Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spiritual Ether & A Seance Invocation

Below are the opening and closing prayers we use for our circle, Inwood Experimental Portal Group.  

Regarding the idea and use of "spiritual ether", we are taking our cue directly from the wonderful book, The Mediumship of Arnold Clare, by Harry Edwards, (1942) which goes into great detail about such things as ether, ectoplasm, the astral, etc. as presented by Spirit Participators at various sittings. Here is what the Spirit, "Peter" says about ether and which inspired the Invocation below, as transmitted to August during one of the circle's past sittings. (pdf of the book accessed here) - there are some extraordinary photos of ectoplasm levitation of furniture and trumpets at the end of the book.

Other writings you may find of interest are available at The Risen Books website.

“When you breathe in always through the nostrils, you are not only inhaling the air but also the ether stream - the free ether. Now that ether is characterless, it has no character of itself; but as it passes through the sieve, as it were - the 'sieve' I said - it receives its character impressed upon it by the mentality of the breather. This is important. As the nostrils are the filters for the atmosphere necessary for the wellbeing of the body, so are they the filters for the ether rejecting all things that are inimical to the individual, whilst passing on those things that are good. But it works both ways, for it rejects also those things which cannot be appreciated by the individual - that is, things spiritual.
 “Therefore in this practice with inhalation and exhalation the mind should be gently focused upon the ‘all-greatness’ of the spirit. It has the effect of creating those conditions which, individually, we have to create ourselves. “The way of achievement by this method, intelligently applied, ensures permanency and good health, which, you will notice, many mediums lack.” Peter was asked to give further information as to what is received and what is rejected as the ether stream is inhaled. Peter:
 “The best way to answer is this. The ether stream which is taken into the system through breathing is characterless in itself. When it has been breathed in through the normal act of inhalation, it is impressed by the thought and character of the individual. That is understood. Therefore by rendering that etheric content more potent, more vital, through control of thought in breathing, you can transform that stream of ether into a veritable dynamic force. We have already spoken of the etheric body and the soul body - they both depend upon the ether inhaled with ordinary breathing for their vitality and sustenance. The more it is impressed with noble thoughts consciously directed, the more will the sub-conscious mind be brought into line with things spiritual. Therefore instead of having a part of your ‘household’, as it were, against you, you make of the soul a strong ally - the three of you (physical, spiritual and soul bodies) working all together, as a whole. For it must be remembered that the soul is the repository of all the experiences to do with the natural world and that world only. Therefore its desires are primitive; it is selfish. It is controlled by two strict laws, that of attraction and that of repulsion - which is oft-times the progenitor of hatred. That is one part.
 “By breathing rhythmically, the physical body profits from the air you breathe because it is taken in steadily; and therefore the heart motion is more regular with the steady supply of oxygen. The ether which is inhaled with it does not go into the lungs. It is retained by a sieve. The sieve is contained at the root of the nose, and it is from there it is dispersed. There it receives the impression of the thought intention - so far as psychic work is concerned. That is most important. Not only is it important in the way of physical health, but it also gives a greater etheric vitality. I think this answers the other part of the question.
 “When you breathe, it is to breathe with intention and to say, ‘with each breath I breathe the spirit of life’, ‘Each breath makes me free’, ‘Each breath makes me stronger spiritually and physically’. It is not altogether what you would term auto-suggestion, although it is true there is an element of that; but the idea is to impress the breath with your character, your idea of the moment. You can use it for weal or woe.” 


We gather here now to join together for the purpose of development, to learn and communicate together in happy harmony and peace, and to help build spiritual portals between worlds.

We ask our Guides & Guardians in Spirit to watch over this place, protect this space with the highest of energies around us.

We invite and welcome all those who are interested in our highest good and that of the Universe, including Spirits of Nature and of Animal Beings. We ask that you make your presence and identity known in any way possible.

We breathe in the spirit ether of the innermost energies of the fiery core of this planet, Earth.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the geological pressures of the mineral kingdoms beneath the surface of the Earth
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ebb and flow of the crash and thunder of the ocean’s waves.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ever enfolding light of the sun, the moon and the stars of the celestial.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the living energies of all plant life, germinating in the seed, sprouting from the soil, blossoming with leaves, flowers and fruit into the light of the sun, moon and stars.
We breathe in the spirit ether of the ever moving caress of the smallest breezes, the gathering thunder and lightning of the greatest of storms, and the billowing locomotion of the greatest winds of the North, South, East and West.
We breathe in the spirit ether of all vigorous and vibrant animal life in which we are immersed.
We  breathe in the spirit ether of all the seen and unseen energies that our loving friends in Spirit bring to us, now and in this coming hour.

We leave all our concerns and worries outside this room for now, knowing we sit in the warm and safe embrace of Spirit Love, as we ask you to help us raise our vibration in order to link with yours.

We thank you, friends in Spirit for your love, guidance and support, amen.


We close this circle and all portals now with joy, love and gratitude to our friends in Spirit, and ask that you continue to watch over and guide us as we leave to go about our worldly lives.

We thank you, friends in Spirit for your love, guidance and support, amen.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Beasty Love

A very brilliant and marvelous thing happens whenever we make that deeply true and intensive connection of love, interest and affection with those beings we know on our planet as animal creatures. Somewhere within the development of the affection, there are opportunities for kindling and then a sparking of the most eternal flame that courses through every single thing as Life. This spark is the attaching and nourishing force of love between human and animal. If acknowledged and received consciously, this little flame of love cannot help but to burn forever. Then, if both should, in their own innate way, so consciously choose, they will be able to bask in one another’s presence for eternity, for such a moments of eternity is eternity. Because a human being is the Eternal Source incarnate, such a Godly Being can consciously choose, in a single creative thought, to create a dwelling space to grow and evolve together forever — and merely upon invitation. This is, in certain ways, a very rare thing. Yet when such a moment occurs, do not doubt for one moment that this goes unnoticed by the innumerable beings in Spirit, who understand the energy of glory and the awe of wonder, and rejoice in such a newly created configuration of love.

In simpler words, we can extend an invitation to any animal to join with us in love and affection and activities, not just now on the earth, but moving forward into the next geography of the dwelling of Eternal Spirit. This can be done whether either of us is domestic or wild in the forests and fields. It does not matter if this animal being is one of fur or feather. It does not even matter if this being of fur or feather appears to be animated by life as we know it or think we know it. Even if, for example, you come upon what appears to be its lifeless body, large or small, you merely have to extend an invitation to it that you are offering it the opportunity to meet you in the immeasurable beauty of the spiritual dwelling in which you will take up habitation, upon leaving this particular geography and moving into the next one of The Eternal Summerland of Spirit.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Activation Stones: continued observations

August's Bloodstone, Culet upwards
(See diagram below for "culet")
[updated 3/21/18. New information at the bottom in bold.

I continue in my fascination with the large activation "bloodstone" I received during a physical séance when recently in Sardegna (see Sardinia Séance: Materialized Phenomena for August). As I gather more information about my stones, and hopefully from others, I'll continue to report about it here. I must say that I wonder if any such exploration will reveal anything useful, as my lifetime experiences with the Ways of Spirit tend to reveal more mystery and less conclusions. But, as Tim and I say in one of our books, not all mysteries were meant to be solve, but simply enjoyed.

I'm now bringing my activation stone to our weekly sittings for physical mediumship. Also called a "blood stone" by Hans B, an alchemist of the FEG circle, who delivered it via a blinding discharge of white light, which I can only describe as a "mini-super nova" during a sitting in Sardegna.

Noveh's Activation Stone
culet upwards
Another circle member, Noveh, who also received a clear activation stone brought through via an ectoplasmic mass on the entranced medium's face, also brings her stone to the circle, where we place them just outside the energy dome. The dome now contains several Herkimer Diamond crystals (found only in Herkimer County, NY) as well as a rare specimen of "Dravite-Uvite Tourmaline in Inwood Marble" -- found only in the particular neighborhood where I live and where the dome resides (at the very tip-top of Manhattan Island from the primitive timber forest there.)

Closeup: Dravite-Uvite w/tourmalines
Energy Dome w/Crystals
Diagram 1
While it appears that Noveh's clear stone remains the same in terms of color, regardless of light source, the blood-stone changes quite dramatically. Brief research on gemstone and glass spectrum analysis suggests that certain gems do change color in different light spectrums, as do certain kinds of glass. One friend who had an activation stone examined by a qualified gemologist reports it was assessed as cut glass ... but what kind of glass? At the seance where the blood
stone was received, the Alchemist remarked that the stones are not apports, but "activation" or more succinctly, "creation" stones, so-called because Spirit Chemists actually create them ... just how, it was not revealed. My intuition is that the process and substances involved cannot be translated into earthly terms, at least not yet, it is hoped.

Photo 1 Bloodstone, "table" facet upward,
and changed to a bright red-magenta color.
Photo 2 Bloodstone

Note photos (1 & 2) of the bloodstone taken next to the dome under incandescent light. Referring to Diagram 1 above, this tone has a Crown of 40 facets and a Pavilion of 24 facets, so with the Table (top facet) there is a total or 64 facets. There is a Girdle dividing crown and pavilion, (not visible here) which a gem-knowledgeable friend of mine thought interesting, as the Girdle is a functional aspect meant to facilitate setting the stone into a ring, pendant, and so on.

Photo 3 - bloodstone, facing away
from natural light source

Photo 4 - bloodstone, facing toward
natural light source.

Photo 5
Note photos (3 & 4) of the bloodstone taken in natural light, facing and turned away from the light source. I've no idea why there should be such a dramatic change in color, other than that the substance of which it's made contains elements that transmit, reflect and refract light in particular ways. Photo 5 helps give a sense of the bloodstone's dimensions.
Photo 6 - mysterious "spots"
Photo 6 is an attempt to show a close up of "anomalies" -- clear-looking patches which at first appear to reveal that the coloring of the stone is just a glaze on top of a clear stone. But when I viewed them through a special geologist's lens, they aren't clear at all - if they were, one would be able to see through them to the other side, and so they would appear orange like the rest of the stone. Instead, these spots appear to be some kind of extremely-thinly coated substance on top of the stone. Astoundingly -- to me, anyway -- they resemble very much the way the surface of a spirit-precipitated piece of art looks under the same geologist lens! (See "Where Is Moose & Squirrel" for pictures and the fascinating story about this work of spirit precipitation.) The photo here does not reveal the kind of detail I'd like to show, but they remind me also of electroplated surfaces, appearing silvery but not reflective, with fairly uneven edges, and very slight chromatic changes when angled differently. This makes me wonder if the creation process, which obviously involved some kind of light as it emerged into the terrestrial dimension of the séance room, was using the light for the "electroplating"?

In terms of how these objects are affecting the sitters, both of us are experiencing extremely increased active states of dreaming, as well as increased and new physical sensations during sittings, which have always been part of the sitting, but now seem to be shifting in still different ways.

More will be blogged as more is revealed!


This information comes from various sources, including the medium who helped deliver my stones.

Different Activation Stones have their subtexts and purposes. Activation stones basically activate one’s connection and involvement with one’s spiritual path towards higher concepts of life and existence. As created physical equivalents, they systemically strengthen while symbolizing the spiritual ideal behind the  higher seeking. Through their appearance a circle of Activation is coming into being.

In terms of different Activation Stones, there have been green and brown ones (earthstones) for grounding; yellow ones (sunstones) for enlightenment; very large “Center Stones” intended for Organizers: all with specific correlated programing.

Blood stones connect the one and one’s actions and environment with an etherical and informational (spiritual) power source, in the way that blood of the human body connects its organs to unite them into whole one body. These particular stones enable a constant flow of fine matter information from naturally connected sources and enhance one’s system in just this way. Bloodstones are given to healers, therapists, experimenters and members of experimental circles. They are the only stones that bind its receiver into a permanent flow of informational energy like no other Activation Stone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More Spirit-Trumpet Mania

Since returning from our sittings in Sardegna, spirit-activation stones now introduced into séance, we continue to experience various physical phenomena, including many different sounds coming from walls, floor and ceiling, light dim and bright, colored mists ascending and descending, temperature changes, whistling, singing and humming about in the air, touches, and "energetic substance" gathering on the head and face. As well, the two trumpets placed beneath the dome's table have been known to move several inches from their marked position on the floor. At our most recent sitting, the trumpets were positioned thusly (Fig. 1):

Figure 1
At the upper left is a small pottery bowl filled with water, which rests beneath an empty chair, reserved for the circle member who joins us remotely. The trumpet which is the subject of this blog is shown as it was before the séance began. The small piece of exposed glow-tape, which has a line drawn on it (drawn by Spirit several years ago, by the way!) is aligned with a line in the floor where the boards meet, as is our standard practice. The other trumpet to its right is also aligned in a similar way.

After the sitting was done and the regular lights turned on, we discovered that the trumpet had left its mark and was now resting with its narrow end over one of the rungs of the table's legs, the wide end pushed up against the water bowl. (Figures 2 and 3)

Figure 2
Figure 3

Figure 3 shows the original resting place of the now-displaced trumpet.  Naturally, healthy skepticism demanded some exploration and experimentation with how such a thing could happen other than Spirit-directed action. After about 30 minutes of trying various ways, including how any of the sitters might have accidentally knocked it over with their feet, it was determined that the force of such an action could have only come from behind the trumpet from where the empty chair was placed. Since nobody is sitting there, nor anyone's feet on that side of the trumpet, we can only conclude that it was not a sitter who displaced the trumpet. Further, when we did tip it over, even with a light tap or push, the trumpet, which is hollow and made of thin, semi-rigid plastic, made a great din of "bonkety-bonk-bonk" as it bounced around for a few seconds before finally coming to rest.  Everyone is quite certain we certainly would have heard such a racket, but we did not. There have been sittings where we have inadvertently knocked a trumpet over while getting ready (but never during a sitting) and it always makes a great deal of noise while bounding around.

For more reading about our circle's trumpet-antics, go HERE.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Podcast: The Psychic Professor

A recent honor to be interviewed by Dr. Susan Barnes at Transformation Talk Radio!

Podcast: Supernatural Radio

Thanks to Co-hosts Corrine De Winter and Amy Cavanaugh for a wonderful 2 hours of great discussion and fun at Supernatural Radio!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

From The Archives: Risen Theories on The Continuance of Life

[First Posted April 9, 2014]

August was recently doubly blessed by the chance of a rare and lengthy interview by Angela Artemis, well-known and highly respected intuitive medium and writer, and then Tim & August are featured in another interview - an entire chapter - in Scott Podmore's amazing and ground-breaking book, "Conversations With Mediums." You can read August's review of Scott's book at Amazon.

The interview with Angela was indeed so lengthy that it wasn't feasible to include it all, and she did a brilliant editing job, which couldn't have been easy. Tim would like to additionally provide the  particular but very complex and controversial question and answer about "reincarnation" which had to be pared down quite a bit  for space. We both find it fascinating and want to share it in its entirety. Here it is:

1.       You don’t support the theory that we reincarnate. Why? What is your theory of how we progress and grow as souls if we do not incarnate again?

I don’t support it because I don’t need or want to. Tim knew I had no interest in even including it in the book, but The Risen Assembly did, and so he took on the assignment of researching and manifesting the final chapter, “The Pastime of Reincarnation” which turned out to be the culmination of all the previous chapters. I’ve made the entire chapter freely available online as a pdf document for any and all to read or download and save, and which can be accessed here.

Tim shared that his ideas about pre-lives, past lives, between-lives, and so on were part of a widespread belief system he had brought into his new Risen existence. After relentlessly bothering people there about where he could get information and training about returning to the earth, he was sent to “a special school for pests, where even know-it-alls can be educated.” In turn, he shared with me, to the best of his self-professed limited understanding, some of the things brought to his attention about what he calls “the pastime of reincarnation.”

Why pastime? “Because,” Tim said, “It’s all just a game, a pastime—literally, a past time.”  He acknowledges that many will consider this an outrageous and even heretical suggestion, and so encourages each one of us to investigate on our own, and not take what he or anyone else says as true. “Truth,” Tim said, “Looks different from diverse perspectives.”

In an attempt to encapsulate some of the more complex ideas, Tim offers three brief suggestions as summaries to keep in mind:
   1.      One’s reality is defined by three I’s: Individuality, Intensity, and Infinity.
   2.      Only one individual can claim that individual’s life experience.
   3.      When Original Creator Source gifts us with individuality, It always gets it entirely right the first time.

He goes into great depth regarding various “Risen theories” about the continuance of life and living, and it seems clear that many on the Other Side have similar as well as conflicting ideas about the topic of rebirth. It seems to be a robust topic of research and debate there, stimulating more questions rather than resolving them.

Here are a few examples:

Theories of Race Evolution
“Classical” reincarnation – meaning, returning to the same Earth but in a different role --  may have actually once existed countless earthly eons ago, but was phased out or evolved to something entirely different, and so is no longer an active process of transition. Tim cites examples of certain older, indigenous cultures that may have vanished because of their transformative evolution.

Theories of Individual Evolution
Allegedly, some individuals return to earth in the “classical” model because they haven’t yet evolved to a higher vibrating state of conscious awareness, enabling them to change their belief system and thus break free of the cycles of birth-death-rebirth, to then “de-planet” off and beyond the earth into other dimensions.  Such individuals differ from those who try to focus those same abilities to maintain beliefs of reincarnation, and where the goals are different.

Theories Discounting Pre-existence
Tim elaborates on this line of thought which branches from the theories of individual evolution:
“There appears to be some indication that the vast majority of Risen—perhaps all—did not exist as individuals prior to their human existence on the earth. Those who were born on the earth first came into existence there as individuals. We have to start somewhere, and that is what the earth is for. Humanity appears to have been custom-made to extend life through a particular process known as ‘reproduction’ which is tailored—or ‘designed,’ as some Risen theorists assert—specifically for life on a planet such as the earth. It has been observed on worlds in other dimensions that the life-extension process does not always follow this plan.

“The purpose of Earth, then, would be as the starting place for our birth as an individual. It provides us with an initial environment in which to begin to get a sense of the individuality that is ours forever, and nothing more than that. Even if we could be reborn back onto the planet, we would never be able to learn all there is to know, no matter how many times we return—which some seem to believe is the absolute requirement for eventual de-planeting. As our time on the earth is, by default, limited in an earthly fashion, so then are the experiences within that time.

Theories of Mega-Individuality
This theory involves the notion of a group soul, where many individuals are sparked from a “mega-being.” Perhaps they will eventually all reunite into yet another mega-being. Tim explains: “These sparks would be seeded possibly on just one world, such as earth, or on several—perhaps even other dimensions would be utilized. Not all would necessarily be seeded at the same time in the same era, but scattered across many time periods to gain a multi-experience as extensive and abundant as possible for the sake of the group mind. They would all have varying awareness of one another as well as individual feelings of pre-existence. This might explain the feelings of having lived other lives in other times. Individuals would be interconnected through their own evolving group underconscious. Their rate of return to Mega-Being Mind would be greatly different amongst them, spanning perhaps what an earth-mind might experience as trillions of millennia, or longer. There would be an intuitive connection between those who have transitioned into the astral dimensions. The configurations would be creatively endless in order to achieve the maximal amount of experience, information gathering, and communication. Those who have strong intuitive connections with the sparked individuals in other dimensions might struggle with confusion about where their real natal home is.”

Tim summarizes:
“So it appears to me thus far that we are reborn upon our transition, but this rebirth is always into a new world and a unique state of existence, not back into the old one. The old one no longer exists—life is experienced in the continual now. We develop and carry forward the template for our new life. We are the template, and a new world will simultaneously arise from us as we arise from it, as a direct result of how we lived our lives on earth or from wherever we are continuously transitioning, as we transmute ever onward.

He goes on to clarify:
“It’s sometimes inferred that our spirits will take on new bodies again. Actually, our spirit will be our actual body, and then at some point it becomes the cocoon for the next transition. A higher vibrating form of spiritual being will then evolve from that event, eventually moving on to yet another new geography. The spirit then becomes a newer form of body that is appropriate to the higher vibration. It cannot return to earth to be reborn once again because its new and higher state of vibration would no longer be appropriate there. Upon transition one is no longer spiritually human because of the higher vibration, and so cannot return to being earthly human in the equivalent way.

All the above barely does justice to the rich and extensive material Tim was able to bring forth, going into great and detailed depth regarding the more elusive psychospiritual issues. “The underlying factor consistently supporting the generally unchallenged belief in reincarnation is that old nemesis, the fear of mortality—and even fear of immortality. The thought that one is immortal and will have to move beyond the earth, never to return, can be extremely threatening, especially if one has not taken the time to become informed of the facts about the process.”

Virtual Reincarnation
He expounds on a novel but brilliant hypothesis, which is that while we cannot literally reincarnate, we can virtually reincarnate:

“If one wants to reincarnate, it’s not possible in the ultimate way of creating another original life for oneself. However, if you want to have the experience of a pre-existence to the primal birth on the home planet, or the experience of reincarnation, you can have it, including that of being a co-creative manifestor. As we make our own self-experiences we also make our own ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ about our experiences.”

I commented that it all sounded like some fantastic, enormous game.

“So why can’t it be? If you want to step into the part and play it to the hilt, who says you can’t? If you want to make up a game about reincarnation and make it seem so real that it appears real, why not? No reason whatsoever. And isn’t it interesting that the word ‘game’ is synonymous with pastime? ”

I dared to ask, “How is this done?”

“It appears that any manifestation of reincarnation is not enacted upon the original version of earth. But there’s no reason why a person can’t manifest yet another experience on another version of earth that is completely like the one they left. Mind is that powerful. Everyone can manifest their very own earth to return to, exactly like the one they left. Of course there would have to be a built-in restriction of self-imposed amnesia to make it suit one’s beliefs and needs, and this amnesia can be tailored in any way. And if they want, souls can co-creatively manifest the experience of being together or finding one another as their own desires for drama dictate. Sometimes there are ‘leaks’ that get past the amnesia—hence, feelings of déjà vu, past lives, and all kinds of ‘evidence’ that would manifest to help sustain the illusion. Since the illusion is built directly upon a foundation of Reality it has an apparent feeling of reality all its own and will respond to its manifestor’s mind as directed.”

Finally, I can very briefly comment about progress and growth as related to the idea of reincarnation: They cannot be achieved backwards.

From The Archives: Cristes Mæsse

[First posted 12/24/10 - a reader recently wrote about finding it "evocative" . . . the summer, as least in this part of the world, is past its zenith, and before we know it, we will be crossing the threshold of a new year. Perhaps this previous post can continue to offer some reflection of who and where we are, in this moment.]

When the tips of the pines
Touch the twinkling stars
On the cold, crisp nights of December,
May your blessings be more
Than you've ever hoped for,
And your Christmas a warmth to remember.

~ a poem on a card sent by Aunt Doris ~

For some reason, as I began cooking this morning of Christmas Day Eve, I was impressed to put on a CD of Mozart's Requiem Mass in D Minor – a strange kind of music for Noël . . . nonetheless, it affects me deeply, evoking complex emotions, all tinged with sadness.

The turnips are peeled and roasting – my contribution towards tomorrow's cozy gathering of friends, coming together to celebrate many things – consciously aware living, loving, and sobriety. Together, we manifest and share a "field of gratitude" that spontaneously arises from our gathering together.

In The Risen, we explore the idea of "fields" – realities that interpenetrate our material one, and which we often can sense emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically. This idea is practically no longer abstract, but is quickly becoming a realized fact by primarily quantum scientists, many inspired by theoretical biologist Rupert Sheldrake's understanding that there is no "inside" or "outside" to one's mind. It is further noted in The Risen:
"Sheldrake suggests that memory is not stored in the brain, which is a kind of tuning system, rather than a device for storing memories. Our brain resonates within a morphic or morphogenic field. This resonance is a form-shaping field, an invisible organization structure wherein all experiential information is recorded and stored.
"Morphogenic fields are patterns that structure our reality. Older, primal societies have been well aware that the forms of our experiences are shaped by something greater than us, and of which we are simultaneously a part. Modern, 'civilized' societies have contracted the mind into the idea that the mind exists only within the confines of our physical skulls."
Sheldrake would likely agree with the idea of the spirit of a holiday—that it’s a morphic field containing the memories and rituals associated with that holiday.
Viewed from this perspective, the spirit within a human being resonates from within the larger spiritual morphogenic field. From their perspective, the Risen suggest that the so-called boundaries of any field are arbitrary and subject to one’s perceptual awareness, meaning that the fields are infinite in space and time. Thus, Risen fields interpenetrate non-Risen fields, which also interpenetrate." (pp. 137-138)
In 21st century terms, this is "non-locality". Non-locality is one of several important principles of quantum physics, and has given rise to the concept of nonlocal space, explained by Pim van Lommel, MD as “ … a multidimensional space, with nothing but possibilities … and without certainties, without matter, and without a role for time and distance … (and) represents a hidden reality that, at the quantum level, exerts a continuous influence on our physical world, which is the complement of nonlocal space."  While interpenetrating the local consciousness of the physical brain, non-local consciousness expands unbounded beyond it, and is believed by many to support perceptual reality. This concept underlies theories about after-life survival, remote viewing, and other out-of-body experiences. (From his book, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience, pp. 227-28) [Highly recommended.]

 Mozart claimed that he heard the music in his head and that all he had to do was transcribe it; he did this in near-perfect notation in a very brief window of time. Van Lommel suggests that such creativity, inspiration, and sudden scientific insight might be explained by unconscious, or even conscious contact with non-local consciousness. His book explores in great detail how near-death experiences bring the person into contact with other fields of consciousness – other worlds – in this way.

It's clear to me that I'm experiencing "fields within fields" – or worlds within worlds, as the Risen say. Obviously I'm not in the land of sleigh bells and candy canes, but somewhere in the Deep. I wonder what is is that  I'm accessing in the field of Mozart's Requiem. As I ponder more I begin to realize that there is sadness is the memory of the story of a little baby who will grow up, and as a young man,  "die" a seemingly tragic, lonely death, abandoned by the world he loved so much; I think of his mother as well. Mozart was dying as he struggled to finish this piece, and transitioned before it could be completed. He captured these complex ego-mind feelings of  the direct experience of his own transition, along with the "tragedy and loss" that are believed to be inseparable by death. Surrounding Requiem is much controversy and confusion, unanswered questions and myth. While the story of the man who was also a Christ clearly embodies the almost inconceivable news that there is no death, only more life, much myth and confusion surround the drama as well.

Many fields of spirituality and religion converge around this time of the year, a few according to the light reaching the earth from the sun, and others because someone once did or said something that continues to resonate with millions of still earth-bound souls. One funny question that I get asked often is about my "religion": "Are you Christian? Jewish? Buddhist? Pagan? Democrat? Vegetarian?"  My answer has always been the same: "I don't remember." There is the potential for magic and miracles of wonder in them all. Krishnamurti once said,  "Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples." He also said, "I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect."

The Requiem's saddening minor chords of the last movement of the sequence, the Lacrimosa, breaks off after only eight bars, unfinished. One can only wonder if Mozart was simultaneously having near-death experiences as he struggled to complete his mission. He transitioned on December 5, 1791. Perhaps I'm accessing something of his world, his field, his non-locality while listening to his final offering to our terrestrial world. The lovely little Christmas card from my Aunt Doris also brings me in contact with some kind of field. Now in her upper-eighties, she is one of the few remaining, older relatives still on the earth (once there were so very many!) There is, at first, sadness with this thought, but if I stay with the sadness, while letting the ego-mental thinking fade away, I'm brought to an awakened awareness of Authentic Self, and then through some sort of door, an entryway into a deeper aspect of another reality, and more light begins to shine through what I first perceived as shadow. This is the door to the Risen lands, and not only light, but laughter and joy beam forth from it, and suddenly I begin to understand the meaning of Cristes mæsse, which means literally, "the anointed one's mission." We all have this mission, as anointed with spirit by Creator Source, to find the door to Home, for "blessings more than we ever hoped for."

Tim made his transition on a Christmas Eve, falling deeply asleep here and slowly awakening there. Although my mental grief about it has been worked through over the years, and it seems nothing more than the dream it was, my body still remembers in its own way, and accesses biological fields that are inherently part of a terrestrial existence. So a little sadness is there too, wistfulness, really, which also becomes a door to where Tim actually is now, the present, which is all we every really have.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sardinia Seance: Materialized Phenomena for August

I'd like to share with you my experiences about an Apport that appeared outside the seance room, and two "Activation/Creation" stones that came through for me during 2 physical mediumship seances in Sardinia, February  20 and 21, 2018.  It would take me days and days to report every detail and nuance, and I'm sure I'm missing things from my memory, but I'm glad I can remember this much!

 Note that the "Activation Stones" are not "apports" -- these objects are specialized spirit matter that materialize as connectors or "activators" between the particular spirit plane and the terrestrial plane of the owner of the stones. The are to link up the increasing number of physical mediumship circles now forming around the planet, among other agendas. Also called "creation" stones by the Spirit Alchemist Team of the Felix Experimental Group, via medium Kai Muegge. Note that "EP" is an abbreviation for "ectoplasm".

Fig. 1 - Apported Tuning Fork
Figure 1. I often work with therapeutic tuning forks, especially one called an "OM" fork, (136.1 HZ) which is sometimes referred to as the basic tone vibration of the planet Earth. I had obtained and brought two of these forks as gifts for friends I was to meet up in Sardinia. After gifting them while gathered at a friend's home, I later returned to my B&B to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, the same kind of light blue velvet bag was resting on the bedside table, and my first thought was that I must have inadvertently brought back one of the gifts, although I had no memory of it, so dismissed that idea. Then I wondered if maybe I had bought a 3rd fork and had brought it with me. But I have my own in a dark purple velvet bag, nor did I have any memory of putting a different bag on the bedside stand. I then accessed my online purchase account at the organization where I get my forks, and as I thought, I had purchased only two. So, after ruling out one possibility after another, I finally realized that this tuning fork was an apport by Spirit for me. It's also apparent that the tone has been ever-so-slightly altered in a way hard to explain, but experimentally obvious. So of course I've been using it on myself to explore what possible spiritual effects it might convey, and it clearly can stimulate very quick healing responses. This kind of event is typically how my Spirit friends tease me with apports, in ways that make me doubt my sanity, which, as put forth in the recent book, "The Risen: A Companion to Grief":
"Here is an extraordinarily essential clue about contact with the Risen. This “orchestration technique of ego-mind disarmament” is how our very own Risen Loved Ones will often interact with us in the beginning—gently teasing apart our well-defended beliefs, thread by thread, until the barriers between us and them become unraveled into something cryptic at first, upon which we are then invited to join them in re-weaving innovative and much more colorful, interesting approaches to exploring the riddles of life together." (p. 27)
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
So, on to the next riddles of Spirit life. At the first of two seances, Spirit brought through a beautiful beaded necklace and pendant of a Buddha, made of some dark stone, as a birthday gift for a special sitter near and dear to the medium's Spirit Team of Alchemists. The entranced medium was moved by his Spirit Control out of the cabinet, still sitting, and held his hands palms down over the cupped hands of the birthday person who sat on the floor a few inches in front of the medium. We all watched, while illuminated in fairly bright red light, the necklace materialize in the air above the sitter's hands, falling gracefully into them. Figures 2 and 3 show the necklace along with an impressive amount of activation stones that were brought forth for another sitter, including a silver ring with a green gem (at the lower right of Fig. 2) from the sitter's brother (now in Spirit). The ring was apported in the same way as the Buddha pendant; the stones were manifested through the entranced medium's tear ducts of the eye, and also his nostrils; after the first was extruded with some difficulty, the rest simply flowed out instantly and without sound. All of this was easily seen in good red light.

Figures 4-8 show the various activation stones, all meant for the second sitter, a very rare occurrence, as usually they are distributed in a perfect number to the rest of the sitters. They are very small, most ranging from 5mm to 10mm approx. diameter.

Fig. 4 Closeup of Creation Stone (approx 5mm diam.)

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

Fig. 8
Also during sitting #1, after the entranced medium sat within the closed cabinet for a few minutes, Hans signaled that he would bring the medium out by sliding his chair through the curtains, and for a fairly good red light to be directed upon the medium. Ectoplasm was being carefully extruded from the medium's mouth, and pulled gently using the medium's hands to extract it further. The curtains were closed for a few minutes more to build up the energies, and then opened under redlight to show how the ectoplasm was now flowing down onto the floor as it continued to pulsate as if breathing. In a matter of seconds, an ectoplasmic hand began to emerge, all five fingers clearly seen. Not a fully-formed human hand, but what might be called a "pseudo-hand-form", it continued to move under its own efforts, clearly with intelligent intent, and a kind of "pseudo-arm-form" emerged from it, and now the hand was making attempts to wave "hello" to all of us, as we watched in spellbound delight.

Other physical phenomena included sitters being touched by Spirit hands, especially in the beginning stages of the seance, as well as bright lights flashing through the thin fabric of the cabinet. One sitter, Serenella, who sat next to the cabinet in order to control the medium's position by keeping her hands on his the entire time, was unexpectedly met by a partially-materialized bluish entity who was said to be of extra-terrestrial nature and directly associated with her own mediumship development. We quickly dubbed this being "Blue", who moved about inside the cabinet and then began pushing his blue, glowing face into the curtain, making it bulge out only an inch or so away from the aforesaid sitter's face, who could scarcely believe what was happening. Intelligence, curiosity and humor were all clearly seen (at least by me) on this being's visage, which eventually receded and dimmed away.

At the beginning of the 2nd sitting the next evening, Hans Bender, the medium's spirit control and an "Alchemist" member of the Felix Experimental Group, spoke to me directly on behalf of the other members of the Spirit Team, acknowledging my work and books in intimate ways that still make me blush with their directness,  but I will share that they wanted me to know that my books were expressing "exactly and precisely" what they were striving to bring to the conscious awareness of those interested in the higher ways of a higher life of Spirit. The waves of Spirit Love that washed over me from them was overwhelming in their intensity, and I wept with a joyful abandon that was both energizing and healing.

Fig. 9 - Activation stone for Noveh
As during the night before, the entranced medium was brought out under red-light conditions. It was easily seen that the medium was beginning to extrude EP from the right eye, which quickly emerged with more and more mass until almost the entire right side of the medium's face was engulfed in ectoplasm, which was clearly seen to be moving and pulsing with life force. The medium's hands were then brought up to just beneath the eye where the substance was several inches thick, still pulsing with life, and he began to pull the EP apart to reveal what appeared to be a white, shining, faceted stone embedded in it. With what seemed like difficulty, the medium was eventually able to pry the stone out of the EP, and then gave it to Julia, the circle's main control, who managed the protocols of safety. This was an activation stone, (Figure 9) which Hans said was meant for my friend G. (aka "Noveh") who sits in my NYC circle and had traveled with me to Sardinia, for her unwavering commitment and devotion to our particular spiritual cause of mediumship development. This stone is approx. 30mm diameter, ending in a point at the bottom.

Fig. 10 - "Blood Stone" for August
Sitters continued to call out intermittently about spirit touches and lights. I myself was never touched directly, but about halfway through I saw a very small but intense light shining on the floor between my feet. I was so amazed by it that I forgot to call out about it. While I was observing it, Hans called Serenella, the other cabinet control working with Julia) to come sit on the floor before the cabinet. The deeply entranced medium was then caused to slide his chair out of the cabinet through the opened curtains, and bade Serenella to cup her hands beneath the outstretched, downward palms of the medium. Almost immediately there was a blinding white light that silently exploded from the medium's hands. I mean "blinding" and "exploded" quite literally, as the intensity of the light burst could not be looked at directly, and even though I was seated quite far and directly across from the medium at the other end of the room, it hurt my eyes. It reminded me of the light seen in the process of arc welding. From the light fell a stone, which I could not see, as my eyes were temporarily blinded. I was also trying to see if the light between my feet was still there, so was not listening to what Hans was saying, other than that he called the stone "a blood stone" - which I thought odd, as it's one of my birthstones. It wasn't until after the sitting was over that I was told that it had been meant for me! (See Figure 10 - approx. 45 mm diameter and 25 mm in height.)

Fig. 11 - Blue Activation Stone for Serenella

Serenella was told to stay sitting and barely a minute after the materialization of the blood stone, a 2nd activation stone fell into her hands, also bursting from an intense explosion of silent white light. This blue stone was for her! (See Fig. 11 - approx. 45 mm diameter and 25 mm in height.)

Soon after that the medium was able to bring through a tiny creation stone via the eye's tear duct, which then released 24 more small stones onto the towel Julia had placed beneath on the floor to catch them. There were exactly the right number to give one to each sitter. (See Figures 12-15.)
Click on Figure 14 to enlarge the three tiny stones, and a face can be seen in each one.

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Fig. 14 - very close up of 5mm stones - can you  see
the faces in them?

Fig. 15 with sitter's hand to show size comparisons

Figures 16-19 show my Activation "Bloodstone" (approx 45 mm) as well as my tiny creation stone (approx 5mm). Figure 20-23 shows my stones as they now reside in my Spirit Dome at home in NYC. The other clear crystals within the dome are "Herkimer Diamonds" found only in Herkimer County, NY and which Spirit had directed me to locate and place in the dome. We also have the same configuration in our Circle's Dome.
Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18
Fig. 19

Fig. 20

Fig. 21

Fig. 22
Fig. 23