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Into a New Year ~ Manifesting Authentically

[The transmission of Risen information into limited, written human language often appears dense and perplexing to grasp because it is highly compressed information. It is suggested that one reads each sentence slowly and carefully, and perhaps several times—especially passages that seem to resist the understanding. Many readers of the Risen material have shared that with each re-reading, more is revealed to the listening spirit inside. The Risen refer to this as “worlds within worlds.”]

“To relinquish the fear of death
 is the ultimate act of self-forgiveness.”
~ A Risen One ~

The question has been asked, “Do the Risen have anything to say about what we need to do to manifest an authentic human life?”

The Risen are those who were once terrestrial humans, but have attained—or ascended—a particular “geography of wakefulness” which is best described by the term “Risen Authentic Self,” or more simply, Risen. The Risen, who are no longer human in the way most of us believe ourselves to presently be, say that they cannot provide carved-in-stone definitions of an authentic human life. They suggest that “Know Thyself” is the open-ended answer for all sentient beings. This particular answer emerges only as truth reveals itself through one’s individualized Self of Authorship, and that Self’s various states of ever-emerging awareness.

At its utmost, “Know Thyself” means that each one of us authors, authenticates, and authorizes one’s Self. Can one truly comprehend the implication of such an omnipotent action of total, authorized authorship—and then fully accept it? The Risen ask each of us to consider the possibility of doing this now, rather than later.

Authentic Self will inevitably recognize the feeling of Its truth in Its various states, thereby recognizing Itself as an immortal individualization as It transitions inwardly from any felt point, ever onward (more about this point of feeling later on.)

On Earth, terrestrial Nature provides only for cycling and recycling—around and around, evolving—or mutating—only enough to sustain and replenish in ways that are least resistant. This circular movement through time can be seen as a spiral, and humanity is a spiraling part of Nature—it is, in fact, inextricable from it.

At the beginning of their book, the Risen ask us to …

 … contemplate a spiral as we journey through this book. The spiral is an ancient emblem of life, transcendence, and eternity, running deep through all earthly cultures. It is revealed as a living symbol throughout Nature—in pinecones, the petals and seed heads of flowers, the arrangement of leaves on a stem; water spinning in a whirlpool, the shell of a snail, the winds circling the earth; the horns of a goat, the coils of a snake, and even a head of cauliflower. Stars, galaxies, and people dance in waves of living spirals. Spirals are found throughout your body—in the proportions of its components, in your fingerprints, in the movement of the blood as it travels through the body, and in the pattern of the hair on your heads. The very strands of your DNA intertwine in an animated spiral.
Life is also a spiral—a sacred relationship of matter, time, and space that leads to a continual transcendence of them. Life’s presence and actions are its own evidence—of itself and of its immortality. The center of life’s spiral is the center of the Self as it moves through eternity, never the same at any moment, yet never losing the essential spirit of its Origin. Life is the Original Spirit.
The spiral often seems to be a maze, an icon of the life journey of a human being, seemingly struggling alone along an unknown path, while trying to discover its center. Many of you will spend a lifetime worrying about whether you are journeying toward or away from the center.
For those who are still earth-embodied, your spiral path will change. In fact, it simply cannot exist without change, for the spiral of all life is a process. Upon your transition to places of existence beyond your planet, your journey will transmute into a new and more intensely living motif. You will each begin this transition in your own unique way, and then you will awaken as a Risen One into a new world.

A very long time ago, Nature brought humankind as far as it could upon the Earth, to where we became conscious, self-aware beings—primitive yet intelligent ego-mental selves. Humanity cannot rely on Nature to take us any further, and each must now use one’s own individual consciousness to provide the movement that will awaken and sustain Authentic Selfness beyond ego-self-awareness. Alas, most of us choose to continue to sleep in the primitive safety of Mother Nature's arms, unaware that there is much more beyond them awaiting our jubilant exploration. Although there is no harm in this sleep of non-action, nor any judgment weighed against us for it, there will not be another chance to ascend—or rise—until we make our transition from a terrestrial existence to a non-terrestrial existence. We can only, and always, begin from wherever we are.

Nature does not provide the ways and means for mutating away from its spiral—or transmutation—other than when it is forced to relinquish its terrestrial hold on a human spirit, which is then released into a non-terrestrial dimension by way of a kind of “spiritual centrifugal force.” And although the spiritual body is redirected in this way, the trajectory of the ascending journey depends upon the development of the spirit, which may resume its spiral way of existence in the new dimension, very much as it did on the Earth, and with very little or no change on a cosmic scale. If we were dependent upon our ego-mind—by ignorance or by choice—we will likely be quite lost without it, because the ego-mind does not survive the transition. It knows this, too, and this is why those of us who identify with our ego-mind are afraid of death. Those who are unidentified are unafraid, and so are resting peacefully as Authentic Self. This total lack of fear is a rather agreeable attitude to present to the question.

The definition of “convoluted” is “curled or wound, especially in concentric rings or spirals, like a leaf curled in upon itself, or enfolded.” It also has the meaning of being vague about something in order to mislead or deceive. Nature is continuously enfolding like a leaf, drawing all the elements back into itself. This convolution can be seen as misleading us in order to preserve itself. It has been perceived by most modern humans as a selective process for the survival of the fittest. However, it can also be perceived as the selective process for the best food, which is all that humanity’s bodies will ever be to Nature.

And so now we finally come to the best possible approach to the question, in spite of the labyrinthine convolutions upon which you were just led. Such maze-like logic is necessary in order to be released from the repetitive, hypnotic centripetal force of Nature, which otherwise forces us to follow its own logical path of cycle and recycle. To break free of this force, to first unfold from and then leave this “wheel of existence” before the centrifugal release of the spirit, is usually difficult and often painful. Although joyful surrender will do the trick just as well, if not better.

Let us now re-ask the question in this way: “What are the qualities of Authentic Self?” The simplest and yet also aggravating answer is that if such labels could be found and described here, the ego-mind would attempt to simulate them into personality traits, which the unaware reader would then pretend to have. This is a Risen way of utilizing our tendency to prefer seriousness over humor. In other words, they are joking, to better suggest truth.

At the beginning of this wordy journey, we suggested that at Its core, Authentic Self will inevitably recognize the feeling of Its truth in its various states, thereby recognizing Itself as an immortal individualization while transitioning inwardly from any felt point, ever onward.

What is this point, this feeling of truth? It is inner peace felt at our core, our center where we always are. As a psychotherapist for many years, I have watched so many people struggle with trying to locate their core of peace, as if it was something they lost or never had, not understanding that each of us is the location, and that it is within, not outside. They worry because they aren’t experiencing peace in the outer world, while failing to recognize that they already are the place of peace which is within them. Outer peace manifests as a result of first dwelling in inner peace. As the Risen noted earlier, such troubled individuals may spend an entire lifetime worrying whether they are journeying toward or away from their center core. But there is no toward, no away, and they haven’t lost it—their awareness of it merely got covered over and hidden by all the “symptoms” their convoluted ego-minds are so insistent upon having and focusing on to cause misdirection, by generating worry. The Risen said this about worry in their book:

“The only place to be is where you are—the present. This ancient fragment of mislaid information is one of the most important aspects of human spirituality to re-emerge in the early twentieth century. Many are now familiar with the notions of ‘be here now’ and ‘don’t worry, be happy.’ These concepts have been clearly held before you from every spiritual worldview for many thousands of years, such as the Bible’s suggestion to ‘consider the lilies of the field.’  Now, just inside the gates of the twenty-first century, you are beginning to return to the understanding that you are the lilies of the field. There is also increasing awareness by scientists and non-scientists that eventually we will come to consciously experience that we are the field as well.”

Ego-mind can only project—rather than manifest—a temporary, inauthentic outer world of worry around us. Awakened Authentic Self, while outwardly aware of the meaningless aspects of the projected world around it, remains inwardly undisturbed in its authentic place of peace. Authentic Self does not necessarily seek meaning, although it can assign it if it chooses. Authentic Self does not think or have thoughts. It observes them as they arise from the ego-mind, which is contained within the infinite space of Mind.

Authentic Self can manifest—rather than project—a temporary outer world of peace. When the feeling of Authentic Self has awakened, all thoughts can be observed, accepted, rejected, allowed to project, put on hold, brightened, dimmed, or dissolved from a consciously aware stance.

Ego-mind reacts from its fear-based thinking; Authentic Self responds from perpetually peaceful, non-thoughtful wakefulness. But until Authentic Self awakens, the ego-mind is in complete control of any rising thoughts.

Many of us are still enfolded in the convoluted rationalizing of the ego-mind, and so are disconnected from our feelings, unable to recognize and experience the feeling of “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Here, “understanding” means the ego-mind’s rationale. Because we still rationalize in terms of symptoms—i.e., worry—perhaps we might more easily recognize some “symptoms of inner peace” from a list compiled by author Saskia Davis, who was obviously Risen-inspired.

Symptoms of Inner Peace
–  A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences.
–  An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.
–  A loss of interest in judging other people.
–  A loss of interest in judging self.
–  A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
–  A loss of interest in conflict.
–  A loss of ability to worry.
–  Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
–  Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.
–  Frequent attacks of smiling.
–  An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.
–  An increased susceptibility to love extended by others and the uncontrollable urge to extend it.
(©1984 Saskia Davis ~ reprinted with very kind permission by the author)

Toward the end of their book, the Risen have this to say about cycles:

“Ouroboros, the serpent with its tail in its mouth, is a pan-mythical symbol of time and the continuity of life. An alchemical sign of completeness, it depicts the Alpha and the Omega—eternal life. Ouroboros contains the idea of cycles, of returning to one’s self through one’s self. It suggests birth within death’s jaws—doors opening. It also intimates death within birth’s jaws—doors closing. It is life emerging out of death, then emerging out of life, year after year, over and over, seemingly without end.
“But does it ever end?

“Yes, say the Risen, for cycles aren’t forever. Each and every cycle is a beginning and yet also part of a greater cycle, the vast spiral of movement of an individualized immortal soul through space and through time—and then beyond time and space.

“This movement never ceases.”

The Risen would like to clarify that as Authentic Self, we are not the movement but the observers, whose observation manifests an experience of movement. Authentic Self never ceases, and this “ceaselessness” or “unceasing” is actually non-movement—a place of being at peace, at total rest. If we are identifying with movement—which is ok—it is helpful to be aware that the movement is not who we are. In some dimensions it seems to be where we are; in others, it seems to be when we are. And although sometimes we may not remember who, where, or when we are, we will never forget that we are, which is the way toward manifesting an authentic human life.

[© 2014 August Goforth. This monograph may be freely copied in whole or in part without permission, but with acknowledgement of authorship.]

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Metaphysical Musings of The Day Star

"And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and keeping watch by night over their flock. And an angel of the Lord stood by them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said to the shepherds, "Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). 
"And His name shall be called: Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:11).

Metaphysical Musings
“The field” mean the Mind of Creative Source, which is ever within and around us, and in which we move and breathe and have our being. “The country” is another way to say our state of mind, which is named here in the preceding verse as Judea. Judea means the mental attitude where Christ thoughts—or the Realization of“I Am”—lead to greater expression of divine power. The shepherds watching by night are energy forms of Creative Source that watch over us at all times, even during mental and spiritual darkness, which is the absence of light or conscious understanding. These energy forms are not external, visible physical beings, but internal, non-visible but sensed psychological components of the collective spiritual mind, and of which we all share. They are the finer-vibrating archetypes of the terrestrial human mental experience, the positive forces that represent and uphold the Truth of Being. This Truth is there is only Life, and more Life. “The dead” would be those who are unconscious of Truth. 

Sheep represent our thoughts. Thoughts that are alike flock together peacefully. Shepherds are watchers of the sheep and strive to keep them safe and from wandering into the thorny hedges. “Keeping watch by night” must be done by struggling to stay conscious to keep the wolves away. Shepherds guide and protect the flock from un-Christ-like thoughts that are corrupted by an uncontrolled ego mind. Such thoughts are like wolves in sheep’s clothing that prey upon the ever-present neutrality of an initial thought, the newborn child, which is born out of darkness and into the light. When incorrect thoughts are rebuked or chased away, they will be unable to sustain and will vanish. The shepherds must be ever-vigilant, for the wolves will continue to circle our minds, seeking any way in. The wolves will only vanish completely when we have allowed our earthly mind, the mind of Adam, to be transformed by and replaced by the birth of a new mind of spirit, that of a Christ-being.

Our internal Watchers do not exert force upon us, but act as an internal spiritual source of understanding and help, while projecting spiritual signs or omens that act as guides to direct us to the doors of freedom. We might experience these signs as mysterious synchronicities, messages from the underconsciousness or even the Risen. 

“Glory of the Lord” means the blending and merging of the human mind with Divine Mind. Why are the shepherds sore afraid, if the glory of the Lord is shining around them? “Sore afraid” is an antiquated English phrase for mental suffering. If these shepherds are watching their flocks in the night, it means that they are struggling to stay awake, or keeping watch, and thus suffering because up to this point have been unable to see the fallacy of the belief that they are separated from the light of Divine Mind, or the Glory of the Lord.
Fear—the wolves—will block such messages from them, as well as conscious Christ realization of “I Am.” The consciously individualized Christ presence is a door to the ultimate freedom from fear. To further soothe them the angel offers comfort with the idea of “a savior,” although in Truth there is no such thing as a savior, divine or otherwise. If the Mind of Creative Source is complete—and it is—then it is perfect. And if it is perfect, there is no danger, and thus no need for saving, other than from our unnecessary delusion of fear—or False Evidence Appearing Real. Thus the angel announces there is a way through the illusion of fear, a Great Door that is always open, and assures the shepherds, “Fear not.” All we need do is “knock” which is to announce our own Christ Presence as real; we knock by stating with our own Divine Authority: “Here I Am.”

Angels are highly evolved spiritual perceptive facilities of Creative Source. An angel is the projection into consciousness of a spiritual idea direct from the fountainhead—Jehovah—“I Am that I Am.” “Jehovah” is another way to state the great phrase of renewal, “I am the Person that Thou art, and Thou are the Person that I am.” An angel, or messenger, means a thought or message of the Lord. “The Lord” means our conscious mind as merged with Divine Mind. Angels speak to us mentally and emotionally through our beliefs; beliefs are mental thoughts joined and energized by the energy of emotions. Beliefs manifest boundaries. Changing our beliefs will change our mind, which will change our experience. The angel is joyfully announcing to the shepherds, “Now is the time to change your mind—you have always been free to do so, and now, right now, is the time to Rise!”

Angels are also internal Guardians who stand with the Watchers. Angels begin as spiritual seeds within each individual—including you and me. These seeds are “the gifts of the Spirit.” As Guardians, angels stand at the threshold of the unlimited doors of our individual consciousness, doors that lead to higher consciousness. Like Watchers, the Guardians do not exert control upon an individual, but act as a spiritual source of knowledge and assistance, projecting spiritual signs that act as guiding forces to the doors of freedom. Unlike Watchers, they do exert certain spiritual forces that protect the newly-emerging seeds of greater spiritual awareness.
David represents Divine Love, individualized in human consciousness. David was a shepherd for many years before developing his human character as a king to successfully fulfil his duties as balancer and integrator of all things of duality, and achieve dominion over the kingdom of his own mind. “Kingdom” is short for “Kingdom of Heaven”, which is a state of consciousness achieved when one is in harmony with Divine Mind. When divine ideas or thoughts become orderly in the human mind, the resulting adjustment is the geography of heaven. “Orderly” is the absence of fear, worry, and chaos. “City” means our own individualized mind. “City of David” means Love's abode in the sphere of consciousness where high, holy (whole) thoughts and principles abide. 

“Christ the Lord” is our own orderly mind, an order which results from the merging of the terrestrial mind with the Divine Mind.

"Christ" means the divine-idea person, the one complete idea of a perfect human in Divine Mind. “Jesus” is the name that represents an individual expression of the Christ idea. The birth of Christ in a person is the bringing to consciousness of the spiritual idea of a human—the Christ of God—through the quickening power of the word of Truth. The Truth is: “There is life, and only life.” The Truth does not acknowledge “death.” This Truth has been named in many other ways besides “Christ” by many wisdom traditions.

Lest you turn away because this sounds “religious,” recognize that true religion is a natural spiritual tendency of a human to connect with the god-presence within—the result is a new awareness of consciousness that is sometimes called Christ, or Atman, The All, etc. Only when people try to control and organize the spiritual energies does religion become corrupted. The name can never fully define it, and so it’s the resulting feeling-understanding that causes the manifestation of a state of divine consciousness, the birth of the child.
This birth is the beginning of a higher set of faculties in the inner realms of consciousness that, when grown to full stature, save the whole person from ignorance and sin. “Save” means to stand upright, or to raise from the horizontal to the vertical. “Sin” means to miss the mark, stumbling or falling short of the divine law, through very material, combative, destructive states of thought—the wolves that would prey upon the innocent sheep. The divine law is the Law of Being, the underlying principle of every one’s being and of the universe. This principle is the Unprincipled Principle, or Love. The Savior is one who lifts and keeps us standing upright, as well as lighting the way before us so we won’t stumble and fall. The Savior is, ultimately, who we each are.

The Names of the Child: “Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” “Name” means authority. “Child” means Authentic Self. These five names can be represented by the points of the five-sided star, the Star of Great Light, or Fully Enlightened Consciousness. This object of light represents a complete individualized child of the Great Spirit. From a Risen state of enlightened consciousness, these names signify the living forces that interact in multi-dimensional ways that are always transcending one’s present reality. Imagine extending the five digits of the hand, which grasps, senses, and sums up the five senses of the body, extending them forward and beyond into a vanishing point. Each point of the physical star symbol seemingly vanishes from our physical, terrestrial sight but actually continues on, interpenetrating and emerging into other dimensions for eternity without end. This is how the Risen experience the effects of life, otherwise known as living. Rather than experiencing existence as an illusion of endless days as we do on Earth, the Risen know life as one eternal day— in effect, as an immortal Day Star—signifying the uplifting—or rising—of the previously ruling human ego of the sense consciousness, and the triumphant arrival, or birth, of a principality of peace.

Watchers, Guides, and Guardians are not only an integral internal part of who we are, but can shape and shift us into higher evolved forms of being. As these evolved forms they are now Angels.  Hence, there are Risen who take on these forms as an act of service to others, including those of us still on the Earth. We all have Risen Watchers, Guides and Guardians. At some point in our own evolution, we will receive opportunities to serve in one or more of these roles.

May our unfolding lives continue to bring us wonders of surprise and peaceful awe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Stuff of Dreams

What follows is a dream-discourse written in trance after waking up from a particularly intense night of traveling in the astral:

I cannot speak for everyone, but I do know there are those of us who have lives during the time our terrestrial body sleeps that are so far beyond the pale existence of the terrestrial experience that it is truly impossible to speak or write of those lives in any terrestrial language, save, perhaps, art.

Those who think that they know their dreams, and understand them, and can speak and write of them—in any way—are in the unconscious clutches of the ego-mind, and are being used by its mentality. The ego-mind cannot travel beyond the terrestrial state of embodiment into the astral, where Authentic Self lives—and loves—in such intense, often frenzied and fierce, yet exquisitely fiery and tender ways, that the life of a still-embodied person on the earth can be said without doubt to be the actual dream.Thus all the millennia of written and oral tradition, sacred and secular texts, which claim to have understood the mysteries of what are labeled as “dream lives” and “dream symbols and interpretations” add up to mere delusions of the ego-mind—it is speaking of itself and the lives of its own simulate personalities while in captivity on the Earth, and not of the vast truth which it cannot claim, which is Authentic Self’s immortal existence outside time and space.

When an Authentic Self returns to the terrestrial body, when it awakens—which is really falling back asleep—very rarely can It bring any awareness of from where and when It came. Even those tiny wisps of vibrations that echo scant information of Its astral lives, adventures, and lovers, are unable to be retained for more than a few breaths. Instead, the Authentic Self falls back into a deep slumber, as the ego-mind regains control of the body-mind. The ego-mind is clever and skilled enough to sample and analyze the dissolving wisps before they vanish, and it is with these after-tastes that the ego-mind reconstructs what it thinks are the dramas of its sleep, which it calls “dreams.” Some ego-minds profess to study them, and label them as “not real” but as proof of the depths and complexities of what it imagines as its own real psychological intelligence and evolved and shining talents. Conversely, others also profess to study them and arrive at the same conclusions, while claiming beliefs that the dreams are “real” and evidence higher spiritual aspects, communications, and messages from divinities and demons, as well as interactions with other embodied and even disembodied personalities.

But the ego-mind cannot and never will be able to leave its actual confines, because neither it nor its confines are real, but rather a short-lived and fragile bubble of energy borrowed from the loosest elements of earth and air that comprise the terrestrial body. It is also this bubble of ego-mind’s dreams that Authentic Self re-enters and then proceeds forward in its terrestrial life, unaware in any way of the spectacular, astoundingly beautiful life of reality that awaits Its return to the higher astral realms. Instead, It allows ego-mind to daze and dazzle It by beliefs about dreams, lulled deeper into a day-slumber, where It usually will remain unconscious until the body and the ego-mind finally fall away, and transition toward the Risen Lands begins.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Physical Seance Room Album Now Available!

Physical Seance Room Recollections
Wonderful Memories
Physical Phenomena
as told by 
Senior Spiritualists

2 CDs containing a series of first-hand accounts of physical seance room events, told by spiritualists who sat with mediums about whom today we can only read about.

Preface & Introduction by Steward Alexander

Disc 1:
Douglas Lawrence on physical mediumsnip
Trance recording of medium Gladys Osborne
Eugene Woods (USA) recounts his experiences with medium "Chris"
Kathleen Allen on mediums Ronald Strong & Helen Duncan
Joan Honor on mediums Helen Duncan & William Olsen

Disc 2:
Elsie Richards on medium Frank Harvard
Original National Association of Spiritualists summing up w/contemporary comments
William Cookson on Helen Duncan
Reverand Merrill on medium Millicent Benedict
Ivy Northage: experiences of physical mediumship
Mrs. L.T. Gordon on Helen Duncan & Alec Harris

I have just received my copy and am barely able to convey the sense of history and mystery that emerges from these very important and modern artifacts.

The cost of the Album is £12.50 (Sterling). Shipping determined by location. Send all inquiries to Stewart Alexander at this email. Payment is easily arranged via PayPal worldwide.

You may recognize Stewart as one of the world's contemporary leading physical mediums, also author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Transition of Summer's End

[First posted 26 October 2010]
Faerie Cavern by "AE"

The time of Samhain/Samhuinn (literally, "summer's end") — the Celtic New Year — is upon us. It's difficult to really pinpoint when it starts and when it ends, although the definite pinnacle is November Eve, the night of October 31st, known today of course, as Hallowe'en, my favourite time of the year. It seems to begin with the thinning of "the veils" between here and there a week or more before 10/31 and lasts about that long afterward.

A certain amount of The Risen text is underscored by some key psychological concepts, notably one that we call underconscious (used instead of "unconscious") which is partially a way of denoting "race consciousness" – sometimes referred to as "the collective unconsciousness" of humanity. Within the overall sphere of race consciousness, which consists of the collected experiences of each and every individual human psyche (mind/self/soul) there are countless lesser spheres of  what could be called "tribal awareness,"  for lack of a better descriptor.

Keeping Samhain in mind, I experienced this access to race/tribal underconscious in a dramatic way for the first conscious time when I was studying Celtic spirituality with the Gaelic Shaman, Dr. Geo Athena Trevarthen (who was Geo Cameron at that time, many years ago.) There was perhaps a group of about 25 people who had traveled from all over the world for the rare opportunity to work with her on one of her even rarer visits to the U.S. There were more than a few who had studied within other shamanistic systems, primarily Native American, and a fair number of them had been "Harnerized" -- i.e., worked with Michael Harner, who is credited with having brought "shamanistic traditions to Western World awareness." And so, many of the participants arrived with all their Native American objects and tools, drums and flutes, and inspired dances, unaware that their ways and Celtic shamanism traditions were worlds apart.

It was fascinating to see how those individuals who were very gifted in Native American ways were unable to easily access -- if at all -- the realms of the Tuatha Dé Danann and of faerie. They were quite frustrated by not being able to achieve their usual trance modes and connect with the Great Father,  (the Dagda of the Celts). I, who had no Native American inclinations, immediately tranced into the Underworld with the first words of the Old Gaelic chant that left Geo's lips. It soon became clear that there were only a handful of us who were like this, and even more apparent as time ran on that we each of us had definite celtic ancestry, mainly Irish, Welsh and Scots. For us, it was like ducks in the water; for the others, it was like beating on an unresponsive door. Later, Geo met with us privately, as she had watched our growing realization of what was happening, and explained that it was our ancestral connection to the Underworld via this particular tribal consciousness that gave us such quick and easy access to their spiritual under-realms. She also cautioned us to always express our gratitude for this, and to be, above all, servants to those in need, embodied or otherwise.

One might rightly wonder if those who were able to utilize Native American traditions  had Native American  ancestry in some way. We took a quick census and found that there was only one person who thought they might, but didn't know for sure. The explanation was offered that their own spirits resonated with the spirits of certain Native American holy persons who still stayed close to the Earth; and indeed, it is well-known that many mediums -- American and non-American -- are assisted by powerful Indian shamans and warriors. But as to why a non-Celt couldn't achieve the same kind of resonance was a bit of a mystery, although some occult Irish mystics, such as the poet, painter and clairvoyant George Russell ("AE"), have quietly intimated that one must (somehow) have a direct DNA connection to faerie. (Little did they know when taunting me in my teens for being a "fairy"!) [See R.J. Stewart's essay on faerie, who advises to search for AE's The Candle of Vision: Inner Worlds of the Imagination]

A few years later on a very windy All Hallows Eve, I had the awesome privilege to join R.J. Stewart  and about 100 others in a private hours-long ceremony to usher in the New Year — specifically we had gathered to provide the service of helping those who had been been unable to complete their transition, wandering the earth in confusion and fear, cross over into the Risen realms while the veils were at their thinnest and then totally open for a few brief moments. Again, it was clear that amongst the fine gathering of a great variety of spiritual traditions, the Children of the Dagda found instant connection with one another and were able to join R.J. in building the "crystal lattice of light" needed for support and safety. The evening culminated in what was for me an astounding and dramatic event of watching thousands of unRisen find their way to the path we made and successfully leave the terrestrial realms.

August in the cabinet with Summerland Light - France 2014

Cha d'dhù in doras nach d'fhosgail doras! (No door closes without another opening!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

FEG Table-tipping Report, Springfield, NJ 2014

10 sitters, including the medium, Kai Muegge, came together for a table-tipping-levitating séance, again at Springfield, NJ on September 3, 2014, which lasted for a bit under 2 hours. This was my first such sitting, and being unfamiliar with its process and protocols, it was sometimes difficult to keep up and so my memory of particular phenomena and sequences may be out of order. Also keep in mind that because there is so much going on all at once, not everyone sees everything; also what one person clearly notices or hears is not always visible or audible to another. There are many reasons for this, including emotional, spiritual and psychological developmental aspects, which are too complex to explore with any appreciable depth here.

FEG’s experience has shown that the best table is a round one of a height at which sitters can sit comfortably, and made of one solid piece of fairly light plastic. The lighter weight of plastic makes the tipping and levitation much easier. Because the table movement can often get quite rowdy, sliding around the floor needs to happen easily. Also, when a levitating table returns to the ground, it’s often sudden and so not always a soft landing, and repeated returns will eventually break a wooden or metal table and possibly damage the floor or walls. Although I’ve yet to hear of anyone being personally injured by a falling or shattering table, I would rather not take any chances.

A round shape also allows for a maximum of sitters as opposed to a more restrictive square. The roundness is also helpful if the forces are non-ectoplasmic. Ectoplasmic rods extending from an entranced medium are able to grasp the table to move it about. Other energy forces, which the FEG Chemists are continually experimenting with, gather beneath the table and exert a dynamism that can move upward and in other directions—an apparently “grasp” it for more refined and controlled movements. The underside of a round plastic table usually has the desirable concavity, however slight, that is conducive to gathering, holding, and building the energy in beneficial ways. Chairs should also ideally be light in weight, easily moved when sitters needed to stand and follow the table with their hands on it, should it start traveling about the room.

The table had been especially ordered and had arrived earlier that day. It was discovered that it was not what it had looked like in the catalogue. It was a nice, light and solid plastic piece, but obviously meant for little children to sit at on the floor, being only about 2 feet in height. The only other table available was a square one with cast metal legs and a wooden surface, which was at a normal height for adults to sit at. After much fussing and fretting about what to do, Spirit intervened by reminding us that we are inspired, creative beings, and every supposed problem is also an opportunity for playful experimentation and inventiveness. In short, getting too serious exerts too much gravity on the situation—lighten up!–exactly the advice we needed if the intent was levitation.

Surely it was no mere coincidence that one of the sitters, who had been at Kai’s sittings before, is also an artist, and particularly a sculptor. S. cheerfully took on this new project, commandeering assistants to bring some supplies from a nearby closet, which were plastic-wrapped stacks of paper plates, about 6” in height, and plenty of the duct tape used to help black out the séance room. In very little time, S. was able to add about a foot in height to the legs of the plastic table. Although it was a bit unstable, it would do as an experiment. Since neither table was ideal, we would use both, starting with the wooden one, and then when it was intuited that the forces were such, move to the plastic one.

Ever the pedagogue, Kai gave us interesting information before the lights went out about how to tell when fraudulent behavior is at hand, and demonstrated various techniques that have been historically used to give the appearance that a table was moving or levitating on its own. He invited each of us to try these techniques, which made it clear how difficult it would be to easily and convincingly move a heavy table like our wooden one.

The square wooden table was situated in the center of the same room we had gathered in two nights earlier for the physical mediumship séance. It was in line with the cabinet which was still in place, and Kai sat at the end where his back was to the cabinet. I was sitting directly across from him. The cabinet’s curtains were tied open, and the rattle and tambourine were placed on a chair inside it. Julia Muegge sat by herself about 6 feet from our table, where she could operate the cd music player, the red light dimmer switch if needed, as well as a regular white light flashlight. The latter was to be used for the purpose of finding any musical instruments that might leave the cabinet and return them, as well as to gently shine upward on the high ceiling if light was needed at any time. Kai instructed that the white light would only be activated after we collectively said aloud, “1, 2, 3” to give Spirit any warning that might be needed, as white light is often debilitating to certain spiritual energies. Julia also continuously sang softly to herself so that we would know where she was at all times.

After the room was blacked out and the lights switched off, everyone sat around the table with both hands lightly resting on the table’s surface. A short but passionate, non-religious request was made to Spirit to come join us in love and camaraderie. We began to sing together, just like campers around the campfire.

What was especially enjoyable for me was the informality of this sitting, particularly because Kai did not enter trance but was conscious throughout. He was able to speak as himself, reporting his personal experience, sharing information and thoughts, speak and ask questions of his own to spirit and to the rest of us. It was helpful that several of us who were there had been at the previous sitting, providing reassurance to first-timers as well as modeling the cheerful and even rowdy attitude of having fun that is important to bring to the table.

I was the first to say aloud that I had seen a spirit light. It had been outside the circle, far up near the 12 foot ceiling, and blue, winking on and off very quickly over my left shoulder. This is the usual sign of my guides arriving in the space, so I wasn’t surprised that nobody else had seen it. Kai also asked, “inside or outside the circle?” He often asked this question, and I believe it helped us focus our spiritual senses even more. A minute or so later, the table began to move, twisting slightly to the left and then the right before stopping. We congratulated spirit and encouraged it for more. Increasingly robust spirit light phenomena began, which were bluish-white and spiraling right up out of the table’s center—to me, it looked very much like the kind of light activity seen inside the medium’s cabinet during a formal séance. To see it outside the cabinet, only inches in front of my face, was breathtaking! It was interesting that not everyone could see this light activity, and we talked to one another over the table, sharing and speculating. At one point, someone exclaimed at seeing a bright, red light shoot up from the floor between me and the sitter at my right, and yet I never saw it. The usual flying greenish-yellow spheres commonly seen at a formal séance did not appear at this one—or at least, perhaps others saw them but I did not—and I might surmise that his was because the Chemists were not taking part with their usual experiments.

Another sitter, “L.” later reported to me being a bit disconcerted at seeing Kai’s hands covered in a purple light up to his wrists, as well as on the back of his neck; and also on the hands and face of the sitter next to her. When mentioned to Kai, his enigmatic reply was that it was a good color to see. A first-timer, L. later shared with me about her uneasiness about moving and dancing about in her seat in the dark, which felt uncomfortable. Also, at first the touches she experienced were slightly terrifying and even felt invasive, which aroused mixed feelings of resentment and excitement. When Kai yelled that he was being touched, and then asked who else was being touched, this elicited feelings of skepticism in her, causing her to wonder how he knew when someone else was touched.

What she shared about her experience of the sitting was not unfamiliar to me. It’s important to understand that there is an inevitable psychological developmental process being activated that must unfold in order to move forward. Something like the now-cliché stages of grief, there are stages of terrestrial “humanness” one must go through, including shock, denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance, etc. As a problem-solving organ evolved over countless millennia, the brain has its unyielding instinctual needs. At first it is brought up against walls, or to the edges of cliffs beyond which it cannot intellectually pass. Some people then are able to connect with the spiritual energies that will allow them to continue moving; others can’t or won't. When Kai was asking who else was touched, it wasn’t because he knew when others were also touched, but he was modeling for the inexperienced in the circle to teach them the protocol, and also assure that it's ok and essential to report out loud; even more so to say thank you, more please! It's all about energy—exploring and playing with it. As for the violet color, my intuition is that this was more about L.’s developing spiritual senses and less about the other sitters.

In formal séances, Kai is sleeping while Hans Bender controls the medium. Kai was clearly excited throughout this sitting, since he did not become entranced and remained totally conscious—these were things he normally only heard about and never got to see. He reported that he was being touched on the head, as did several others, including myself. His touches were like little rappings on his skull; mine were gentle caresses about my head, face, neck and shoulders. At one point something poked me between the shoulder blades. Other sitters reported similar experiences, including gentle touches on their hands. The spirit light activity continued to spiral up from various spots on the table, which finally began to seriously move from beneath our hands. We had to stand up and push our chairs away in order to follow it, although it only went a few inches before stopping. Kai said this was probably because it was too heavy. We spoke the “1-2-3” command aloud to alert Spirit, so Julia could then shine the flashlight on the ceiling and we could see how to reposition the table back in the center of the room.

The spirit light activity and touching continued, and the table began dancing a kind of soft shoe again, while we also began hearing the tambourine and rattle lighting playing in the cabinet. Kai cautioned us to not focus on the sounds of the instruments, as this would interfere with their energies, but to stay focused on the table. We then clearly heard the tambourine hit the floor a few feet away to the right of the cabinet behind Kai’s back. The “1-2-3” command was spoken and Julia retrieved it and replaced it back in the cabinet, positioning it in such a way to make it easier for Spirit to grasp.

Darkness and singing resumed. When the table resumed its movements, again we could hear the tambourine shaking in time to the music, and suddenly we heard and felt it fall onto the center of the table! J., the sitter next to me, exclaimed that he had felt the tambourine actually land on the back of his shoulder, and then travel down his extended right arm and onto the table. This meant that the tambourine had levitated all the way from the cabinet at the opposite end of the room, and either circled the table to where he was sitting, or descend from some other direction above. The “1-2-3” command was spoken and Julia retrieved the tambourine, and replaced it back in the cabinet. The darkness and singing resumed.

In probably less than a minute, we could hear the tambourine playing over near Julia, who exclaimed that it was playfully striking her on the arm in time to the music, and then it went silent. When the flashlight was turned on, the tambourine was nowhere to be seen, and oddly, nobody had heard it hit the floor. Julia finally located it under the little table that held the cd player and red light. As one might imagine, we were in very high spirits at this point!

I decided to try some private experimentation on my own, which was to see how emotions and affirmations might affect it. While the others were singing or offering encouraging words, I began imagining my “happy place”—which is lying on the Caribbean beach of St. John. I could easily feel the delicious sensations of the warm water lapping at my feet, the tropical breezes, the overall feeling of peace and contentment. Immediately the table began to shift its movements directly towards me! At that moment, the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” began playing—and although it was a modern version, I vividly imagined Judy Garland singing it, and how it made me felt, which was a mixture of strong emotions that went way back to my childhood, and seeing a TV show of her singing it on the stage at Carnegie Hall. The table appeared to respond even more energetically and tipped up towards me on the two legs on my side, until it was almost at a 90 degrees angle, as if Judy was taking a bow! By that time I was standing and had pushed my chair back so I could move with the table, which seemed to be trying to “walk” towards me. The table then fell back on all four legs. I shared aloud what I had just done, encouraging everyone to summon up strong feelings of any kind of emotion. Right away, the table appeared to respond to our efforts, going up on two legs in another direction, while twisting and turning. All the while, we managed to keep our hands on the table.

It then seemed to be getting a little out of control, going up on its legs and then down with enough force to make us worry it might break. To our surprise Kai then loudly commanded the table to be still; he did this several times before the table’s movements subsided. He explained that unlike a physical mediumship séance, the energies here were less in control by spirit, so the sitters should always be in control in a table sitting. We should encourage the table to move, yet not hesitate to tell it to behave or stop. It’s still not clear to me whether those in Spirit need these instructions for some reason, or if we are actually imposing an intervention upon the actual energy forces.

At this point Kai appeared to come to an intuitive decision, perhaps based on the table’s energies, that we had come as far as we could, and to now try the modified plastic table. Almost as quickly as the first, whitish light began flashing and spiraling upward from the surface of its center and edges. I had yet to see any of the playful greenish-yellow spheres or other lights in or outside the boundaries of our circle, so one might surmise that, like the physical mediumship circle, there was a kind of force field being generated in which the table and its sitters were contained. The rising lights from the table’s surface, along with the occasional flash that arose from the floor between sitters, sometimes traveled up a few feet over our heads but then vanished. The difference I noticed with this plastic table was that lights were also flashing from beneath it, which I saw as bright white. This lends support to the idea that the spatial dimensions of the table’s underside make a significant and positive difference in gathering and storing up energies.

As with the first table, this one began to move quickly, although awkwardly, due to the stacks of paper plates affixed to its legs. Although Kai repeatedly reminded our spirit companions to be extra gentle with this table, it seemed to have a mind of its own, and acted as if it could barely contain its excitement. It levitated to what felt to me like about 10 inches from the floor, pushing up against our hands for about 5 seconds, and then not-too-gently fell back to earth. The table continued to act excitedly, and some of us tried to calm it with soothing yet still congratulatory words, but it was clear it was going to quite quickly dislodge the taped extensions to its legs. It then settled down, and although it was decided that the night was drawing to a close, Kai proposed one more thing to try.

We had clearly built up a lot of energy, and perhaps with Spirit we could use what was left in some way. Still in total darkness, we all stood up and placed our hands on top of one another in the center of the table, about 2 feet from its surface. As directed by Kai, we all loudly counted out loud from 3 to 0; at “0” we were to push slightly downward with our collective hands and also with our minds and spirits. Some of us were still giddy and reeling from the exhilaration of the night—i.e., “not firing on all cylinders”—and pushed at “1” instead of “0”. Nothing happened except some confused giggling. When we did it correctly by shouting and pushing at “0” there was a silent but blinding flash of incredibly bright white light, which burst through our fingers and shot out from under our hands, lighting up the room for a millisecond. We immediately tried it once more, with the same result. There was such a strong afterimage of the light on my retinas that I felt quite disoriented and wanted to sit down. Apparently this was the same for the others, and we collectively felt it was time to close the circle, which we did with thanks and praise to Spirit for their wonderful efforts for this night.

This “white light” experience has been successfully executed before by the original FEG group in Germany. For the excellent details given there, follow this link to the post, “Memorable Table Sitting.”

Sunday, September 07, 2014

FEG Sitting Report, 9/14 Springfield, NJ

18 Sitters gathered with medium Kai Muegge of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) of Frankfurt, Germany and his wife, Julia for approximately 2.5 hours of physical séance phenomena and exploration. In the interest of space, this report is concerned primarily with phenomena at the 9/1/14 sitting, and assumes that most readers have a certain familiarity with physical mediumship, particularly with FEG’s mode and methods, which can be found throughout its blog. For a much more detailed and comprehensive report of FEG circle protocol and process, cabinet construction, circle roles, trance induction method, diagrams, circle tools and instruments, see this writer’s report that encompasses 3 sittings with FEG in 2013. As with those sittings, most of the phenomena happened in the same experimental order this time in 2014. Kai mentioned that the Chemists were going to experiment with new forms of energy that they were creating, and not just with ectoplasm.

The sitters’ chairs were arranged in the usual “U” shape with the medium’s cabinet at the open end of the shape. Two sitters searched the room and all its contents—finding nothing of suspicious interest—while Circle Assistant Howie Abramson strip searched the medium, also finding nothing untoward.  All sitters removed shoes, belts, jewelry, watches and phones, and Julia scanned each of us with a metal detector before we were allowed into the séance room.

Circle Leader Julia Muegge sat to the cabinet’s right, where she was able to control the red light dimmer and cd music player, as well as provide two hands of the four-hands control used to demonstrate securing of the medium throughout the sitting. Circle Assistant Howie sat at the cabinet’s left and provider the other two hands for control of the medium (See2013 report for more about this protocol). The room provided an excellent space, with a very high ceiling of 12 feet, no windows, and two doors opening onto the same hall. The doors were easily blacked out so that total darkness of the space was achieved.

The sitters had about an hour to sit and talk with one another before the séance, and there was a strong sense of commitment and happy excitement amongst most by the time it was ready to begin. This heightened sense of happy and even silly camaraderie is extremely important energy needed for a successful physical séance. Before the séance, I had privately coached the friend who had come with me to “let it all out—be just like a happy, giddy little kid who’s not afraid to laugh and shriek with delight in the dark!” He was richly rewarded for his ability to do so, as was I.

Interestingly, Spirit directed Julia to seat me halfway from the right side of the cabinet, the exact same spot I occupied last year at Cassadaga and at Springfield.

The sitters began singing to the music which was utilized throughout the entire sitting. It must be noted that a new addition to security control measures was added this year, where Julia would sing continuously so that sitters could discern where she was at any time, except when she needed a few seconds to direct the circle to be silent, open or close the hand chain. The medium achieved full trance via the hypertrophic breathing method fairly quickly, and sitters were barely in chain and the cabinet curtains closed before spirit lights began appearing from within the cabinet. These whitish lights were very active in movement, starting near the floor and then spiraling up to the cabinet’s top, punctuated by strobe-like single flashes of intense bright white light as well.

Hans Bender was able to gain full control of the medium very quickly, and as he began to speak, his warm presence and keen sense of humor raised everyone’s spirits even higher. He expressed sadness that one of the sitters, who is struggling with a serious illness, was not able to make the night’s sittings as planned, and so the Chemists (see 2013report) were already discussing a plan to help make up for his absence, which turned out to be a very special apport—more about this later.

Unlike last year’s sittings, there were no raps or other spirit sounds.  However, there seemed to be no lack of spirit touches, as many began quickly reporting that they were being touched—on the top of the head, the face, the nose, the hands, the legs—by all kinds of different shapes, textures and pressures. Some described the touches as hand caresses and finger poking; others as feathers or fur; and still others felt something warm or cold, leathery or velvety. I experienced most of the above, including something gently grabbing on to the front of my shirt and shaking me in my chair, as if to say “wake up!” (I confess that I had been yawning a bit, having slept little the night before.) While the touches eventually subsided, they never stopped completely, as I and a couple others continued to be touched intermittently throughout the sitting.

Aprés-séance, I learned that there were actually several individuals who were only touched once or twice, while others not at all. Further questioning revealed that either they had mentally relayed to Spirit that they were not keen on being touched, or else did not want to be touched at all—and so Spirit obviously complied.

The force field that extends from the cabinet must have been also achieved unusually quickly, as the musical instruments on the upturned plastic bucket placed at the far end of the U-shape began playing in time to the music almost immediately as the cabinet lights ceased. Things were happening much faster this year!

The tambourine and rattle played for several minutes, and then were heard to be flung to the linoleum floor. Julia was directed by Hans to move on to the ping-pong ball experiment, where 3 balls, coated in luminescent pigment, were placed on top the bucket in place of the instruments. To do this, she was allowed to open the chain and quickly find her way to the bucket with a small dim flashlight. As with everything so far, the gently glowing balls began moving almost immediately, and several sitters could see someone or something moving around the bucket, partially obscuring the balls. Two of the balls appeared to leap off the bucket together, and rolled over to my feet, separated, with one going to the feet of the sitter at my left, and the other to the feet of the sitter at my right. The remaining glow ball went off on its own to the other side of the circle, to where my friend was sitting directly across from me.

All 3 balls moved about for several minutes, and then Hans directed Julia to retrieve them and place them back on the bucket, where they immediately jumped off and went back to the same people as before—2 in my direction, and one back to exactly the other location. The two that came to me then moved to the sitter to my right, and seemed to take advantage of her slight nervousness (she was a “newbie”) by teasing her as if they was going to “do something”—and one of them went under and through the legs of her chair and came to rest behind her.

Was Spirit trying to tell us something? Perhaps so, for after the balls stopped moving, Hans suddenly exclaimed that “we have a Visitor who has found and come to us!” and that the visitor was known to one of the sitters, and was going to step back for a bit and then return to try to make himself as visibly materialized as possible! It was at that moment that I clearly heard footsteps on the hard linoleum floor, and called out what I was hearing. Others then verified that they could hear them as well. They sounded as if the feet were in shoes, and the wearer as purposefully exaggerating the steps so that it was almost a gentle slapping sound of leather soles against the hard floor. I listened in shock as they came over my way, and then I felt a foot press down on my right foot! It was so unexpected that I was laughing almost uncontrollably as I screamed out, “Someone is standing on my foot!” The entire room burst into laughter, people calling out, “No, are you serious? Really!!!??” And the foot responded by doing it again! Clearly I was being teased—it didn’t hurt, even though I was only wearing socks, and I could tell it was meant to make me laugh. I’m still not sure that everyone believed me. All I could think of saying out loud was “Thank you, would you like to sit in my lap?” Much more laughter from everyone. I was quite serious about this request, and a bit disappointed to hear the footsteps then resume their slapping sounds for a couple more seconds as they walked back toward the bucket before stopping entirely.

Hans then relayed that the Chemists were requesting the next experiment with the illumined panel, a piece of cardboard also coated with glow paint. Its purpose was to allow spirit energies that formed into hands be visible against the panel, while also trying to manipulate it. A hand form appeared quickly, at times only a finger or two, and several times at least 4 fingers and possibly a thumb was darkly outlined on the panel. The fingers appeared to flex like fingers, and also swell a bit and then recede in size.

It was interesting that some people, including a few who were sitting almost directly behind the bucket, said they were unable to see the hand, while others who were further away, including myself, were able to see it moving about with little difficulty. While some speculated that this was possibly due to the angle of perspective, and to which I concede as probable, I had also visibly and clairvoyantly noted that the energy fields of some sitters were the dimmest in terms of enthusiasm and somewhat denser, perhaps from shyness, skepticism, or both.

The hand, however, was not lacking in enthusiasm, and pulled the panel nearly off the bucket until it was teetering on the edge. Julia was given permission by Hans to break chain and place the panel back to the bucket’s center. Julia continued to sing softly to herself as she moved from her seat, and then back to it.

We were then notified by Hans that our Visitor had returned, and immediately many of us could see a very dim kind of “phosphorescence” — like glowing steam in the shape of a small cloud, shifting in ambiguous shape as it drifted very slowly from the direction of the cabinet to the center of the room, and then quietly faded away in the dark. Hans said that the Visitor would be back to try again a bit later.

Up to this point, there had been a noticeable absence of the independent spirit lights often seen traveling throughout the space. But then, almost upon the heels of the Visitor’s departure, a single light appeared near the cabinet, about 6 feet from the floor, and began moving about the room. An inch or two in diameter and yellowish-green, it darted here and there, as if looking for something. It then vanished, but was followed by several others that also began whizzing around the room. The spirit lights had arrived! As in many past sittings, as their numbers increased, so did the variety of their paths and speed. Many of us exclaimed at feeling the breezes their speeds created as they flew past our faces, no more than a hair’s breadth away. There were constant cries of delight as the lights began teasing us, bouncing off our heads, hands, shoulders and knees. To me, their touches felt soft and rubbery, while others described them in different terms, and still others had no language for it. There were perhaps a couple dozen of the lights traveling throughout the space at the same time. As with the illuminated panel, there were some who said they didn’t see very many lights, or were touched by them. I noticed that when my friend who sat directly across the room from me was exclaiming about all the lights swarming about him, I couldn’t see them. Either something was obscuring them from me, or perhaps it was a spirit hand or other form that was holding the light that blocked my view.

[Incidentally, I had reported in the 2013 sittings that one of the lights had come up and rather forcibly grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it before zipping back off into the dark. I related this to Kai after tonight's sitting in 2014, and he shared that the same thing had happened to him at a Lakota yuwipi ceremony, which is a Native American healing and mediumistic event. One of the Native Americans told him that this is not unknown to happen, and means that Spirit is choosing the person for something. Although it didn't happen this year, I kind of missed it. I also now wonder exactly what I was being chosen for—pole dancing?] 

After one of the sittings, Kai related about one experiment where a “pillar” or “cone” of concentrated red light was fixed in the darkness from ceiling to floor. When the spirit lights were outside the red zone, they appeared as the usual yellow-green spheres. But when they flew through the red zone, they appeared as small pieces of flat, white fabric, almost like kerchiefs that undulated and flapped, like moths near a candle flame.

This was the first physical mediumship sitting for the sitter to my right, D., [i] who was practically lit up herself by mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation. At first, and perhaps like others new to this phenomenon, she sounded a bit scared, and of course, how could one not be startled when something this weird and wonderful is happening for the first time?  I encouraged D. to thank Spirit and ask for more if she wanted more, and she began to do so. Spirit seemed to understand her anxiety, as I noticed that at first the lights often touched our two hands at the same time as they were clasped together in chain. This way, we both could validate we were having the same experience at the same time, and not imagining or hallucinating it. I also noticed that sometimes, even though I could see a light bounce off her leg, I could feel it as if it were also touching my leg at the same time. Other sitters also reported this same kind of separate-but-shared experience afterwards.

Hans then demonstrated how medium could control the movement of a spirit light object. As asked by Hans, Howie reported aloud that he was hanging onto medium’s hands, which were apparently moving about in various ways in the darkness, and that they matched exactly the movements of a spirit light. This ability was demonstrated for several minutes, and was yet another new experience for me.

The lights began to grow fewer in number and as the last one winked out, Hans the directed Julie to turn on the red light, very dimly. He was seen to be sitting outside the cabinet at the very edge but not beyond the boundary taped to the floor, then asked who the youngest person in the circle was, which turned out to be R., aged 17. He asked h er to come and sit—if she wanted to—on the floor just before him, and she did so. He asked her to cup her hands up beneath his, which were outstretched and overturned just above hers. He said that he was going to give her a special present from someone who was in Spirit and connected with her in a special way, adding that the person’s initial would be somewhere on the object. Immediately we all heard a tiny “plink” on the tile floor, startling us as we were expecting it to fall in R.’s hands. Hans, apparently unable to see clearly through the medium’s eyes, asked, “Did you get it? Where is it?” When we informed him that we found it on the floor, he replied very dryly, “Well.” His humorous timing impeccable as always, everyone laughed. I wonder if this was intentional on Hans’ part, to miss her hands, or if it was another skillful use to keep the good vibrations high and flowing. The apport turned out to be a very tiny sitting Buddah figure, cast in some kind of metal; however it was so small as to evade our attempts to find the initials, which probably could only be found with a magnifying glass. It is hoped that if initials are found that the discovery is shared with us.

Hans then announced it was time for the trumpet experiment. Made of cardboard, the wider end of the cone had small, rectangular pieces of glow tape pasted around it, so that its movements could be followed in the dark. When asked why the trumpet couldn’t be illuminated at both ends, or on the sides, Julia explained that this had been tried in the past, but the Chemists found that this resulted in too much physical light that then interfered with the energies needed to levitate the trumpet.

In past sittings, Hans would have the trumpet placed near his foot, and he would then kick it out into the force field, as if to give it a “boost.” This time, he picked it up and threw it, where it landed next to the bucket, a considerable distance to cross in pitch blackness. As in the past, we were asked to collectively count aloud from 5 to 0 and then gently but firmly squeeze our hands, which would send energy forth to be “skimmed” by the chemists. We did this twice without success, but upon counting down from 10 to 0, the trumpet began to rock back and forth on the floor, and the levitated into the air at a level of about 5 feet, and began circling the room. Its movements became faster and more complex, swirling and turning about in arcs with unbelievable precision past the faces of sitters. It utilized that high ceiling to show that it could move far above anyone’s reach. It was soon touching sitters—on the hands, legs, shoulders, head, even on the face. Like the spirit lights, it moved so fast past me that I could feel breezes in its wake. As it had last year, it began to focus more and more on me, bopping me on the head, poking me in the chest, as if to command, “Laugh, damn you, laugh!” I found myself filled with such a vibrant energy of love and silliness that later people were commenting, “Oh, so that was you who was doing all the crazy laughing across the room!”

After entertaining us for quite a while, the trumpet sank to the floor, only to quiver and then rise to begin circling the room again. This attested to the wonderful amount of energy collectively gathered by the sitters for the Chemists to skim. After about 15 minutes more of activity, the trumpet descended to the floor and stayed still.

Hans then announced that the Visitor had returned, and once again we witnessed a kind of glowing or phosphorescent “energy cloud” drift from the cabinet and out into the room. It was perhaps 1 foot in length and 6 inches in height, moving along the floor at first—very, very slowly—changing shape and pulsing with its dim light. It then lengthened in height, and demonstrated clear signs of life as only a living thing can do. One of the sitters commented that its now long, thin shape appeared to be like that of a snake, and someone else thought it looked like a cobra as it seemed to “unfold” and lengthen even more, with a wider shape at the top that gave the appearance of a head of some kind. By then it was more than 3 feet in height, perhaps 4, and then levitated above the floor at a distance of about 2 feet. It continued to undulate forward, still extremely slowly, and then turn around and go back towards the cabinet, at which point it vanished like steam dissipating.

What I was able to see was that this was not a snake or some other amorphous form, but an actual person, who was walking extremely and even agonizingly slowly, almost as if trying to balance on a tight-rope, while gathering energy and materializing from the ground up. This ground-up materialization of form has often been seen in many physical mediumship séances, according to much of the literature. It also appeared to me that this person was either wearing some kind of flowing fabric that was glowing, or it was an energetic substance that appeared like fabric and was allowing them to materialize and move.

Hans then utilized the medium to demonstrate ectoplasm. As in the past, Hans would give the foot-tapping signal for Julia and Howie to open the cabinet curtains and turn on the red dimmer light, and we watched as the medium’s hands pulled the mysterious bright white, web-like substance from the mouth toward the floor. This process of opening and closing the cabinet happened several more times before there was enough ectoplasm gather on the floor between the medium’s legs. It was clearly seen that the substance was pulsating as if alive and breathing, and slowly a hand-like form briefly emerged from it, with fingers waving slowly at us. It then reshaped itself into an ambiguous, mound-like shape, from which emerged the special apport for G., the sitter who had not arrived that night due to circumstances of health.

Hans explained that this apport was actually created by the Chemists using substances from various dimensions. At the beginning of the séance, when Hans was alerting us about this forth-coming apport, he spoke about the spiritual qualities of the human eye. In somewhat halting, metaphysical terms, he seemed to be saying that the eye was a portal not to just the brain, but to many greater dimensions. Further, that as it perceived, it not only projected, but also gathered energies, which could then be utilized in an unlimited number of creative ways in one’s universe. The apport the Chemists created for G. would be such an artifact, using energies that had been collected by the combined visual energies of that night’s group of sitters, as well as from persons of healing in other spiritual dimensions As can be seen in the photo of this apport, its clear, polished crystalline structure supports the concept of gathered, focused and crystallized light energies. [ii]

As the energies of sitters and Spirit alike began to wane, and bladders waxed, the energy began to slow and subside, and we began to close the night’s circle. But not before Hans spoke for a few minutes further about how the Chemists worked, using quantum forces that relayed information “at the tips” of the forces, through folded space-time. Indeed, as mentioned in some detail in the 2013report, Hans had referred to ectoplasm as an “artifact resulting as a side-effect of the Chemists’ attempts to cross-breed two different dimensional realities.” He also referred to it during several sittings as “something that received the Chemists’ information” and which then “mirrored” it as form and movement. It was also information from our own dreams and subconscious images that could also be mirrored by the beginning ectoplasmic energies and then be drawn back to us with bumps and caresses. He also repeated something I’ve heard from him several times—that we on Earth are projections from a higher into a lower dimension; we don’t usually realize this consciously. Spirit does consciously exists in an informational dimension. He has often referred to himself and his Spirit Team as “of the informational.”

To demonstrate what I might call a “side-effect” of the residual energy left from the quantum informational transfer, Hans and the Chemists somehow used the energy to release intensely bright flashes of ultra-white light, which was practically blinding to us even though it was contained in the cabinet, and only some of it escaped through the spaces in the fabric of the cabinet.

The Circle was then closed with a spiritual declaration of thankfulness and love, which was further enhanced by the wonderful food Howie and Christina had provided for the grateful but weary, hungry explorers of Spirit.

After this séance and the table tipping sitting, there was time spent processing about our individual and collective experiences, and it was mutually agreed that while external, environmental factors played significant parts in how we perceived the phenomena, the internal environment of each sitter played perhaps an even greater part in determining individual and collective experiences. One sitter, S., emphasized the need for entrainment. defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to synchronize and lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, biology, psychology, astronomy, architecture and many more realms. Examples are playground swings that are swinging out of sync but then adjust, or one may be in a clock store and notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison. Scientists believe that small amounts of energy are transferred between the two systems when they are out of phase in such a way as to produce negative feedback, thereby manifesting a more stable phase relationship.

I would add that not only is entrainment between sitters is necessary for a successful sitting, but between sitters and those in Spirit. I can understand if someone might think about those in spirit in over-serious and solemn terms, hoping to show their earnestness and respect. These are good qualities, of course, but we must not act as if we’re the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock—quite the reverse! I’m rather thankful for the darkness of the séance room, for if anyone could have seen my facial expressions and body language, surely they would have thought that either I was channeling a 4-year old little boy who could barely contain himself waiting for Christmas morning, or had finally stepped over the line between sane and insane facial expressions and body behavior. I can only feel a little sad for any pilgrims who might have been in the room.

In terms of security measures, I find myself wondering what the future holds. At this point, Julia can use a metal detector wand, and we can leave our jewelry and technology outside the room. But at some point, perhaps not too distant in the future, people will begin having technology implanted, going from “google glasses” to lenses in the eyes and chips in the brain. Such things are no longer science fiction but actual facts. People will be able to record events directly from their bodies. Will it be even less possible to provide the safety needed for the sake of the medium and the phenomena, or even impossible at some point?

And so, as I close this report, I would like to repeat what was suggested at the end of the last report:

Suggestions to Maximize a Sitting Experience.

1)      Inspiration. Knowledge is not only power, it exercises and expands one’s mental realm, increasing the space for more. The more data the brain has to work with, the greater one’s creative output. When there is more creative activity, higher vibrations will develop which quiets anxiety and allows one to rise to still higher states of awareness. Serious sitters should strive to learn all they can about physical mediumship—not only techniques and process, but its history. Connecting with the literature will connect one with the spirit energies still actively inherent in it.

2)      Participation. When Hans said to “enter into the spirit of it” he meant it literally. We speak of “the spirit of a thing,” like that of Christmas or Hallowe’en. One must venture deeply inward during a physical séance, allowing the psyche to become electrified with emotional inspiration yet without becoming intoxicated—this is why one must also be grounded and sane, for these are very powerful forces. A most effective way of achieving this is to deliberately connect with someone in Spirit—yet another reason why issues of grief must be resolved. My link with Tim remains active and vibrant, one of love and passion, and I opened myself to feeling his loving presence and even his substantiality so strongly that I wept with a feeling best described as “triumphant relief.”

3)      3) Celebration. Kai and Hans insisted that sitters not just sit there, but do something. And not in silence—for if ever there was an occasion that requires each person to abandon all shyness and bare their rowdy divinity, this was it.  Sing, laugh and applaud as if this was the first day of your new life! A celebration also means gifts, which can only come through giving—so we must give more to receive more.

[I also sat at a table-tipping sitting two nights after this main sitting, and hope to present my report in a future posting.]

[i] Unless permission was able to be obtained to reveal full names, sitters are represented by an initial—not just for confidentiality purposes but to acknowledge their contribution.
[ii] Thanks to Roberto H. for the splendid photo of G.’s apport, and to Jack P. for that of the Buddah statue.