Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why Seek Risen Contact?

Why ought we to actively and consciously seek out contact with the Risen at this time?

As far as humanity is concerned, Earthly Natural Evolution, for the most part, has ceased. Nature has brought humanity as far as it can, unaided—to proceed any further, humanity must either aid itself and/or seek and accept aid of a supranatural environment. At this point, all that earthly Nature can do is to respond to humanity's interactions with it, whether it be supportive or destructive, and then reflect back into humanity's present physical manifestation as stimulated by epigenetic effects or reactions to the environment that impress and impact our DNA, which ever-awaits its next instructions. Thus while humanity appears to be at the mercy of terrestrial Nature, because of its ability to distort and pervert Nature, has actually placed itself at its own mercy, having utilized its powers to create its own problems, thus creating the dilemma of having less-effective or even damaged material to work with as solutions. Earthly Nature Itself cannot ultimately provide the corrections to that which it has not created—it can only react to heal and protect itself from further assault and damage so that it can continue living its own life.

Even this interaction between Nature and humanity—humanity itself being individualized Divine Nature and therefore the height of Creative Source’s concept of Self as a materialized aspect of terrestrial Spirit—eventually reaches an end-point whereupon growth relapses back into itself, just as breathing proceed in and out and back in again, just as material elements break down and return to a beginning state to rebuild again. Patterns emerge and then cycle and recycle. Humankind is also an integral part of the cycling and recycling that has been occurring for uncounted aeons upon Earth. While the evolution of Nature does slowly and minutely continue to proceed, which would appear as an unhurriedly expanding spiral, humanity has been brought by Nature to the point where it must now proceed by building upon, above, and beyond the foundation Nature has provided for it, and this construction can only be achieved by what may be called “higher consciousness.” Humankind can cycle upward, or recycle. So while humanity continues to be embraced and sustained within the ever-widening spiral of evolving Nature, humanity must now also draw itself up into a counter-spiral which, while appearing to also draw inward and become contracted and narrower in scope, is actually becoming a concentrated point of consciousness that can pierce that which is sometimes called “the veil of separation” or the dimensional fabric of space-time that, up until this point, has kept humanity firmly on terrestrial ground.

This point of concentration, the apex of a terrestrial pyramid of life that is almost able to touch the zenith of the next spiritual level awaiting above it, cannot simply pierce the veil and hope to immediately and naturally provide understanding and acclimation to the new geography awaits it. It cannot simply burst into that light, but must first meet another point—in the dark, as it were—the next point in humanity’s evolution, which, as all manifested things do, starts as a seed-point in a womb-darkness and then begins to grow, spiraling anew, up and outward, once again into the light. (Concurrently—or really, synchronously—those of the higher levels of Spirit cannot burst into our light fully formed, but as emerging points of light and sound in the dark, and then gradually expand in some way that conforms to those laws of terrestrial Nature. This darkness on our terrestrial level is a mixture of material and psychological manifestation—as seen in the darkness of the séance—and the laws of which are contained within higher laws. To move successfully from one level to the other, the traveler must therefore understand the laws of movement—or vibration—of the various levels.)

This new awaiting point is not one of an Earthly Nature, but of the next level of refined or higher-vibrating Spiritual Nature, wherein reside advanced, risen, individualized points of consciousness—or minds—who await patiently with outstretched hands to initiate the point of contact and then communication. This, then, is the reason and motivation for consciously reaching out to those in this next world of refined Spirit, instead of waiting for the less-conscious contraction into the disappearing point we currently label as “death”—which, while still remaining a viable option, is now on the lower end of the spectrum of conscious, authoritative choice. We can now choose to exit via the lower entrance we psychologically fear as “death” or we can consciously, fearlessly enter via the higher entrance best described as “transition,” both of which are always aided by higher minds, but the latter which is further enhanced and aided by our own higher mind.

Humanity must now firstly aid Itself in order to consciously pierce the dimensional veil, becoming its own bridge to the next level. This does not have to be a bridge that proceeds halfway to join the edge of the bridge awaiting it—indeed, it cannot, so limited is humanity in its new infancy—it need only be a concentrated point of open awareness that becomes the first step that any infant takes before it can take the next, and the next, onto a new path of life and living. Our somewhat older and wiser Risen siblings joyfully await us with loving, open arms and smiles of encouragement.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's All Good: More Diakka Musings

Reader D.A. writes to ask:
"I was reading some of your past blog and I’m a bit curious/troubled by Diakka. Do certain people when they die really ‘become’ Diakka? and then do they ‘bother’ earthlings?"
Be not troubled. Over the years quite a bit of information on the Diakka has accumulated here, so it's a lot to get through and understand, some of it paradoxical in nature, as is often the case when trying to discuss such things. We're sorry if the wrong impression was given, but first and foremost let yourself comprehend that there are no evil spirits. There is only One Power, which is good and only good; not two or more powers. We are individualized Good, manifesting as unlimited variations of sound and light vibration. Spirits are people just like us -- we are all just people in spirit, actually, so we may transition over with a lot of the same shortcomings that we didn't try to evolve better on Earth. 

These shortcoming include our belief systems -- for better or worse -- about ourselves and the universe. Those who are highly egotistical - meaning that I might think I am better than anyone, or know more, etc. may have great resistance to the natural humility needed to rise above self-limiting egotistical beliefs. Diakka is an interesting "geography" where such egotistical people naturally gravitate to. They are often the creme de la creme of humanity in many ways, highly intelligent, brilliant, funny, creative, loving beauty and pleasure as much as anyone else. The actual land or sphere they inhabit, the manifestation of which arises directly from their collective minds, is itself breathtakingly beautiful, a reflection of the actual beauty of their own brilliant and artistic minds. 

They are not necessarily "bad" people, but just people who think they're better than anyone else, and share the idea that immortality is not true -- even though they can see they apparently survived earthly death. They want to somehow separate their already unique individuality even further from the "common crowd" -- which is just a silly idea - a notion that they would find insulting. The idea is more than just an idea, they believe it's the truth and that everyone who believes in immortality is fooling themselves. Their arrogance comes from their deep fear that if they are not the unique demi-god their ego tells them they were and still are, then that means everyone is equal, and their specialness fades away, which the ego equates with "death."  This arrogant belief that others are fools tempts them to tease and manipulate the "fools" in order to gain a sense of power that they feel would neutralize their fear of ultimate death - even though they are now in Spirit - so one can see how delusional they are. And so they like to toy, sometimes, with people on Earth, inspiring them with false beliefs, doctrines, philosophies and the like that have enough truth in them to be attractive and perhaps even helpful, all the while taking a childish and somewhat perverse or mischevious delight in making people dance to their tunes, to further strengthen their own false sense of superiority. Nobody is hurt by what they see as a kind of harmless practical joke, although unable or unwilling to see or admit that their insecurity is only harming themselves. 

However, there are those who transition whose arrogance might seem to qualify them for the Land of Diakka, but because they are so wounded themselves to the extent that they feel they want to cause suffering to others, their spiritual rage draws them, by the same Law of Attraction which all of us are subject to, to what could be called "lower" vibrating geographies, which are actually lower than the Earth plane. These places are a kind of "quarantine." Such places are not ones of beauty, but dim, dark and gloomy atmospheres. The inhabitants' particular brilliance, creativity and humor would fashion a life for them there as it would in any other sphere or geography. It would be incorrect to call them "evil" but correct to see their behavior and thinking as "misthinking" or misled - on Earth we use the word "sin" which means "to miss the mark." Until they can begin to consciously change their error in thinking, they will not be able to generate the kind of feelings that will gravitate them to higher vibrating areas, or, as if often the case, generate a kind of distress or SOS signal that rises to higher minds, who are especially waiting to respond by traveling to the lower areas and see if they can help increase the slightly strengthened spirit enough to be able to assist them to a higher geography and thus rescue them from the lower, utilizing the Law of Attraction.

The Diakka are in a high-vibrating place of spirituality, evidenced by the great beauty of their lands. Indeed, Tim and others have shared that these lands are often visited by other high-vibrating lands to experience the beauty and pleasures there, kind of a "vacation" or "picnic"! Those who are of Higher Vibration can descend into the lower - as evidenced by those who work as "rescuers." So this is why the higher Diakka can influence lower earthly minds as well. But it must be understood that while one mind can influence another mind, it cannot control it -- ever. The influence exerted may be strong and frequent enough to seem as if control being achieved, but each individual mind always has the ability to listen, choose, and respond to and act upon these influences at any and all times. We cannot be slaves to others, although we may develop the thought-belief that this can happen - we can only enslave our self by our own thinking. Should one feel that they are being influenced in unhealthy ways, the following prayer is a very powerful one of protection, which will repel the unwanted influence, and seal it off as well:
"I invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael to surround and protect me from any negative energy or entities and help me to maintain my own energy and vibration of anything seen or unseen. And so it is."

So while the Higher can descend to the lower, the lower cannot ascend to the Higher without assistance, and even then, for a very limited time and space. Because those inhabiting the planes lower than Earth cannot rise above their own plane, they cannot directly influence minds on the Earth plane. But a mind on the Earth plane can descend into the lower planes - consciously or otherwise - by personal intent, or as influenced and led by another Earthly mind - and they can achieve this because their lower-vibrating thoughts and feelings are, by the Law of Attraction, gravitating them there. (A higher-vibrating person of Spirit would not lead us into a lower region.) And once there, they are exposing their mind and spirit to the minds and spirits of the lower-vibrations, thus connecting with them, communicating and sharing information. A mind of an earthly inhabitant doing this would seem to be actually devolving rather than evolving, although "it all is unfolding perfectly, now matter what" as my Risen friends like to often remind me. So while we could descend to allow or even seek lower influences, those lower influences cannot rise above to us to do the same - we must go to them in order to become exposed and contaminated. This often happens while the earthly person is sleeping and so able to travel to certain astral realms - lower or higher, depending on their own vibration, and also while under the toxic, life-dampening effects of such things as drugs and alcohol, as well as deeply negative states of mind. In The Risen, we also caution against hypnosis and hypnotic energies, which also have the effect of allowing one mind to influence a weaker one and lead it to mental and emotional places that seek to divert the natural flow of the inherent wisdom of one's own individual spirituality. One's own truth resides within, nowhere else. 

The Diakka would say that they exclusively know the truth, which in their case is that immortality is a delusion; this belief of theirs is obviously a delusion itself, because it involves accepting the idea that their current state of life is temporary and will eventually end in "total annihilation," rather than an eventual rising to the next state of existence, unending.  So their current mode of survival is to live in a state of denial of immortality, which appears, to them, to put their "death" on pause as long as they maintain the denial. This is their acute arrogance of self-assumed superiority. It is not a "bad" place to be, or even undesired in many ways. They have their cultures, cities, schools, residences there that for all intents and purposes supports and encourages life in ways that will eventually evolve each one to a yet higher plane, regardless of how much "time" it takes. We can try to swim against the flow of life, but eventually, we will come to understand and accept Love -- "the Unprincipled Principle" -- which forever flows as life and more life. Life can be a long peaceful picnic if we so choose it, something the Diakka believe in an exemplify, and eventually they will come to see that Life is also an unending banquet, gifted to us unconditionally, to one and to all. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From the Archives The Burning Barn

[first posted 4/29/10]

Mike touches base with us in a comment:

August and Tim,
I found your review of Michael Tymm's book helpful. I've enjoyed reading his blog and look forward to reading the book. I wanted to comment on your theory that communication with spirit is becoming more difficult due to increasing negativity. I've read from multiple sources including Ken Wilber and David Hawkins, that humans are gradually evolving spiritually. I've also seen evidence that our world is actually increasingly less violent, (that source escapes me at the moment, I think it was in Reason Magazine). Maybe its just that we are aware of more of it through modern media than in times past? I also had the thought that as the population of the world passes through the phase/perspective of rational materialism with its inherit skepticism of the non-material, this becomes the dominant energy field making communication with the risen much more difficult. Just a thought.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Mike. Mike Tymn's book is a good one to have, it's about time we have one. He will be blogging about our book, The Risen, on his blog's debut on May 1.

Here is where what can be called "healthy skepticism" can come into play, regarding the idea that our world is becoming less violent. What is meant by "violence"? Most of us would agree that "fighting for peace" or "advocating pacifism" and "resistance to violence" as non-violence, yet Krishnamurti was able to present clearly and logically that even stances of anti-violence are still ones of violence. Rather than break down this seemingly revolutionary idea here, I refer those so interested to K's writings, as this notion takes some hard work to wrap the mind around and accept.

We're reminded of the adage, "things get worse before they get better" - which is seen not only in cases of physical afflictions and infections, but often in mental states and relationships; this is also part of the basis of homeopathy, the treatments of which often worsen the affliction in order to stimulate and speed up the healing process.

The idea that violence is lessening and people are getting better is a delusion that is promoted by the Global Ego-Mind, primarily via the media and all our simulate selves who now act as self-appointed global journalists. If we say it enough and make up lots of happy-looking posters and songs about it enough, we'll believe it and then, it's true, right? But this circles back to what the belief actually is and is based on, and which, if fueled by hope, we will continue to "circle in the slave's walk of hope" (a channeled quote by K in our book, p.225). We are also reminded of another quote of K's: "The instrument of thought, which has produced this world that does not work properly, is no longer valid. So perhaps this instrument of thought is worn out. Is there another instrument we can use?"

What appears to be happening in terms of terrestrial spiritual evolution, according to what I can glean from my years of deep interactions with Tim and other Risen, is that one could say that now is the time when the chaff is being separated from the wheat. There is much more chaff than wheat; many more branches to prune than those left behind. Is this also part of the "self-selectivity" of the evolutionary process of greater, refined advancement? This process is not a pretty one, in spite of all our attempts to make it appear so while denying the suffering aspect.

As a mental health professional, I (August) am as about as close to the front lines of the current state of psychological situations with people as one can possibly be. This reference to "war" is not coincidental, although I'm not in it, nor have I signed up for the violence; rather, I'm a witness to the battle people are increasingly believing themselves to be in -- against their own mind -- as well as to the fact that that many people are not making it; the raft they're clinging onto is going under. People are seeking help, but only after they've exhausted all the other promises of snake oil and charms "brought to them by their sponsor." They're exhausted, and only a few small percentage are actually even asking and coming for help; the rest are succumbing.

Medications, while being increasing prescribed, are merely and eventually ineffectual band-aids that allow people to believe they need to go back into the burning barn. This last reference is from from my childhood, when sometimes, a barn would catch on fire, and the cows or horses would have to be brought out to safety. Everyone knew that a horse will always run back into a burning barn unless you cover its eyes, because the barn is the only thing it's ever known as a place of security; this "knowledge" supersedes the facts of the fire presenting as an immediate threat. There is so much fear in our world today, that it might as well be on fire. So where can people go?

While, as you suggest, the population of the world may be going through a "phase/perspective of rational materialism," keep in mind that this world is the "world of 10,000 things," i.e., the ego-mind with its projected cast of simulate selves who are the players of this drama, which eventually becomes more and more chaotic, violent, and insane, and is imploding through its own self destruction. What appears as "passing through" is really the circular walk of the enslaved Authentic Self. As you point out, it not only makes communication with the Risen much more difficult, it makes it not possible, as the Risen are seldom able to make their authentic presence and effects substantially apparent in a world of delusions.

A recent blog here suggested, “Our focus would be better aimed on the infinite cosmic ocean toward which we are sailing, rather than the little raft on which we often feel so abandoned.” But humankind increasingly is focusing on the raft; it's often just too hard to do otherwise. And because, as that blog also suggested, we have become addicted to our sense of entitlement to instant gratification, the process of denial becomes strengthened, the resistance to letting go of any chaff becomes increased, and the commitment to a life of internal violence is strengthened -- all ego-mind aspects, as readers of The Risen might realize by now.

As put forth in The Risen:

"For those of us still earth-embodied, our spiral path will change. In fact, it simply cannot exist without change, for the spiral of all life is a process. Upon our transition to places of existence beyond this planet, our journey will transmute into a new and more intensely living motif. We will each begin this transition in our own unique way, and then we will awaken as a Risen One into a new world. Instead of continuing to manifest as a seemingly isolated island encircled by a sea of unforgiving loneliness, a new life-spiral and a new way of being will emerge. As these new beings, we will rejoin all whom we have ever loved and who have loved us, including many old and new friends and lovers. We will emerge as an integral part of an infinitely spiraling community of like-minded others, to dwell in ever-present joy, learning, service, and love." (p. 7)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Mediums - First International Congress in Italy

Currently this event is posted only on Facebook. It has been translated from the Italian courtesy of Google Translate. Rather than try to fine-tune the translation, I invite you to enjoy its charm as it speaks about a very special and unique global event!

October 10-11 - Cagliaria, Sardinia. To book  please email

MEDIUM is the first educational conference ever organized in Italy dedicated to the development of psychic disciplines and at all BEGINNERS that -for personal experiences, innate or acquisite- intend to open up to the study and practice of faculty who belong to all human beings., addressing and resolving the fear of the transition, the loss, the cultural superstructures, to find the 'unity of spirit and science in the full respect of the ethical and moral principles, and develop the techniques of contact with other dimensions.

The program includes two days in full time (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October) from 10 to 21 hours with a lunch break from 14 to 15 hours.

€ 45.00 for 2 giornatte including the activity of collective reading.
€ 30.00 per entry in the work for participation in a single day.


To participate it is essential to book via email or phone 070 840345 during office hours.

CONGRESS, INCLUDING THE EXERCISES ARE TRANSLATED IN SIMULTANEOUS. Each of the participants will be given the technology to follow the simultaneous translation on surrender of a photo ID.

Find PROGRAM The full Congress in the bottom of the page.


AUGUST Goforth (USA)
American psychotherapist, lives and works in New York, Manhattan. It 'also a medium and a psychophysical percezionista. Author, among others, of "The Risen, Dialogues of Love, Grief and Survival Beyond Death, a contemporary relationship for more than life."

Physical medium for over 30 years working in a deep trance, with energy-based phenomena and ectoplasm. Graduated all'Arthur Findlay College London in physical mediumship.

Medium psychic, healer, Reiki master, teacher of meditation techniques, "soul rescuer", an active promoter of charitable events for the benefit of the weakest. She graduated in disciplines psychic all'Arthur Findlay College London is actively medium for over 40 years practice also collective psychic activities (platform) and individual spiritual readings.

PAUL Malachowsky (UK)
Psychic medium from birth, healer, "soul rescuer", deals with activities collective psychic readings and spiritual individual.

Medium psychic expert in crystal therapy and natural cycles in particular solar and lunar.

Photographer originally from Buffalo, lives and works in New York. Graduated in photographic techniques at the Rochester Institute of Technology has specialized in photography spiritualist, who practice field since 2001. Some of his images have been included in the Encyclopedia of World Religions, published by the BBC. The photographic heritage spiritualist made by Shannon Taggart is exhibited and published around the world, including the magazines TIME, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine and Discover.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

10h00-11h30 AUGUST Goforth
Changing paradigms: manage and correct the conscious and unconscious fears, confront and change the cultural facilities over death. Managing the transition process; The mental reality and imagination: what it is and how to use it; Guided experiences contact: simple ways to connect with our loved ones after the transition; Gratitude: protocols for practicing health psycho for a transition without fear. Sleep as a moment of expression of gratitude;
11h30-12h00 Question time

The spiritualist photography and its history: evidence of life after death: techniques, methods, conditions, examples to everyone
13h30-15h00 lunch break

15H00-16H30 DEBBIE Malachowski
The crystals in the physical and spiritual healing: how to use them and how they work. Exercises applied to the use of crystal pendulum. Working with the lunar and solar cycles.
16h30-17h00 question time

Spiritual mediumship it is and how it works; What are the senses involved in the process of spiritual mediumship; Work with the energies: guided group exercises; What is the difference between reading and reading psychic mediumship; Our Team Spiritual: guides and "helpers". "Sit in the energy": group exercises on the connection. How to deal with a process of openness to the world of the Spirit without fear.
18h30-19h00 question time
19h00-20h00 platform mediumship group with Heather Russell and Paul Malachowski: receive evidence.

Work ended day 1

Sunday, October 11, 2015

10h00-11h30 PAUL Malachowski
The psychic mediumship in service to others: meditation techniques developed in the group and connection, checks, transfer of information. Differences between meditation and exercises that develop our capabilities.
11h30-12h00 question time and exercises

12h00-13h00 AUGUST Goforth
How did you sleep? Short open dialogue on the night before and dreams particular: because the sharing of these experiences is important for validation and growth of our ability to communicate with those in spirit; Transition before, during and after: understand and manage the process for ourselves and others; The "Summerland": what is and what should be our expectations; Guided experiences contact: simple ways to connect with our loved ones after the transition.
13h00 13h30 Question time
13h30-15h00 lunch break

15h00-16h30 BRIAN RUSSELL
Evolution of physical mediumship and state of the art. What are the qualities to become a physical medium and what drives us to become a physical medium. How it develops and what good is a session. Technical harmonization of the participants in a session and how "solidify" the energies; Security protocols; Contributions, materializations, perfumes, physical contact and touch, sounds and noises during a session of physical mediumship.
16h30-17h00 question time

17h00-18h30 HEATHER PAUL RUSSELL and Malachowski
The activities of "soul rescuer": homes owned, lost souls, ghosts: what they are, how to recognize them and how to help them in the process of returning home. Emotions of a soul "locked" on the ground floor and how its presence can affect the quality of life of families living in these places.

18h30-19h00 Coffee time

19: 00- 20:00 HEATHER PAUL RUSSELL and Malachowski
Platform mediumship group with Heather Russell and Paul Malachowski: receive evidence.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From The Archives: Risen Theories on The Continuance of Life

[First Posted April 9, 2014]

August was recently doubly blessed by the chance of a rare and lengthy interview by Angela Artemis, well-known and highly respected intuitive medium and writer, and then Tim & August are featured in another interview - an entire chapter - in Scott Podmore's amazing and ground-breaking book, "Conversations With Mediums." You can read August's review of Scott's book at Amazon.

The interview with Angela was indeed so lengthy that it wasn't feasible to include it all, and she did a brilliant editing job, which couldn't have been easy. Tim would like to additionally provide the  particular but very complex and controversial question and answer about "reincarnation" which had to be pared down quite a bit  for space. We both find it fascinating and want to share it in its entirety. Here it is:

1.       You don’t support the theory that we reincarnate. Why? What is your theory of how we progress and grow as souls if we do not incarnate again?

I don’t support it because I don’t need or want to. Tim knew I had no interest in even including it in the book, but The Risen Assembly did, and so he took on the assignment of researching and manifesting the final chapter, “The Pastime of Reincarnation” which turned out to be the culmination of all the previous chapters. I’ve made the entire chapter freely available online as a pdf document for any and all to read or download and save, and which can be accessed here.

Tim shared that his ideas about pre-lives, past lives, between-lives, and so on were part of a widespread belief system he had brought into his new Risen existence. After relentlessly bothering people there about where he could get information and training about returning to the earth, he was sent to “a special school for pests, where even know-it-alls can be educated.” In turn, he shared with me, to the best of his self-professed limited understanding, some of the things brought to his attention about what he calls “the pastime of reincarnation.”

Why pastime? “Because,” Tim said, “It’s all just a game, a pastime—literally, a past time.”  He acknowledges that many will consider this an outrageous and even heretical suggestion, and so encourages each one of us to investigate on our own, and not take what he or anyone else says as true. “Truth,” Tim said, “Looks different from diverse perspectives.”

In an attempt to encapsulate some of the more complex ideas, Tim offers three brief suggestions as summaries to keep in mind:
   1.      One’s reality is defined by three I’s: Individuality, Intensity, and Infinity.
   2.      Only one individual can claim that individual’s life experience.
   3.      When Original Creator Source gifts us with individuality, It always gets it entirely right the first time.

He goes into great depth regarding various “Risen theories” about the continuance of life and living, and it seems clear that many on the Other Side have similar as well as conflicting ideas about the topic of rebirth. It seems to be a robust topic of research and debate there, stimulating more questions rather than resolving them.

Here are a few examples:

Theories of Race Evolution
“Classical” reincarnation – meaning, returning to the same Earth but in a different role --  may have actually once existed countless earthly eons ago, but was phased out or evolved to something entirely different, and so is no longer an active process of transition. Tim cites examples of certain older, indigenous cultures that may have vanished because of their transformative evolution.

Theories of Individual Evolution
Allegedly, some individuals return to earth in the “classical” model because they haven’t yet evolved to a higher vibrating state of conscious awareness, enabling them to change their belief system and thus break free of the cycles of birth-death-rebirth, to then “de-planet” off and beyond the earth into other dimensions.  Such individuals differ from those who try to focus those same abilities to maintain beliefs of reincarnation, and where the goals are different.

Theories Discounting Pre-existence
Tim elaborates on this line of thought which branches from the theories of individual evolution:
“There appears to be some indication that the vast majority of Risen—perhaps all—did not exist as individuals prior to their human existence on the earth. Those who were born on the earth first came into existence there as individuals. We have to start somewhere, and that is what the earth is for. Humanity appears to have been custom-made to extend life through a particular process known as ‘reproduction’ which is tailored—or ‘designed,’ as some Risen theorists assert—specifically for life on a planet such as the earth. It has been observed on worlds in other dimensions that the life-extension process does not always follow this plan.

“The purpose of Earth, then, would be as the starting place for our birth as an individual. It provides us with an initial environment in which to begin to get a sense of the individuality that is ours forever, and nothing more than that. Even if we could be reborn back onto the planet, we would never be able to learn all there is to know, no matter how many times we return—which some seem to believe is the absolute requirement for eventual de-planeting. As our time on the earth is, by default, limited in an earthly fashion, so then are the experiences within that time.

Theories of Mega-Individuality
This theory involves the notion of a group soul, where many individuals are sparked from a “mega-being.” Perhaps they will eventually all reunite into yet another mega-being. Tim explains: “These sparks would be seeded possibly on just one world, such as earth, or on several—perhaps even other dimensions would be utilized. Not all would necessarily be seeded at the same time in the same era, but scattered across many time periods to gain a multi-experience as extensive and abundant as possible for the sake of the group mind. They would all have varying awareness of one another as well as individual feelings of pre-existence. This might explain the feelings of having lived other lives in other times. Individuals would be interconnected through their own evolving group underconscious. Their rate of return to Mega-Being Mind would be greatly different amongst them, spanning perhaps what an earth-mind might experience as trillions of millennia, or longer. There would be an intuitive connection between those who have transitioned into the astral dimensions. The configurations would be creatively endless in order to achieve the maximal amount of experience, information gathering, and communication. Those who have strong intuitive connections with the sparked individuals in other dimensions might struggle with confusion about where their real natal home is.”

Tim summarizes:
“So it appears to me thus far that we are reborn upon our transition, but this rebirth is always into a new world and a unique state of existence, not back into the old one. The old one no longer exists—life is experienced in the continual now. We develop and carry forward the template for our new life. We are the template, and a new world will simultaneously arise from us as we arise from it, as a direct result of how we lived our lives on earth or from wherever we are continuously transitioning, as we transmute ever onward.

He goes on to clarify:
“It’s sometimes inferred that our spirits will take on new bodies again. Actually, our spirit will be our actual body, and then at some point it becomes the cocoon for the next transition. A higher vibrating form of spiritual being will then evolve from that event, eventually moving on to yet another new geography. The spirit then becomes a newer form of body that is appropriate to the higher vibration. It cannot return to earth to be reborn once again because its new and higher state of vibration would no longer be appropriate there. Upon transition one is no longer spiritually human because of the higher vibration, and so cannot return to being earthly human in the equivalent way.

All the above barely does justice to the rich and extensive material Tim was able to bring forth, going into great and detailed depth regarding the more elusive psychospiritual issues. “The underlying factor consistently supporting the generally unchallenged belief in reincarnation is that old nemesis, the fear of mortality—and even fear of immortality. The thought that one is immortal and will have to move beyond the earth, never to return, can be extremely threatening, especially if one has not taken the time to become informed of the facts about the process.”

Virtual Reincarnation
He expounds on a novel but brilliant hypothesis, which is that while we cannot literally reincarnate, we can virtually reincarnate:

“If one wants to reincarnate, it’s not possible in the ultimate way of creating another original life for oneself. However, if you want to have the experience of a pre-existence to the primal birth on the home planet, or the experience of reincarnation, you can have it, including that of being a co-creative manifestor. As we make our own self-experiences we also make our own ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ about our experiences.”

I commented that it all sounded like some fantastic, enormous game.

“So why can’t it be? If you want to step into the part and play it to the hilt, who says you can’t? If you want to make up a game about reincarnation and make it seem so real that it appears real, why not? No reason whatsoever. And isn’t it interesting that the word ‘game’ is synonymous with pastime? ”

I dared to ask, “How is this done?”

“It appears that any manifestation of reincarnation is not enacted upon the original version of earth. But there’s no reason why a person can’t manifest yet another experience on another version of earth that is completely like the one they left. Mind is that powerful. Everyone can manifest their very own earth to return to, exactly like the one they left. Of course there would have to be a built-in restriction of self-imposed amnesia to make it suit one’s beliefs and needs, and this amnesia can be tailored in any way. And if they want, souls can co-creatively manifest the experience of being together or finding one another as their own desires for drama dictate. Sometimes there are ‘leaks’ that get past the amnesia—hence, feelings of déjà vu, past lives, and all kinds of ‘evidence’ that would manifest to help sustain the illusion. Since the illusion is built directly upon a foundation of Reality it has an apparent feeling of reality all its own and will respond to its manifestor’s mind as directed.”

Finally, I can very briefly comment about progress and growth as related to the idea of reincarnation: They cannot be achieved backwards.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Into a New Year ~ Manifesting Authentically

[The transmission of Risen information into limited, written human language often appears dense and perplexing to grasp because it is highly compressed information. It is suggested that one reads each sentence slowly and carefully, and perhaps several times—especially passages that seem to resist the understanding. Many readers of the Risen material have shared that with each re-reading, more is revealed to the listening spirit inside. The Risen refer to this as “worlds within worlds.”]

“To relinquish the fear of death
 is the ultimate act of self-forgiveness.”
~ A Risen One ~

The question has been asked, “Do the Risen have anything to say about what we need to do to manifest an authentic human life?”

The Risen are those who were once terrestrial humans, but have attained—or ascended—a particular “geography of wakefulness” which is best described by the term “Risen Authentic Self,” or more simply, Risen. The Risen, who are no longer human in the way most of us believe ourselves to presently be, say that they cannot provide carved-in-stone definitions of an authentic human life. They suggest that “Know Thyself” is the open-ended answer for all sentient beings. This particular answer emerges only as truth reveals itself through one’s individualized Self of Authorship, and that Self’s various states of ever-emerging awareness.

At its utmost, “Know Thyself” means that each one of us authors, authenticates, and authorizes one’s Self. Can one truly comprehend the implication of such an omnipotent action of total, authorized authorship—and then fully accept it? The Risen ask each of us to consider the possibility of doing this now, rather than later.

Authentic Self will inevitably recognize the feeling of Its truth in Its various states, thereby recognizing Itself as an immortal individualization as It transitions inwardly from any felt point, ever onward (more about this point of feeling later on.)

On Earth, terrestrial Nature provides only for cycling and recycling—around and around, evolving—or mutating—only enough to sustain and replenish in ways that are least resistant. This circular movement through time can be seen as a spiral, and humanity is a spiraling part of Nature—it is, in fact, inextricable from it.

At the beginning of their book, the Risen ask us to …

 … contemplate a spiral as we journey through this book. The spiral is an ancient emblem of life, transcendence, and eternity, running deep through all earthly cultures. It is revealed as a living symbol throughout Nature—in pinecones, the petals and seed heads of flowers, the arrangement of leaves on a stem; water spinning in a whirlpool, the shell of a snail, the winds circling the earth; the horns of a goat, the coils of a snake, and even a head of cauliflower. Stars, galaxies, and people dance in waves of living spirals. Spirals are found throughout your body—in the proportions of its components, in your fingerprints, in the movement of the blood as it travels through the body, and in the pattern of the hair on your heads. The very strands of your DNA intertwine in an animated spiral.
Life is also a spiral—a sacred relationship of matter, time, and space that leads to a continual transcendence of them. Life’s presence and actions are its own evidence—of itself and of its immortality. The center of life’s spiral is the center of the Self as it moves through eternity, never the same at any moment, yet never losing the essential spirit of its Origin. Life is the Original Spirit.
The spiral often seems to be a maze, an icon of the life journey of a human being, seemingly struggling alone along an unknown path, while trying to discover its center. Many of you will spend a lifetime worrying about whether you are journeying toward or away from the center.
For those who are still earth-embodied, your spiral path will change. In fact, it simply cannot exist without change, for the spiral of all life is a process. Upon your transition to places of existence beyond your planet, your journey will transmute into a new and more intensely living motif. You will each begin this transition in your own unique way, and then you will awaken as a Risen One into a new world.

A very long time ago, Nature brought humankind as far as it could upon the Earth, to where we became conscious, self-aware beings—primitive yet intelligent ego-mental selves. Humanity cannot rely on Nature to take us any further, and each must now use one’s own individual consciousness to provide the movement that will awaken and sustain Authentic Selfness beyond ego-self-awareness. Alas, most of us choose to continue to sleep in the primitive safety of Mother Nature's arms, unaware that there is much more beyond them awaiting our jubilant exploration. Although there is no harm in this sleep of non-action, nor any judgment weighed against us for it, there will not be another chance to ascend—or rise—until we make our transition from a terrestrial existence to a non-terrestrial existence. We can only, and always, begin from wherever we are.

Nature does not provide the ways and means for mutating away from its spiral—or transmutation—other than when it is forced to relinquish its terrestrial hold on a human spirit, which is then released into a non-terrestrial dimension by way of a kind of “spiritual centrifugal force.” And although the spiritual body is redirected in this way, the trajectory of the ascending journey depends upon the development of the spirit, which may resume its spiral way of existence in the new dimension, very much as it did on the Earth, and with very little or no change on a cosmic scale. If we were dependent upon our ego-mind—by ignorance or by choice—we will likely be quite lost without it, because the ego-mind does not survive the transition. It knows this, too, and this is why those of us who identify with our ego-mind are afraid of death. Those who are unidentified are unafraid, and so are resting peacefully as Authentic Self. This total lack of fear is a rather agreeable attitude to present to the question.

The definition of “convoluted” is “curled or wound, especially in concentric rings or spirals, like a leaf curled in upon itself, or enfolded.” It also has the meaning of being vague about something in order to mislead or deceive. Nature is continuously enfolding like a leaf, drawing all the elements back into itself. This convolution can be seen as misleading us in order to preserve itself. It has been perceived by most modern humans as a selective process for the survival of the fittest. However, it can also be perceived as the selective process for the best food, which is all that humanity’s bodies will ever be to Nature.

And so now we finally come to the best possible approach to the question, in spite of the labyrinthine convolutions upon which you were just led. Such maze-like logic is necessary in order to be released from the repetitive, hypnotic centripetal force of Nature, which otherwise forces us to follow its own logical path of cycle and recycle. To break free of this force, to first unfold from and then leave this “wheel of existence” before the centrifugal release of the spirit, is usually difficult and often painful. Although joyful surrender will do the trick just as well, if not better.

Let us now re-ask the question in this way: “What are the qualities of Authentic Self?” The simplest and yet also aggravating answer is that if such labels could be found and described here, the ego-mind would attempt to simulate them into personality traits, which the unaware reader would then pretend to have. This is a Risen way of utilizing our tendency to prefer seriousness over humor. In other words, they are joking, to better suggest truth.

At the beginning of this wordy journey, we suggested that at Its core, Authentic Self will inevitably recognize the feeling of Its truth in its various states, thereby recognizing Itself as an immortal individualization while transitioning inwardly from any felt point, ever onward.

What is this point, this feeling of truth? It is inner peace felt at our core, our center where we always are. As a psychotherapist for many years, I have watched so many people struggle with trying to locate their core of peace, as if it was something they lost or never had, not understanding that each of us is the location, and that it is within, not outside. They worry because they aren’t experiencing peace in the outer world, while failing to recognize that they already are the place of peace which is within them. Outer peace manifests as a result of first dwelling in inner peace. As the Risen noted earlier, such troubled individuals may spend an entire lifetime worrying whether they are journeying toward or away from their center core. But there is no toward, no away, and they haven’t lost it—their awareness of it merely got covered over and hidden by all the “symptoms” their convoluted ego-minds are so insistent upon having and focusing on to cause misdirection, by generating worry. The Risen said this about worry in their book:

“The only place to be is where you are—the present. This ancient fragment of mislaid information is one of the most important aspects of human spirituality to re-emerge in the early twentieth century. Many are now familiar with the notions of ‘be here now’ and ‘don’t worry, be happy.’ These concepts have been clearly held before you from every spiritual worldview for many thousands of years, such as the Bible’s suggestion to ‘consider the lilies of the field.’  Now, just inside the gates of the twenty-first century, you are beginning to return to the understanding that you are the lilies of the field. There is also increasing awareness by scientists and non-scientists that eventually we will come to consciously experience that we are the field as well.”

Ego-mind can only project—rather than manifest—a temporary, inauthentic outer world of worry around us. Awakened Authentic Self, while outwardly aware of the meaningless aspects of the projected world around it, remains inwardly undisturbed in its authentic place of peace. Authentic Self does not necessarily seek meaning, although it can assign it if it chooses. Authentic Self does not think or have thoughts. It observes them as they arise from the ego-mind, which is contained within the infinite space of Mind.

Authentic Self can manifest—rather than project—a temporary outer world of peace. When the feeling of Authentic Self has awakened, all thoughts can be observed, accepted, rejected, allowed to project, put on hold, brightened, dimmed, or dissolved from a consciously aware stance.

Ego-mind reacts from its fear-based thinking; Authentic Self responds from perpetually peaceful, non-thoughtful wakefulness. But until Authentic Self awakens, the ego-mind is in complete control of any rising thoughts.

Many of us are still enfolded in the convoluted rationalizing of the ego-mind, and so are disconnected from our feelings, unable to recognize and experience the feeling of “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Here, “understanding” means the ego-mind’s rationale. Because we still rationalize in terms of symptoms—i.e., worry—perhaps we might more easily recognize some “symptoms of inner peace” from a list compiled by author Saskia Davis, who was obviously Risen-inspired.

Symptoms of Inner Peace
–  A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences.
–  An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.
–  A loss of interest in judging other people.
–  A loss of interest in judging self.
–  A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
–  A loss of interest in conflict.
–  A loss of ability to worry.
–  Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
–  Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.
–  Frequent attacks of smiling.
–  An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.
–  An increased susceptibility to love extended by others and the uncontrollable urge to extend it.
(©1984 Saskia Davis ~ reprinted with very kind permission by the author)

Toward the end of their book, the Risen have this to say about cycles:

“Ouroboros, the serpent with its tail in its mouth, is a pan-mythical symbol of time and the continuity of life. An alchemical sign of completeness, it depicts the Alpha and the Omega—eternal life. Ouroboros contains the idea of cycles, of returning to one’s self through one’s self. It suggests birth within death’s jaws—doors opening. It also intimates death within birth’s jaws—doors closing. It is life emerging out of death, then emerging out of life, year after year, over and over, seemingly without end.
“But does it ever end?

“Yes, say the Risen, for cycles aren’t forever. Each and every cycle is a beginning and yet also part of a greater cycle, the vast spiral of movement of an individualized immortal soul through space and through time—and then beyond time and space.

“This movement never ceases.”

The Risen would like to clarify that as Authentic Self, we are not the movement but the observers, whose observation manifests an experience of movement. Authentic Self never ceases, and this “ceaselessness” or “unceasing” is actually non-movement—a place of being at peace, at total rest. If we are identifying with movement—which is ok—it is helpful to be aware that the movement is not who we are. In some dimensions it seems to be where we are; in others, it seems to be when we are. And although sometimes we may not remember who, where, or when we are, we will never forget that we are, which is the way toward manifesting an authentic human life.

[© 2014 August Goforth. This monograph may be freely copied in whole or in part without permission, but with acknowledgement of authorship.]

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Metaphysical Musings of The Day Star

"And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and keeping watch by night over their flock. And an angel of the Lord stood by them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said to the shepherds, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). 
"And His name shall be called: Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:11).

Metaphysical Musings
“The field” mean the Mind of Creative Source, which is ever within and around us, and in which we move and breathe and have our being. “The country” is another way to say our state of mind, which is named here in the preceding verse as Judea. Judea means the mental attitude where Christ thoughts—or the Realization of“I Am”—lead to greater expression of divine power. The shepherds watching by night are energy forms of Creative Source that watch over us at all times, even during mental and spiritual darkness, which is the absence of light or conscious understanding. These energy forms are not external, visible physical beings, but internal, non-visible but sensed psychological components of the collective spiritual mind, and of which we all share. They are the finer-vibrating archetypes of the terrestrial human mental experience, the positive forces that represent and uphold the Truth of Being. This Truth is there is only Life, and more Life. “The dead” would be those who are unconscious of Truth. 

Sheep represent our thoughts. Thoughts that are alike flock together peacefully. Shepherds are watchers of the sheep and strive to keep them safe and from wandering into the thorny hedges. “Keeping watch by night” must be done by struggling to stay conscious to keep the wolves away. Shepherds guide and protect the flock from un-Christ-like thoughts that are corrupted by an uncontrolled ego mind. Such thoughts are like wolves in sheep’s clothing that prey upon the ever-present neutrality of an initial thought, the newborn child, which is born out of darkness and into the light. When incorrect thoughts are rebuked or chased away, they will be unable to sustain and will vanish. The shepherds must be ever-vigilant, for the wolves will continue to circle our minds, seeking any way in. The wolves will only vanish completely when we have allowed our earthly mind, the mind of Adam, to be transformed by and replaced by the birth of a new mind of spirit, that of a Christ-being.

Our internal Watchers do not exert force upon us, but act as an internal spiritual source of understanding and help, while projecting spiritual signs or omens that act as guides to direct us to the doors of freedom. We might experience these signs as mysterious synchronicities, messages from the underconsciousness or even the Risen. 

“Glory of the Lord” means the blending and merging of the human mind with Divine Mind. Why are the shepherds sore afraid, if the glory of the Lord is shining around them? “Sore afraid” is an antiquated English phrase for mental suffering. If these shepherds are watching their flocks in the night, it means that they are struggling to stay awake, or keeping watch, and thus suffering because up to this point have been unable to see the fallacy of the belief that they are separated from the light of Divine Mind, or the Glory of the Lord.
Fear—the wolves—will block such messages from them, as well as conscious Christ realization of “I Am.” The consciously individualized Christ presence is a door to the ultimate freedom from fear. To further soothe them the angel offers comfort with the idea of “a savior,” although in Truth there is no such thing as a savior, divine or otherwise. If the Mind of Creative Source is complete—and it is—then it is perfect. And if it is perfect, there is no danger, and thus no need for saving, other than from our unnecessary delusion of fear—or False Evidence Appearing Real. Thus the angel announces there is a way through the illusion of fear, a Great Door that is always open, and assures the shepherds, “Fear not.” All we need do is “knock” which is to announce our own Christ Presence as real; we knock by stating with our own Divine Authority: “Here I Am.”

Angels are highly evolved spiritual perceptive facilities of Creative Source. An angel is the projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea direct from the fountainhead—Jehovah—“I Am that I Am.” “Jehovah” is another way to state the great phrase of renewal, “I am the Person that Thou art, and Thou are the Person that I am.” An angel, or messenger, means a thought or message of the Lord. “The Lord” means our conscious mind as merged with Divine Mind. Angels speak to us mentally and emotionally through our beliefs; beliefs are mental thoughts joined and energized by the energy of emotions. Beliefs manifest boundaries. Changing our beliefs will change our mind, which will change our experience. The angel is joyfully announcing to the shepherds, “Now is the time to change your mind—you have always been free to do so, and now, right now, is the time to Rise!”

Angels are also internal Guardians who stand with the Watchers. Angels begin as spiritual seeds within each individual—including you and me. These seeds are “the gifts of the Spirit.” As Guardians, angels stand at the threshold of the unlimited doors of our individual consciousness, doors that lead to higher consciousness. Like Watchers, the Guardians do not exert control upon an individual, but act as a spiritual source of knowledge and assistance, projecting spiritual signs that act as guiding forces to the doors of freedom. Unlike Watchers, they do exert certain spiritual forces that protect the newly-emerging seeds of greater spiritual awareness.
David represents Divine Love, individualized in human consciousness. David was a shepherd for many years before developing his human character as a king to successfully fulfil his duties as balancer and integrator of all things of duality, and achieve dominion over the kingdom of his own mind. “Kingdom” is short for “Kingdom of Heaven”, which is a state of consciousness achieved when one is in harmony with Divine Mind. When divine ideas or thoughts become orderly in the human mind, the resulting adjustment is the geography of heaven. “Orderly” is the absence of fear, worry, and chaos. “City” means our own individualized mind. “City of David” means Love's abode in the sphere of consciousness where high, holy (whole) thoughts and principles abide. 

“Christ the Lord” is our own orderly mind, an order which results from the merging of the terrestrial mind with the Divine Mind.

"Christ" means the divine-idea person, the one complete idea of a perfect human in Divine Mind. “Jesus” is the name that represents an individual expression of the Christ idea. The birth of Christ in a person is the bringing to consciousness of the spiritual idea of a human—the Christ of God—through the quickening power of the word of Truth. The Truth is: “There is life, and only life.” The Truth does not acknowledge “death.” This Truth has been named in many other ways besides “Christ” by many wisdom traditions.

Lest you turn away because this sounds “religious,” recognize that true religion is a natural spiritual tendency of a human to connect with the god-presence within—the result is a new awareness of consciousness that is sometimes called Christ, or Atman, The All, etc. Only when people try to control and organize the spiritual energies does religion become corrupted. The name can never fully define it, and so it’s the resulting feeling-understanding that causes the manifestation of a state of divine consciousness, the birth of the child.
This birth is the beginning of a higher set of faculties in the inner realms of consciousness that, when grown to full stature, save the whole person from ignorance and sin. “Save” means to stand upright, or to raise from the horizontal to the vertical. “Sin” means to miss the mark, stumbling or falling short of the divine law, through very material, combative, destructive states of thought—the wolves that would prey upon the innocent sheep. The divine law is the Law of Being, the underlying principle of every one’s being and of the universe. This principle is the Unprincipled Principle, or Love. The Savior is one who lifts and keeps us standing upright, as well as lighting the way before us so we won’t stumble and fall. The Savior is, ultimately, who we each are.

The Names of the Child: “Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” “Name” means authority. “Child” means Authentic Self. These five names can be represented by the points of the five-sided star, the Star of Great Light, or Fully Enlightened Consciousness. This object of light represents a complete individualized child of the Great Spirit. From a Risen state of enlightened consciousness, these names signify the living forces that interact in multi-dimensional ways that are always transcending one’s present reality. Imagine extending the five digits of the hand, which grasps, senses, and sums up the five senses of the body, extending them forward and beyond into a vanishing point. Each point of the physical star symbol seemingly vanishes from our physical, terrestrial sight but actually continues on, interpenetrating and emerging into other dimensions for eternity without end. This is how the Risen experience the effects of life, otherwise known as living. Rather than experiencing existence as an illusion of endless days as we do on Earth, the Risen know life as one eternal day— in effect, as an immortal Day Star—signifying the uplifting—or rising—of the previously ruling human ego of the sense consciousness, and the triumphant arrival, or birth, of a principality of peace.

Watchers, Guides, and Guardians are not only an integral internal part of who we are, but can shape and shift us into higher evolved forms of being. As these evolved forms they are now Angels.  Hence, there are Risen who take on these forms as an act of service to others, including those of us still on the Earth. We all have Risen Watchers, Guides and Guardians. At some point in our own evolution, we will receive opportunities to serve in one or more of these roles.

May our unfolding lives continue to bring us wonders of surprise and peaceful awe.