. Van Lommel suggests that such creativity, inspiration, and sudden scientific insight might be explained by unconscious, or even conscious contact with non-local consciousness. His book explores in great detail how near-death experiences bring the person into contact with other fields of consciousness – other worlds – in this way.

It's clear to me that I'm experiencing "fields within fields" – or worlds within worlds, as the Risen say. Obviously I'm not in the land of sleigh bells and candy canes, but somewhere in the Deep. I wonder what is is that  I'm accessing in the field of Mozart's Requiem. As I ponder more I begin to realize that there is sadness is the memory of the story of a little baby who will grow up, and as a young man,  "die" a seemingly tragic, lonely death, abandoned by the world he loved so much; I think of his mother as well. Mozart was dying as he struggled to finish this piece, and transitioned before it could be completed. He captured these complex ego-mind feelings of  the direct experience of his own transition, along with the "tragedy and loss" that are believed to be inseparable by death. Surrounding Requiem is much controversy and confusion, unanswered questions and myth. While the story of the man who was also a Christ clearly embodies the almost inconceivable news that there is no death, only more life, much myth and confusion surround the drama as well.

Many fields of spirituality and religion converge around this time of the year, a few according to the light reaching the earth from the sun, and others because someone once did or said something that continues to resonate with millions of still earth-bound souls. One funny question that I get asked often is about my "religion": "Are you Christian? Jewish? Buddhist? Pagan? Democrat? Vegetarian?"  My answer has always been the same: "I don't remember." There is the potential for magic and miracles of wonder in them all. Krishnamurti once said,  "Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples." He also said, "I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect."

The Requiem's saddening minor chords of the last movement of the sequence, the Lacrimosa, breaks off after only eight bars, unfinished. One can only wonder if Mozart was simultaneously having near-death experiences as he struggled to complete his mission. He transitioned on December 5, 1791. Perhaps I'm accessing something of his world, his field, his non-locality while listening to his final offering to our terrestrial world. The lovely little Christmas card from my Aunt Doris also brings me in contact with some kind of field. Now in her upper-eighties, she is one of the few remaining, older relatives still on the earth (once there were so very many!) There is, at first, sadness with this thought, but if I stay with the sadness, while letting the ego-mental thinking fade away, I'm brought to an awakened awareness of Authentic Self, and then through some sort of door, an entryway into a deeper aspect of another reality, and more light begins to shine through what I first perceived as shadow. This is the door to the Risen lands, and not only light, but laughter and joy beam forth from it, and suddenly I begin to understand the meaning of Cristes mæsse, which means literally, "the anointed one's mission." We all have this mission, as anointed with spirit by Creator Source, to find the door to Home, for "blessings more than we ever hoped for."

Tim made his transition on a Christmas Eve, falling deeply asleep here and slowly awakening there. Although my mental grief about it has been worked through over the years, and it seems nothing more than the dream it was, my body still remembers in its own way, and accesses biological fields that are inherently part of a terrestrial existence. So a little sadness is there too, wistfulness, really, which also becomes a door to where Tim actually is now, the present, which is all we every really have.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Diakka - Some Posts

It's now December 2015, and just like 2013, the weather is unusually warm and very Autumn-like, rainy and quiet -- but I'm not feeling satisfied and not curmudgeonly, and studying peacefully in bed with cat feet-warmers and lots of good organic coffee. The Risen are nudging me to consider writing a monograph (a la Sherlock Holmes) about the Diakka, which apparently only Andrew Jackson Davis ever mentioned in some detail. There is a lot of information about them on our blog, and I've learned a lot more and can better articulate this information since I began writing about them here and there. The Diakka are increasingly making significant appearances in our world, mingling, teaching, teasing, tricking sometimes, but never malevolent; and yet nobody seems aware of them. This awareness is important because it would enable those of us on Earth to equalize the imbalance of power that the Diakka seek to acquire and thrive on for their own ego-satisfaction - which is harmless, really, but not fair in the game they seek to make us play without telling us that there is a game to begin with.

Fiona & McHenry

[First posted 10/6/13]

Since today is one of those quiet, rainy Autumn days, and I'm feeling cranky and critical -- or curmudgeonly, really --  I'm going to spend as much of it as I can in bed while I continue with my studies of the works of Thomas Troward, along with gallons of coffee and having my feet warmed by the cats.

If anyone feels like doing the same but needs something to read, we suggest looking at some of our posts for detailed info and brief mentions about the Diakka, who were first identified and written about by Andrew Jackson Davis.

The Posts:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Self-Exiting - No Judgment, Only Adjustment

"While I rested, someone in Spirit began sharing insight about the issues of self-exiting. I recognized this Risen One as the person who had once been my great-grandfather on Earth. Although we had never met in physical life, I had always had a faint awareness of his quiet, observant presence somewhere in the background. Not a Guide but a Watcher, he had never communicated mentally with me before until now, which was brief but supportive. He then stepped back and allowed himself to be used as a doorway to a much higher kind of collective spirit consciousness, which signified itself as 'a cloud' and who desired to contribute crucial spiritual information on the subject. Here now is Cloud’s communication, who voyaged to my terrestrial dimension to aid me further in my quest to understand self-exiting."
     Greetings, gentle medium. Let us proceed. The elements of earth are but a few motes of dust whirling around in the clouds within clouds within clouds of untold, unnamed, uncounted, unending elements. We the Speaker are such a cloud. In your mind is seen that which makes us all alive and connected, through those symbols that best portray the information. We are slowing down within our cloud to take temporary residence within your cloud, which is your world.
     Taking your life cannot end your life, and this you know well, gentle medium. Because this cannot be done, there is nothing to do about it. Judgment does not await anyone who wishes to move the life force expression from one form to another, regardless of intent, self-judgment, or any such kind of sorrowful self-interest. The movement of such a one can be observed, assisted, eased, and loved. The movement of life from one form of energy to another form of energy is a sacred event at all times, and there is no heresy, no blasphemy, nor even error to be assigned to any such movement. Everybody is appropriate, wherever perceived to be, and whenever perceived.
     Within the great density of the elements which have been in-drawn into the form of your planet’s body and all the forms upon, under, and around it, there is great activity, a frenzy to acquire energy and to move from one form to another. Your movement is your development on the dense plane of materiality. All movement for all living things on the planet in this way is appropriate, always.
     There is not just one process of movement of life through living but a multitude of processes, which beget ever more processes of life. Life is forever redefining itself, reflecting, refracting, recycling, renewing. The process of life returns energy back to its source in a never-ending cycle, ever so slowly, expanding and widening and eventually lifting all who are traveling in every way upon the cycle’s circle into higher and finer modes of expression. This journey would appear as a spiral from within your spiritual dimension. This you all intuitively know, as do all forms that contain the spirit-flame that is of the Original, and therefore is the Original Itself. We are all One-and-the-Same as fulfilled by our infinitely differing forms of expression. We cannot find an end to it all, nor can we end expression.
     Regard the flowers of which you are so fond. When they are allowed to find their proper elements and grow, they thrive with the greatest expression possible, seemingly without end. Yet there is an end, but one that cannot be found or seen or even sensed, as it is simultaneously assimilated into that-which-it-is-becoming, which is the fulfillment of the process given to them, as is given to all life forms. This is the gift of unending life. The flowers may weather the harshest of conditions upon the way and yet manage to pursue the fulfillment of this gift, of which all life consists and emerges from and strives to fulfill. This striving is movement and this movement is life. As nothing exists that does not move there is nothing but life to fulfill. Life, regardless of the degree of self-awareness, is a divine gift, an infinite opportunity for immortal exploration to whatever fulfillment awaits. And fulfillment always awaits each form of life.
     Give the flowers any elements that are inappropriate, that are poisonous to them, and they will not fulfill their flowery process to the utmost expression available to them. Giving yourself poison that will keep you from further fulfilling whatever expression is forming about you will not keep you from living. The flowers will release their essence of spirit, as will you. Their dense bodies will return to the denser elements, as will yours.
“What of the spirit essence animating all forms? During your life as a human your spirit will be received and carried within the shelter of the body. The body protects and nourishes it, while supporting its own ongoing transformation into ever finer and faster vibrating energies. When at last the spirit is released, the higher and finer the energy, the higher and finer places it will be able to sustain awareness in, and it will then be brought to these places. These higher and finer places are new awarenesses that are redefined by increased self-reflection. This is the great principle of those planes, including the earth and beyond the earth, where like vibration attracts like vibration. This ever-evolving principle, a state of awareness of self and of others that arises and is increasingly sustained, is love.
     On earth, the vibration of matter is far too slow to attract anything other than itself, like and unlike together, which is an aspect of the process you experience and label as ‘gravity.’ Spirit vibrates within matter, and so for that part of its journey it is matter, while it grows in its awareness that there is more and greater spirit beyond the body, and thus yearns and reaches for it. Whenever the spirit is released from the body, at any point, it cannot yet exist in self-awareness for long without a body of some sorts, and thus still carries itself in finer, higher vibrating bodies. The spirit will find its appropriate place. There is a place even for the spirit energy of the flowers to move to, from where they can continue their process of ever refining, ever expressing, and ever experiencing.
“Life is experience. Self-releasing your spirit essence is experience. You will learn from all experience. Upon release you will be aware that you may have not moved any further from where you thought to move. You will Rise, and as Risen you will perceive your actions in a different way. Rather than achieving a replacement as longed for, there is instead movement that might be called displacement. And yet you will still have achieved understanding, inasmuch as your present awareness can shed its light upon your whereabouts.
     You may feel that it is appropriate for you to leave at a certain point along any experience. If this seems a necessary experience, explore it in your mind and see where it leads—not with thought, but with feeling. You may find it leads you where you originally had intended, or elsewhere, but you will still be ultimately involved in your life experience. It cannot be otherwise. You may perceive the necessity and the chance to make the decision, or you may not. Either way it does not matter. The longer you remain in formation to gather information upon your planet does not mean that you will necessarily gain the experience that will bring more vibration. Yet it could, depending on how you utilize your experience. It is up to you to use that which has been given to you in the ways you deem appropriate. There are no mistakes, only choices. There are no judgments about your choices, only unconditional acceptance. It cannot be otherwise. The means is provided for you to raise or lower your vibration at any time.
     We see in your mind that fear of the future, of punishment, of judgment, weighs heavily around such decisions. There is fear that you will not be able to be with those whom you love and that they will be unable to reach you. There need not be any fear. If you are in suffering when you arrive after leaving your body, you will be attended to unless you desire otherwise. Healing is always available and the opportunities to learn will continue. Those whom you love and who love you will be available. Those who are higher can move to the lower, but the lower cannot as easily move to the higher. And even when it can, it cannot sustain that movement. Their vibrations may be of a higher nature than yours and so they may have varying qualities of presence, and thus they may seemingly dwell on a different plane. But the nature of love is such that all dwelling places, all positions of vibration are totally, perfectly appropriate. Love allows all who are similar to intermingle in some way. The more present you are to yourself, the more present you will be to others like yourself. If in seeking to obliterate your consciousness because of the pain, this will be achieved because it is important to you and you have made the decision that this is to be so. You will eventually awaken in the arms of those who love you and who understand and accept you. No one will shun you, none will condemn you.
     If any sorrow should arise from such an action, healing is always offered, never denied, and communicative exploration is encouraged. There are unlimited ways to continue self-discovery. No one need be lonely unless they want it so. Many arrive in various states of fear, regardless of the avenue taken. Even the negative states of emotion are able to find expression far beyond what is capable upon the earth. The emotion of regret might be underlying the spirit who has released itself from the body, but often the release itself becomes the emotion of relief, which is positive. Choosing to remain focused on regret will exclude your awareness from the present, where suffering cannot exist. You were not meant to experience anything unless you want to. All experience is valuable, nothing is lost or wasted, and life unfailingly goes on expressing itself. As will you, for you are life itself.
     The less fear with which you arrive, the higher the vibration and so then much more light. You will have greater ability to enjoy the light. It is not necessary to hasten any part of any journey, including the one you now have on earth. Ending it does not hasten it, nor does ending it slow the experience, for time does not exist as you know it outside the temporary awareness of your plane. You have the awareness of time on earth to experience, to ponder, to study, to enjoy a material existence, as well as to gather impressions about pain and suffering. Fill this time with your experience, and experience as much as you want. This time is for your awakening, and it is left to you to decide how much wakefulness you wish to experience.
     However you leave, whenever you leave, you bring exactly who you are, and your accomplished awakened consciousness. There is no comparison against others offered in judgment upon you, no criticism ever offered, although this you may do to yourself, to the degree that you do now, and possibly even more so.
     The flower does not damn nor is it damned. It is welcome as it is, as are you. As the flower has been manifested out of the greatest wisdom to seek to fulfill its experience as completely as it can, so have you been manifested, and so might you seek. At the end of your earthly experience, at the moment of release, there is simply that much more opportunity for joy in the knowledge that you have lived in whatever way you deemed fulfilling. The more you can perceive, the larger will be your universe. There is great joy in the self-awareness of self-expansion from awakening, and there is ever-increasing wisdom and serenity in that joy.
     As for those left behind on the earth, you are never responsible in any way for their state of vibration—only for your own. In your freedom you may know their grief as keenly as if it were your own. You will no longer have the body with which to embrace theirs in comfort, and this may be a mental agony that requires much healing, both for those in spirit bodies and those in earthly bodies. Medium, you are aware that we have influenced much of what you have shared about grief. We re-echo your words here as a gift for your own benefit. Be aware of opportunities to begin the healing while together on the earth. Ask. Always, simply, ask for help, for giving is what the universe builds upon. You will always receive this forgiving, and it will arrive in some form, regardless of your expectations. Most often help has arrived long before you ask for it, and it is gentle and subtle, intent on not interfering and only with assisting. If you do not want it you will not receive it, but you will still be watched and guided, even in the darkest of moments.
     You are always loved, even if you have withdrawn love from yourself. As you would give the flowers the space and elements in which to thrive, strive to see yourself and others as flowers. Know that you are a flower with self-awareness. It is this self-awareness that enables you to live in conscious awareness of grace, which is the gift of self-awareness, as well as the ability to live in a continual expression of natural gratitude.
     When all seems without hope, that is the time to let go even of hope, and accept it as an opportunity to experience feelings of compassion, peace, and love toward self and others. Learn the peace of resting in That-Which-Is-Greater-Than-You and yet which is also Who-You-Are. You are Beings and, simultaneously, Becomings.

"Thus, to self-exit is a choice that will not be punished or judged as wrong; it’s not even perceived as an error. It becomes instantly forgiven and forgotten amongst all the other countless choices we’ve made and will continue to make as an immortal being. Rather than judgment, there is only adjustment. Our bereavement is not a test to measure success or failure. There is nobody keeping track of our progress, which is really just another way to speak of our never-ending journey through a Perfect Universe."
As updated in the current book-in-progress, originally from Chapter 6: "Grief Evolved & Self-Exiting" ~  The Risen Dialogues

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Exaltation: The Practice of Great Fullness

   Here is our Day of Giving Thanks gift to those who have given so much and so many kinds of love to August and Tim — part of a chapter from the still-in-progress book, A Risen Companion to Grief.

   What follows is the last in a series of spiritual practices that the Risen offer, not only for grief but for living, which are:
Inspiration: The Practice of Air
Circulation: The Practice of Water
Crystallization: The Practices of Earth
Illumination: The Practice of Fire
Restoration: The Practices of Spirit

Exaltation: The Practice of Great Fullness

I am the wind which breathes upon the sea, I am the wave of the ocean,
I am the murmur of the billows, I am the ox of the seven combats,
I am the vulture upon the rocks, I am the beam of the sun,
I am the fairest of plants, I am the wild boar in valor,
I am a salmon in the water, I am a lake in the plain,
I am a word of science, I am the point of the lance of battle,
I am the God who created in the head the fire.
Who is it who throws light into the meeting on the mountain?
Who announces the ages of the moon?
Who teaches the place where couches the sun, if not I?
~ Amergin ~ (1)

Each of the previous practices can be the first door that leads into a second one of focused emotional gratitude—the awareness of great fullness—which then gives rise to joy.
Ideas about the nature and value of gratitude are increasingly being brought forth by many spiritual guides. It seems clear that encouraging and maintaining an inner posture of thankfulness is a healthy thing, and medical research and the biological sciences confirm this and continue to affirm it. However, most of the conclusions are coming to us from a mental aspect 99% of the time—meaning that we are given a lot to think about, but then thinking about it is all we do. We then erroneously believe that this thinking is actually doing it. While we may notice the 1% energy difference that is being made in our life from thinking about it, we aren’t realizing that 99% is missing. The large amount of energy that is absent is the feeling of gratefulness, which will also be presented here as “the feeling of great fullness.”
It would be redundant to say that life has been weird, because it always is. I wonder if saying life is wonderful would also be redundant at some point, because the wonder never stops. Of course it takes a conscious mind to wonder at, or even wonder if. Consciousness is wonderful but it’s also weird.    Therefore life is weird and wonderful. And so are you, and so am I. Therein is the great fullness, which we can feel as gratefulness.
Whereas before our grief might have been draining the life out of our living, we also have opportunities to experience and subsequently understand that there is no such thing as death. This will allow us to put joy back into our living, which is the meaning of “enjoy.” Many people these days seem to think that they should be getting joy out of living, but they have it backwards. Joy is something we put into living, for we are the channels for this ever-emerging energy, which is also our Source. That is, Creative Source is not only in us, but we are also Creator Source. We are the fountains through which the waters of life flow. We are the lilies and the fields and the ground from which all being and awareness of being arises and manifests.(2)
What follows is another mindfulness practice that is enhanced by a “feeling-full” aspect which becomes the channel for the outflow of joy, or enjoyment. It begins with a thought of gratitude as a doorway into the thinking mind, and then expands further into the feeling of great fullness which allows the sensation of joy to flow out of us and into the world in which we are currently living.
Like air and breathing, the substance of great fullness is always available, for it makes up our visible and invisible worlds. It is that in which we move and have our being. Feeling this substance is what opens up channels to it and keeps it flowing. The flowing is the feeling of great fullness, which is also joy. Because it’s always available, this practice is not difficult. If done enough, the only thing that might become difficult is not doing it.

The Practice:  Start with any simple thought of gratitude, which is the mental flint that sparks the flame of feeling. Because the feeling ignites so quickly, strive to quickly let go of the thought and continue to feel the feeling, as will be said so many times in this book.
For example, after having a thought such as “I am grateful for the sun” or “I have gratitude for my health” or “I am grateful for this being’s love,” immediately raise its vibration by changing it to “I feel the great fullness of the sun” or “I am feeling the great fullness of my health” or “I feel the great fullness of this being’s love.” 
All you have to do is declare that you feel—not have—but feel gratitude for anything and everything—and then feel it. Even if you weren’t thinking gratitude, announce that you do now. Use your mind to spark the flame. Do it for everything. It will bring transformation, which includes the changing of beliefs, so whether or not you believe this will work doesn’t matter. The power of Love, which is what this energy of great fullness is, removes all obstacles to Life. The only way Love can’t do this is if you stop it.

I feel the great fullness of my ever-increasing or perfect health; my perfect circulation, my perfect sinuses, my perfect lungs, my perfect spine, my perfect energy, my perfect digestion, knees, heart, etc.  Adding the word “perfect” increases the positive energy. Use other enlightening words as well to enliven and enrich the feeling. Creator Source modeled this for us from the very beginning, when It created something and then pronounced it “good and very good.” If you don’t believe this, experiment as a co-Creator and assess your own personal evidence.

I feel the great fullness of my peaceful home; the great fullness of the mysteries of a perplexing relationship; the great fullness of the potential of my job.

I feel the great fullness of the rich green of these trees; the symmetry of that blade of grass; the silky wetness of this precious rain; the warmth of the sunlight dappling on my face; the flight of that distant bird; the antics of this silly cat that make me smile; I feel the great fullness of my smile.

I feel the great fullness of this glass of clean water; the taste of this delicious yogurt; the design and shine of this interesting spoon.

I feel the great fullness of this toothbrush; the coolness of the sink; the instant running water; the underlying life of that crying baby; those laughing tourists.

All of the above suggestions are about elements and experiences we would likely label as “positive.” But what about seemingly less-than-positive, even painful things? I can also let myself feel the great fullness of a sadness; my tears; my body’s aches; the anger; the loss.

I feel the great fullness of my grief.

You get the idea. Do this as much as you can for a day, or for part of any day. Move through each day riding a wave of great fullness from dawn until dusk.
And as you’re riding the wave, begin to let yourself feel the actual energy of the wave. Realize that you’re actually entering each of these elements in the world about you, and that the feelings are flowing up and through you and out into the world, as if through a Renaissance fountain of astonishing character and dramatic detail. Flow from one thing to another with the feeling of great fullness: I am the feeling of great fullness.
I am the feeling of great fullness.

At the end of the day take the feeling of great fullness with you into sleep, whether it’s joy, sadness, relief, or a mixture of them all. I feel the great fullness of this day as it departs, to never happen again; this comfy bed; the warm embrace of the pillow; these soft sheets; the quiet darkness; the unending mystery of my life. Float on ever-more-gentle waves into your world of dreams, bringing peaceful joy, the slowing down of your energies, an awareness of the light dimming with consciousness.
And then strive to remember to express an awareness of gratitude upon awakening and before getting out of bed.
Walt Whitman’s poetry reveals that he often moved through the world with an awareness of his own great fullness, which he experienced as a song of himself: (3)
“… The smoke of my own breath,
Echoes, ripples, buzz’d whispers, love-root, silk-thread, crotch and vine,
My respiration and inspiration, the beating of my heart, the passing of blood and air
through my lungs,
The sniff of green leaves and dry leaves, and of the shore and dark-color’d sea-rocks,
and of hay in the barn,
The sound of the belch’d words of my voice loos’d to the eddies of the wind,
A few light kisses, a few embraces, a reaching around of arms,
The play of shine and shade on the trees as the supple boughs wag,
The delight alone or in the rush of the streets, or along the fields and hill-sides,
The feeling of health, the full-noon trill, the song of me rising from bed and meeting the sun.” (4)
Mindfully move with conscious purpose through the great substance of Life—feel its great fullness and your own existence will become a living poem. Try adding the word “feel” in some way to the quote of Amergin’s ancient declarations and share the experience that Life is, while death can never be.
As we continue to mindfully progress together with our Risen loved ones, it becomes possible to discover that our world and The Summerland—and indeed, many worlds—interact together with the greatest of ongoing intimacies. These interactions have been happening all along, ever since the day we entered this particular material realm, and will continue to do so when we finally leave and move beyond it. This all may sound paradoxical, mysterious, and even mystical—because it all is.

(1) This poem is ascribed to Amergin, an ancient Irish druid-prince.
(2) “Consider the lilies of the field ...”. — Matthew 26:28
(3) Walt Whitman was known to be intensely interested in spiritualism, and felt that he had the potential to be a spirit medium. It’s been noted that he tried to develop as one but for various reasons became discouraged and doubtful about his gifts, although he never stopped believing in the reality of mediumship. – AG
(4) Song of Myself, by Walt Whitman, 1892.

© 2015 August Goforth

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Can We Rise Out of Our Grief?

Can we outgrow our grief? Or asked in another way, can we rise out of our grief? Certain aspects of grief may stay with us for the rest of our life, changing only in quantity and quality—hopefully in diminished ways. Finding temporary comfort is one thing; but can grief from bereavements—especially the major ones—be forever healed? This and many other questions will be explored from different perspectives, as informed by my own personal bereavement and mediumistic experiences. 
Rather than outgrow our grief, can we rise out of our grief?

These personal experiences have led me to a particular understanding that grief is a form of energy that I can consciously feel and so can also be consciously transformed—or evolved—into new and higher-vibrating feelings of spiritual evolution, which could also be called “rising.” The Risen with whom I interact offer their own particular definition of “rising,” which I discern as “transmutation”—a clumsy word that seems to make them slightly grimace but also smile that it will do for now. They most ardently do agree with my declaration that we must consciously allow the grief to be felt so it can unfold and rise to the next higher vibration of feeling, which could eventually reach the vibration of a Risen Loved One, and may allow us to connect with them in some way—if that is what we truly want. I must add that sometimes we may not want to connect with certain people, and this is important to have an understanding about as well, as guided by our feelings. This last idea is also acceptably adequate to the Risen, and so there is a chapter on that subject.
We must consciously allow the grief to be felt so it can unfold and rise to the next higher vibration of feeling that will eventually reach the vibration of the Risen Loved One.

The extraordinary yet crucial aspect about this earthly unfolding is that the transformation does not happen as a matter of course, as in the way Nature moves from one season to the next. Nature transitions without any conscious awareness, but the higher transformation of grief doesn’t happen naturally. Human grief can only transform supranaturally—above and beyond Nature. Nature does not choose this kind of transformation for us and so we must choose it for ourselves. If we don’t make this choice and follow through with it, we’ll have only journeyed in a self-repeating circle—and not necessarily even completely. This might very well be one of the uncomfortable, counter-intuitive ideas cautioned about earlier.

[Excerpted from A Risen Companion to Grief (in press)]