Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pie In The Sky

Olivia: "How does it feel to be dying? "
William: "It feels... like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and... I'm trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls asleep in my lap, I try to catch the feeling of her breathing against me. And when I make my son laugh, I try to catch the sound of him laughing. How it rolls up from his chest. But the pieces are moving faster now, and I can't catch them all. I can feel them slipping through my fingertips. And soon where there used to be my granddaughter breathing and my son laughing, there will be... nothing. Oh—I know it feels like you have all the time in the world—but you don't. So stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life. Catch them while you're young and quick. Because sooner than you know it, you'll be old … and slow. And there'll be no more of them to catch. And when a nice boy who adores you offers you pie, say thank-you."
~ “Pilgrim Rick” This Is Us (television series) ~
"Strange times," everyone seems to be muttering these days, with occasional outbursts of frightened tears, worry about the future ... "time is running out" ...   A reader of The Risen writes to us:

“I have been feeling very discouraged by the realization that our world is not at all what we think it is. The reality is just a facade hiding the real power behind the scenes. It is so overwhelming, it is beyond my reach. It is so terrible to see the greed and selfishness of a few ruining the lives of so many, killing so many. People’s misplaced value system, ignorance, and inability to think and discern the truth make it seem impossible that we can ever change the world for the better.
“I feel it’s hopeless. I wonder if the next world will really be any different or not. How could people change their nature just because they have crossed over to the spirit world? Do you have any insight on that from speaking with the Risen?”
There is such an interesting mixture of dimensional aspects in your words of expression here—of fear and worry as generated by the undisciplined ego-mind, and those of your Authentic Self, so wise and comforting from its infinitely expanded perspective.
For example, your Immortal Self reveals its awareness of a higher reality or “power behind the scenes” after openly stating your inner-felt truth that our world is not what we think it is. Your Higher Self is showing Itself here in all Its warm brilliance to help you to not forget this Higher Reality, and further remind us that our thoughts  must always be chosen carefully and consciously.
Because what we focus on magnifies, let’s consciously choose in this present moment to look at the wisdom that is peeking here from behind the veils, which is another symbol for “façade” as you say. In this context, “veils” are another way to say “beliefs,” which are composed of gathered thoughts repeated over and over, intensified and glued together by emotion, and then accepted as learned by the brain. When there are beliefs that are conflicting with one another, seemingly by positive and negative words, confusion arises from the misalignment. 
What is fear? It is actually quite simple, although our ego-mind has been programmed almost from the beginning of our physical life to make it increasingly complex and thus unmanageable. There are only two aspects of physical fear that our biological bodies have evolved—that of loud noises and of falling—and so our bodies reflexively flinch at a loud noise or recoil from an uncomfortable height, whether or not we want to. It also seems that darkness can overwhelm and frighten our bodies, because of the illusion of distance it conveys to our physical senses—or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” When we are misaligned from misperception and misinterpretation, we become afraid of falling from our celestial height. The veils of our beliefs keep us from correctly seeing that all is well.
Our words and the ways in which we use them can be perceived as instruments or weapons. The idea of “instruments or weapons” sounds like one of positive versus negative. But as the light of unafraid, conscious awareness is turned upon any alleged darkness it will be seen that so-called negative forces are actually positive ones waiting in the shadows to be revealed. The weapons have always been instruments or tools from the very beginning.
Negative language is positive language trying to reveal itself—if we let it. This essentially means that there is really no such thing as something separate from positive called “negative,” although our minds are able to make a decision that seems to make such a separation appear as real. Rather, it means there is positively only one power in the Universe, which we can experience in an infinite number of individual ways. This One Positive Power is All of Life; All There Is. This Life is also our life, and our Risen Loved One’s lives. There is no “death” but simply and only transition and relocation from one form of life to another form.
Attention is being drawn here to the power of belief which can and does assign the labels of positive and negative from an infinite, non-material place that we sometimes call emotional and psychological. In other words, our beliefs are much more powerful than the laws of the material world, for while beliefs can be limiting, they are forever unlimited.
All this is potentially realizable here on Earth to a higher degree than most of us might suspect, and we don’t have to transition out of these physical bodies in order to rise to such higher states of awareness—although it is likely that most of us maintain the belief that all really is lost and hopeless and we can only be rescued and saved by relocating to a Risen existence beyond this terrestrial geography. This is another way of saying that, what you are calling “nature”—can be changed. It cannot not be changed, for the Universe is expansion: mutation, evolution, and relocation. We are not speaking of what humankind experiences as “Laws of Nature” which supposedly never change. They do, but as we are the Nature which is also the Law, as we change, the law changes. This has been stated in many ways over many millennia, but has become so veiled by different belief systems that the original meaning has been lost in the mists. The most straightforward way of stating it now would be that “First comes the Word, and from the Word, unfolds the Law.” And so our word—which includes our thoughts— manifest the reality of appearances according to our belief. Change your belief, change your word, and change your world.
Many—if not most—people will awaken into the Risen state of being pretty much as they were when they left it. More often than not a person of 21st century Earth is likely to have so little knowledge and understanding of the transition process—and what to expect—that their own relocation to Risen geographies results in partial or even full paralysis rather than independent freedom. This is a result of having lived a mostly fear-based life on Earth and not resolving and transforming the fear during the time spent there, as well as neglecting the nurturing of their spiritual bodies. They then appear to arrive in underdeveloped spirit bodies, and in some cases malformed or barely formed. Tim reports that many arrive in their new geography manifesting as not much more than a seed form. Well … his actual words were “a dried up peach pit.”
Sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? Here’s the good and only news—such relocated individuals aren’t really peach pits at all—we are the whole pie. Their habitual Earthly beliefs of lack and limitation, as well as non-beliefs and fear about what happens after they “die” result in false assumptions of little or no self-worth. Such misaligned assumptions of worthlessness allow them to appear as illusorily malformed or even unformed, but in reality they are already intensely brilliant, priceless celestial diamonds—as are we all. This realization of infinite worth to which the Risen strive to awaken them is achieved by helping them discover how to release their own self-inflicted paralysis.
Such cases are often taken to beautiful “greenhouses” where they are given the proper light and nourishment that they denied or were denied while on Earth. This process requires specialized Risen adjusters who utilize advanced arts of light and sound vibration to stimulate and maintain growth of the malnourished spiritual energies—and even we can assist them, with our prayers and thoughts of light-filled freedom sent their way.

 Another wisdom suggestion that is liberally sprinkled like sparkly sugared stars throughout ancient texts is, "Fear not." These are perhaps the finest two words we can place in the forefront of our mind, right between the eyes. Can we not find our way to repeating them enough times that they become embedded in our poor little peach of a brain, to become and grow into a vision of the celestial diamond that each one of us really, truly is? The ancient texts are also prepared for when we begin to argue for our limitations, when we say we think we cannot accomplish this: "I am. Therefore I can. Therefore I will."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Bangs Sisters: New Book!

If you enjoyed Riley Heargerty's outstanding book on the direct voice medium, Emily French (The French Revelation, available on Amazon) you will be thrilled to know that he has released a new book about the Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters!

Portraits From The Beyond has been long overdue!

Victor Zammit, Tim and I were privileged to read the pre-published manuscript, and provided back-cover endorsements, and we so highly recommend it. Available in print and electronic form.

Also here is the link to the author's blog about his writings.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Authentic Self Asleep or Awake?

Sydney, a reader, asks,

"Do you think the Authentic Self can be awakened by mystical practices such as in advaita vedanta i.e the non-dual school of mysticism?"

Sydney - If I am correctly discerning those Risen with whom I communicate, this is what they have shared and will be in the forthcoming new book, with a great deal more about the subject.
 "Authentic Self has been called the Hidden Observer, Higher Self, Higher Power, the Oversoul—there are as many ways to label it as there are individuals to say it. Stilling the incessant criticism of ego-mind will eventually result in an awakening to Authentic Self—yet not an awakening of it, for it is already awake and just seems hidden because it is much quieter than ego-mind. Sometimes this hiddenness is interpreted as being asleep, but Authentic Self can’t really be said to be asleep or awake in the way we on Earth can be, because that state which we want to call “awake” as contrasted with “not awake” does not exist on a pendulum of is or is-not—there are no pendulums in the full awareness of Self."

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Nowing of The Awakening Stone

Victoria writes us:
 I just finished listening to your interview with Roberta Grimes and am currently reading your book. I am also writing a book which is an afterlife love story about a man that I met in 1980, and had a very short affair with. He graduated (i.e. transitioned) in 2003, but I only became aware of his presence in my life in 2014, the first time I spoke with a medium.
 In your chapter on reincarnation and past lives, I became quite confused. I have done past life regression many times under hypnosis and I would like to know if you are of the opinion that I am experiencing a disincarnate spirit's life? And if that is true, would my ex-lover in Spirit be experiencing another disincarnate spirit's life along with me?
 Unlike Tim, he has told me we've had countless lives together. All of them, including what I am now experiencing, have been tragic. I am questioning my own writing, my own experience, my relationship with Jerry, and my head is spinning after reading this chapter.
 Jerry is urging me to move forward with this book. He has advised me our purpose is to share this love story with those in grief, who need healing. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this? I would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much!˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ ™˜ 

To read the entire chapter in question, 
go here
To read Tim's shorter synopsis, go here.

There is far too much depth to your questions, Victoria, to answer here easily and completely—and, in fact, any conclusive answers will really have to fully be yours and Jerry’s. More exploration is called for, into areas that were previously hidden or unimagined, but are now being unveiled in the strange and mysterious ways of Spirit. Although we can't promise definitive answers, we would still like to offer some energy toward the expansion of your questions—which Tim and I recognize less as questions and more as doorways or portals, beckoning you toward something more, which initially will be more questions. And perhaps you do, too. Do we always need to replace all the question marks of our lives with periods? We gently hand your questions back into your safekeeping, as you and Jerry venture forth into the portals certain ones in Spirit have opened. Can the both of you continue on forward together—open, curious, fearless of the mysteries?

Here are some initial and maybe pesky questions that come from Tim and me, as well as others in Spirit. (You don’t have to provide answers, they’re open-ended and very likely can’t be answered easily with words, if at all.) Notice that they are “what” rather than “why” questions. This is because why leads to more questions, and what can quickly bring us to a settled point that is the feeling of a fact, which we may or may not be able to observe externally—yet. It’s more the feeling and its encoded information that is wanted for our purpose.

  • What is it about your questions (or parts of them) that feel important to you and Jerry right now?
  • What are the feelings that come with the questions? What information do these feelings bring you?
  • What is the role that worry or other fear-based feelings are playing, including any doubt, that appear to be part of your questions?
  • What are the benefits that you are expecting from the answers to your questions?
  • What are the benefits that you expect will result from writing and sharing such a book?
  • What is meant by “tragic”? What about that specific word offers the best idea of the experiences? Is the drama of tragedy once and forever finished, to be no more? Are tragedies acceptable memories for either or both of  you right now? If benefit for others is part of what you seek to offer, do such stories benefit others? Are we annoying you yet?
  • At what point is healthy skepticism no longer needed, or is it always needed?  Tim and I rigorously practice healthy skepticism toward one another—not as if to say “I don’t believe you” when one of us says something that sounds like nonsense—but to stimulate further expansive exploration by implying, “I sense there might be more that neither of us are aware of  yet; let’s keep asking until we feel some kind of alignment.” This is our playful way of being with one another, rather than a way that feels like over-serious work.

What you're both ultimately wanting is clarity. You might not even yet realize that this is the ultimate wanting, especially if the current awakening realization is that confusion is temporarily blocking the way to fuller awakening to what the reality of your relationship really is and really is not.  Confusion arises from two or more feelings that are trying to occupy the same space, and cannot find resonance with one another, which would create a new or different feeling. Thus, confusion slows or halts the forward movement of creative self-evolution. Because we do not remember the fullness of our authentic power of divine self-presence, most of us utilize the inherited human race habit of instead going backwards instead of forward, which is what the Risen were talking about when referring to our trying to swim back upstream.

It has been clarified for me as a psychotherapist over the years that most of us don’t find the unsettling of our beliefs to be a welcome feeling, especially when it comes to something like the subject of reincarnation, which has so many definitions to begin with. Which definition are we even talking about here?

Tim and I notice that the primary thread that runs throughout this subject, millennia upon millennia, is one of fear. When fear is removed, the attention is now free—we are free—to let go of any thoughts that were running on the program of fear. What arises from this sense of release, which is an actual release, is what those such as The Risen ask us to focus on. The best word I can find for the interpretation of their idea of “focus” is “now”—not as a noun, but more as a “verb of non-doing.” So maybe, “nowing.” Which looks and even sounds rather like “knowing,” doesn’t it? This echoes a Risen directive that I will only mention very briefly here, as it is also weird and complex, which is “Do not.” This notion is explored and utilized in great detail and authority in the next book they are helping to manifest. But,  for nowing, and simply, at the very heart of this notion, is the idea of surrender.

And so at some point, quite long ago, I soon and simply stopped engaging in extended dialogues about the subject—I surrendered—which is why I let Tim organize and produce that chapter. It was not written quickly or easily, as you most likely can tell from the kinds of questions I asked Tim about what he and other Risen were suggesting. The book itself took almost 8 years of intensive interaction with thousands of Risen people, and quite literally every sentence, word and punctuation was placed precisely by them, picky beings that they are. Nothing was written in haste, but in the slowest and highest reverential consideration as possible by those in Spirit. It’s not surprising that many people have had their beliefs rattled and shaken up by the material in the chapter about reincarnation, including past-life regressionists and hypnotherapists—it’s potentially strong potential stuff. It’s caused a few rifts here and there in certain communities. The Risen interpretation of reincarnation in our book is “the pastime of reincarnation” which implies less heavy seriousness and much more lightness and fun. The “lightening up” is another form of surrendering to what’s going on now between us, and say, a disincarnate friend. When we get too serious about our immortality, we lose the feeling of it and then become disconnected from the ever-streaming knowledge flowing forth into our personal experiences.

But it seems that everyone eventually forgets about any apples we upset from their cart, and quickly return to the previously known that’s most comfortable. We believe what we prefer to believe. This is where the complexity of memory in grief events, as mismanaged by an undisciplined ego-mind, becomes involved. Our new book, (in press) which is already well into its 5th year of unfolding, is specifically about grief and goes into much more deep detail about the ego-mind’s complex doings and undoings.

How thrilling it must have been for Jerry to awaken in his new geography, and then for the two of you to awaken even further into the surprise of such an extraordinary new relationship! You and Jerry are together awakening in the midst of an incredible, experiential, awakening journey, most likely contained within another incredible journey, and that one within another one, and so on, and so on … infinooty, as Tim says, and worlds within worlds, as is said in our book. Are these worlds all real or imaginal, or a mixture of both? Yes, is the simplest and yet paradoxical answer for now.

At some point, we may begin to realize that we have been swimming about in too many worlds for too long and would rather now rise and return to the surface to The One World. We will not attempt to define the meaning of "The One World" here because we know that you already know, so we can rest in this knowing, this nowing, for now. This "return" usually involves what seems like an experience of swimming back, back, back to the primal origins of the dramas we believe we lived, and then re-experiencing them with a new mind, and with new thought. What we thought the memories are showing us then turn out to be something very different. Some of us will make such journeys, but most of us won’t for a very long time, instead believing what the ego-mind tells us from its own fear-based agenda of the belief in death.

And, so, you’ve read the chapter. What is called for next is to allow yourself to sit for a while and let the dust settle before trying to solve what might seem like a terribly big problem. If it seems like a problem that needs solving, this is most likely the undisciplined ego-mind trying use the brain’s talents as a problem-solving organ. Brains are not what is needed here, but rather heart. Your head is spinning, as you say. Disengage from the brain’s incessant thinking attempts to spin more solution-stories, and engage with the shared infinite heartspace between you and Jerry—as you each are now, and as you both together are, now—not then. We know that it can seem difficult because of all the well-meaning books, teachers, philosophies, traditions, and so on, that have given us too much past-life stuff to over-think about over many millennia. At some point—if we should be so blessed—some tiny bit of a higher reality will give us a tiny little pinch, which at first becomes irritating because it won’t go away. Instead of swatting it away or trying to change or correct it, give it enough quiet space that you can begin to focus on the possibly very new feelings they want to bring you—some stunning news from Spirit. I've found over the years that Spirit needs a lot of stunning quiet.

Feelings are energy which bring us specific messages through the instrument of our physical body. Since the messages aren’t in English or in any other human language, we have to learn how to bypass the left-brain’s attempts to decipher emotional messages and instead let our intuition lead the expedition down the rabbit hole. Often the ones giving us the tiny, gentle but irritating tweak are our Spirit Guides. If the undisciplined ego-mind is used to having its own way, and is always filling up our headspace with loudness, it can be quite difficult to find the quiet space needed to hear the gentle suggestions of our Spirit Guides.  It is our responsibility to find, claim and expand such space for ourselves. You and Jerry have such a space.

Early on after his transition, Tim’s attempts to mentally and emotionally interact with me were often interfered with by my ego-mind, which is clever enough to know how to imitate anyone and anything, convincing me of certain things which were later adjusted and resolved, once I learned how to “enter the stillness” as some mediums put it, where the ego-mind cannot go, and Tim and I could commune in uninterrupted peace. Then the higher aspects of our personal truths and our relationship began to reveal themselves.

It may be presumptuous to assume that all hypnotherapists are working from the same set of ethical modalities, but I would hope that they have some grounded understanding in the primary clinical modalities that have evolved from shared and personal human psychodynamic and psychoanalytical exploration. It is not uncommon for guide-like figures to arise from within the depths of our underconscious, which includes the collective underconscious of the human race-mind. (I use here my discernment of the Risen idea of “underconscious” rather than the classical “unconscious” because They posit that since every thing is conscious, there is no such thing as “unconsciousness”—rather there is lack of awareness of consciousness.)

Connecting with our feelings may give rise to such figures presenting as symbolized by a person, a figure who may manifest as a well-known icon, or perhaps a friend, or even someone we've never seen before—including animals. They may tell us that they are from our past lives—or that is what we think we hear them saying. These figures may not even be actual Spirit Guides, or other such living beings, but repressed or isolated aspects of our inner self that are seeking to integrate into our whole sense of self by communicating to us. First they have to get our attention, and will be very creative about it. Once we begin communicating with them, information then begins to be shared; insights arise and learning and transformation can then occur. Sometimes these personal or global archetypal figures will lead us to our actual Spirit Guides and other interdimensional beings, and for this reason it is important to not dismiss such mysterious and perplexing manifestations as mere fantasies, but to give them space and our open, inquiring attention.

The specific part about the personal archetypal energies that we are intending for you is that each of us might be engaging with and not realizing that they are who we are, and not separate personalities of other people, times and dimensions. This bit of information might be useful to you and Jerry as you work to arrive at your own conclusions.

Tim and I know, from experience, that as people read and re-read our book, and especially that particular chapter, that previously hidden or invisible material on the page suddenly becomes visible—countless readers have shared about this over the years. The material may look like plain old words typed on a plain old page, but apparently, they’re much more. They have been specifically encoded to awaken us by changing our vibrations in some higher way, giving us a nudge or even a pinch here and there. So allow yourself time if you re-read the chapter, and take only what you need and leave the rest. We also hope you read Tim’s synopsis in the link provided above.

As you wisely have noted in an earlier message to us, nothing’s written in stone—even the awakening stone is always moving forward in its process of change and evolution. It is the awakening that becomes the realized desire, for awakening is all that can happen in an eternal, never-ending Universe for immortal beings. Moving forward with your book is perhaps just the thing that’s needed as the vehicle that will carry the you and Jerry into yet more adventures!

Love & Light,
August & Tim

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interview with Roberta Grimes

Here is the link to the recorded interview of August with Roberta Grimes on her show, "Seek Reality."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Live Radio Interview 6/30/16

August will have the honor of speaking with Roberta Grimes on her radio show, "Seek Reality" - Live - this Thursday, June 30 at 7:30pm EST. The recording will also be available later on afterwords, link to be provided. An hour long, call-ins are welcome in the second half hour. Follow the link here for instructions on how to listen and call.View blog

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reincarnation: Tim Splains It

HAMLET: O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.
GUILDENSTERN: Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.
HAMLET: A dream itself is but a shadow.
ROSENCRANTZ: Truly, and I hold ambition of so airy and light a quality that it is but a shadow’s shadow.
HAMLET: Then are our beggars bodies, and our monarchs and outstretched heroes the beggars' shadows. 
~Shakespeare: Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

Friend and reader, John, asks:

“ … just a quick whacky question for Tim (and you), if it's possible. It is our first time in body here. Got it! However, is it possible to have been somewhere / from somewhere else prior to this life? Or are we 100% 'factory new' creations? You see the incarnating here for the first time makes absolute sense to me, however I have had such a strong sense of somewhere else prior to this life here. I can not explain it any better than this (except for a strong sense of the colour 'green'!)... thus I am call this a 'whacky question'. I had been waiting for this question to take better shape before I asked it ...however that didn't occur so I am asking it as best I can.”

John, I also cannot explain it well in terrestrial language, or at least any better than Tim has through me in the chapter on the subject. As you have waited for the question to take shape, let the same happen for the answer, which must ultimately come from you and only you. But let me try to summarize it all as best as I see it and after having some relationship with the material over the years. (I would also like to stress that there are many "clues" interspersed throughout the book in the form of footnotes.)

As Tim's exploration suggests, it appears we are sparked into being – as a being – once and only once; Creator Source gets it completely right the first time, so there’s no need to “return” to try to get it any more right.

But because we are so relatively limited in our earth-defined and confined senses, we are aware of barely a smear of a smidgen of a wisp of what's really going on around us  – not just in our own personal and shared dimensions, but in that of other dimensions, including that of the Risen – interpenetrating ours. We do, however, pick up a lot of stuff on the perimeters, which “leaks in” and then which our ego-mind interprets in its own self-centered and (usually) fear-based way. Based on its memories and those of others, it makes up answers and stories to satisfy its own need to be "alive," important and in control; and then we (the sleeping Authentic Self) believe its suggestions, as we also may believe the ego-minds of others who try to convince us that their stories are true and correct; and in some cases, that something bad will happen to us if we don’t subscribe to those same beliefs — so we should give those ego-minds control over our ego-minds. And many of us do just that.
If Authentic Self were fully awake and aware, it would be able to see Reality for what it truly is, and enjoy an awesomely fuller life – Its immortality, actually – without fear.

All that being said, upon finishing with this body and transitioning to another, our minds are powerful enough to generate whatever environment we most deeply desire - which is actually what we do here on earth, and quantum mechanics scientists are saying just that - and The Principle of Affinity will draw us to like-minded others to join with and generate personal and  shared geographies. We do all this on earth as well, but are too gravity and time-laden to (usually) be conscious of it. Hopefully we will transition to a light-filled, awakened, Risen life.  But if we should have such strong beliefs about reincarnating back to the earth, and fed by intense emotional desire, our minds will generate that experience as directed by the ego-mind.

The difference is that the ego-mind's result will be an experience, but not the original real thing it yearns for; a simulation, in other words. As a simulation itself, the ego-mind can only produce simulations. In still other words, what you, as controlled by ego-mind see, you get; what is expected, appears. (So maybe expect something different?) Some of us may actually be in our "first-sparked" appearance, but many of us are actually living (i.e. sleeping) in one of these simulated earths right now, and one that is not much different than the one we left, which is what ego-mind thinks it wants. It can't imagine anything other than what its own memories tell it, which is why it teaches us to cling to memories, to cherish and strengthen them, so it will have much more power to draw on while using our actual energy to generate its simulation. The ego-mind cannot imagine anything else because it doesn't have the ability to imagine. However, we, as Authentic Self, do have this ability, which has been gifted to us out of the unconditional love of Creator Source's own Divine Imagination, and that is why the material of The Risen book stresses imagination so much as a way to begin to get off the cosmic merry-go-round. Is it any wonder, then, that the ego-mind works hard to convince us that imagination isn't real? It will even co-opt our own imaginations by suggesting to us what to imagine; because we are asleep and highly suggestible, we do it, and with spectacular results.

So if we are "returning", it is to the same scene, the same earth, the same life, the same relationships, triumphs and tragedies, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Not a completely different one. As described in The Risen somewhere, we are "trapped in a frozen hell" and may have been doing it over and over for many transitions,  because we believe and then think we have to. But we don't. This is the Great Cosmic Wheel of Birth and Rebirth the ancients speak of. They would have advised ways of getting off it, but our ego-minds have reinterpreted, misinterpreted, ignored or denied such guidance in order to try to ensure its own survival. To be able to delay its inevitable dissolution, and if one's ego-mind is strong enough, it can interfere with the correct transition to a healthy Risen state. The Authentic Self is still asleep, and therefore dreaming, and unable to distinguish its own dreams from the thought-generated world of the ego-mind, which is also a dream. A sleeping Authentic Self is highly suggestible – just like someone who’s been hypnotized – and is controlled by ego-mind’s suggestions. Upon finally leaving the earth body – and unless Risen guides and healers can intervene in some way – instead of moving on to Risen geographies, the sleeping Authentic Self is instead carried along into the dream manifested by the controlling and insane ego-mind, and while mostly unconscious of it, is not comfortable – in fact, it’s deeply, deeply sad – homesick, really, for its real home. Real with a capital ‘R’. It also feels trapped, depressed, powerless, and will do anything to feel better. The ego-mind will continue to suggest ways to feel better, (all lies,) while actually gaining more and more control.

Our Risen loved ones, guides and other advocates know that we will eventually awaken, and do not worry about it, since they know time is an illusion, and as consciously awakened Authentic Selves, are undisturbed and at rest – but this does not stop some of them from staying with us, guiding us, and gently making suggestions to help us awaken – especially when we gain enough realization to ask for help.  They will respond! Sometimes their ways are subtle, and at other times, designed to shock us a bit more awake. Although there are countless ways suggested by religions, philosophies and other spiritual systems to become more conscious, to awaken, to get "shocked" back into consciousness, and one of the most powerful and successful shocks is to finally come face-to-face with the fact that we really and truly survive “death.” For some, this will be the visitation or manifestation of a loved one once thought gone forever; for others, it will be events at séances, dreams or unexplainable sights, sounds, phone calls, messages, repeated numbers popping up, songs on the radio, impossible, bizarre “coincidences.” The Risen are Master Artist Orchestrators when it comes to these things.

The Risen asked Tim and me to help them manifest this book, which is their attempt to help awaken the sleeping Authentic Self – and only one of many ways – to enable those who are ready to join with the Risen now, instead of waiting until we leave this body. While we can't yet share the same physicality with them, we can share – and very directly sometimes – minds, hearts, and souls. And now there is increasing activity showing that they are striving to join our physicalities, as evidenced by physical manifestation phenomena at certain seances and other events.

As Tim mentions, here's a fun question – well, it depends on one's idea of "fun." What would it be like to be fully Risen, fully awake and then do what the ego-mind does anyway?
Regarding your strong sense of the colour green, explore this without thought — that is, disengaging the ego-mind — and  you may discover this is one of the subtle ways your Risen guides and friends are trying to get  your attention in order to help you awaken.

Our wish for you is that you relax into your awakening, while continuing to ask for assistance from the Risen.

Love, Light, and Blessings,
August & Tim

From The Archives: The Myth of Reincarnation

[First posted in November 2010]

We wish to thank James Webster, our dear friend, and author of the ground-breaking book, The Case Against Reincarnation: A Rational Approach, for his wonderful 5-star review of The Risen at Amazon.co.uk — he has truly captured much of the essence behind the intent of The Risen Collective. For those who would like to read Tim's brilliant chapter, "The Pastime of Reincarnation"  from The Risen, here it is.

The Risen has to be a classic in its field. Not a book to try and hurry through because it requires to be taken at one's own pace and this will vary depending upon how much knowledge interest and understanding one has of the subject of the afterlife, mediumship and psychic phenomena.

Personally I found the book difficult to put down and I keep it to hand to pick up and refer back to quite frequently. This is a rare kind of book to find these days amongst so many "new age" type publications which tend often to lead their readers astray with reincarnation and so called past lives theories, as well as what might be slanted toward cultish.

With fifty-five years of research and personal experience of the paranormal and study of spiritual science and philosophy behind me, plus a large quantity of books on the subject in my home, collected over many years, as well as writing two successful books, Life Is ForEver and The Case Against Reincarnation, I found The Risen to be a wonderful revelation, in that it concurred so well with my understanding. An important example is the way in which the act of suicide was dealt with by Tim from the spirit side of life, which was so caring and a huge comfort and relief for those readers who have had this tragic experience happen within their own family and circle of friends, and finding it so difficult to deal with. Also the chapter, "The Pastime of Reincarnation" is a gem! It makes so clear why it is that the theory is false and so misleading and will surprise and probably shock many who are attached to this theory and belief,  but should make them rethink. It fits so well with my own more recently published book The Case Against Reincarnation, and also with the profound teachings of the spiritual teacher Abu (The Abu Trust).

Besides all of this, the book is so well written between the duo authorship of August Goforth on this side and Timothy Gray on the other side (the etheric). The various types of communion between them is sensitive and full of personal feelings but also objective. They have so much to discuss and share and so much fine information of a profound nature coming back from Tim, from the many sensible inquiries put to him by August, as well as their banter which is so natural between close friends. The continued life following our time on the earthplane is natural but gets more wonderful and exciting as we progress, and this book opens the door to these real possibilities.

I find it quite difficult to do justice in writing this short review and can only say in presenting it to the prospective reader, to get a personal copy of the book and absorb it. Take it slowly if need be and with care and mindfulness and it will, as it has with me, become one of your most prized possessions. I highly recommend The Risen.

New Radio Interview

Ghrianstad Sásta ~ Happy Solstice!

August recently had the great good pleasure of being featured on Tim Doyle's new radio show. This is especially exciting because Tim is a medium himself, also continually working on his development where he lives in England, and so to have a long cozy conversation with someone who "gets it" opens up to greater exchanges of knowledge and information, as well as deeper exploration into many interesting subjects.

Here is the link to that show.

There will be a live radio interview with Roberta Grimes on Thursday, June 30 at 7pm EST. The link to listen live is bbmglobalnetwork.com

And 11 days later, the show will be posted on http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/seek-reality/ and will be archived there and on itunes.