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From the Archives: Praise to Raise

[First posted 9/12/12]
My bounty is a boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.
~ William Shakespeare ~

 Creator Source does not require praise - this is an ego-mind's rationale - the ego-mind is always threatened by its fear of Creator Source, for it believes itself to be separate and therefore in competition, as well as at risk for punishment. The phrase, "All praise and Glory to Creator Source" is to assist in re-aligning our feeling of Authentic Self with that of Creator Source, from Which we have never been separated to begin with, to achieve the re-realization that we are One with Creator Source. "Praise to Raise" is the idea. When we bless or praise anything, it activates or raises the true creative process that causes an increase - abundance and prosperity.

All sacred texts urge us to surrender unto our Divine Inheritance by accepting the Truth of our own individualized Divinity, and therefore, unlimited access to All. When we give praise and glory, we are giving it to our Self, we are acknowledging our own Divine Manifestation, our own Glory as co-creators with Source, not some separate ego-imagined Deity - ego is misappropriating our Divine gift of imagination in such cases.

When we raise vibration through glorifying and praising, we are lifting ourselves up out of the lower kingdoms into the higher, and "all things will be drawn to us" i.e., we are accepting the directive to have dominion over our own kingdom, our Mind. This raising of vibration feels wonderful, and is the real cause for all healing of mind and then body. Anyone who has ever received applause from an audience while on a stage knows of the ecstatic, invigorating energy that is being transferred from the audience's praise, sent out like waves to wash gratitude and love over you. This ecstatic energy is our natural way of Being, and is glorious in its glory! Praise to Raise is applauding our Creator and everyone, including ourselves, who are an integral and inseparable part of the Universe. It is giving back what is always being freely given; it is staying in open connection with our Divine Source, which is what makes us alive.

Why do you think the Risen are called just that?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

From the Archives: The Withering of Finer Ancient Senses

[First Posted 1/20/12]

An excerpt from Tim's brilliant chapter, "The Pastime of Reincarnation" from The Risen. To read the entire chapter, go here.

“Because of the withering of such finer ancient senses, the reigning earthly  cultural view disables any abilities to perceive the underlying realities, thus rendering them invisible to the mind. Now, in your time, Nature itself is being  disabled and destroyed by humankind, which means that humankind is  destroying itself. When you attempt to destroy Nature you are literally  destroying your hearth. Destructive thinking leads to manifested violence.  Humankind is an inextricable part of Nature because, like the baby trees, their  spirits arise out of the same spirit of Greater Nature. Humankind is now  increasingly dismantling its own hearth, which contains the collective memories  of countless individual homes. Decreased access to the collective underconscious  leaves a feeling of emptiness and longing, and so people are filled  with increasing urges escalated by their ego-minds to fill that emptiness—even  with stories that aren’t completely true or which have yet to be realized. These  urges demand instant satisfaction regardless of the damages incurred, while  neglecting the health of the overall collective and causing severe imbalances  within the greater system." 

“I give you an image here of your blue planet swimming in the Cosmic Ocean of Ceaseless Voyaging. Its never-ending development continually advances it as a new species in every unit of space-time. Although Earth appears finite, it is, in countless and generally unknown ways, infinite and nonpredictable in its own evolution. This is because it is a living, organic being itself. Although it has long been studied by earth-born Risen, our terrestrial home is still a great creature of greater mysteries. Citing the repetitive tendencies of human histories, some see Earthkind’s present destructive actions as signs of evolution and an element of the process of earth’s unfolding nature, where growth appears as an occurrence from a four-dimensional perspective, like the movement of a pendulum swinging to and fro, further and wider. They wonder what the limits of this pendulum are and if it is reaching the state of its final limitations—many believe that it has. From multidimensional perspectives that are beyond the usual four—within most of humankind’s ken—there are yet other models. The spiral is one that well-describes the Risen perspective, a model that is greatly downsized and a relatively static example of higher dimensions.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FEG Sittings in September, 2014 - Springfield, New Jersey

For the second year, my friend Howie Abraham will be hosting The Felix Experimental Group (FEG). They are coming to the US from Germany to sit for two special seances at the beginning of September. He is organizing the event, and is looking especially for experienced sitters who understand the discipline and rigor required for this particular kind of scientific, physical mediumship circle. It is not considered appropriate for those who are recently bereaved and still in early stages of grief, as their energy is still at insufficient levels of the vibration needed for this type of sitting. Contact Howie at his email (below) if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

In order to get a good understanding of this type of mediumship and what's required of a sitter, you can read my detailed report of my sittings with Kai at Lily Dale, NY and NJ last year
Please feel free to download, save and share this report as you like.

For more info about Kai, please visit

Only 18 sitters per seance allowed. Here are the dates and times:

September 1st
September 4th

The sittings will be held at 271 Route 22 in Springfield, NJ. -- Arrival 7:00 pm sharp please.

The donation is $150 per person. If you would like to sit for more than one, please let him know, the price will be reduced by $25 for each.

Please send checks to: Howard Abraham, 18 Grandview Dr., Wayne, NJ 07470.
Unfortunately spots cannot be held without reservations.

Howie can be contacted directly at

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guides, Guardians & Watchers.

In a comment to the previous blog, "  August in the Cabinet" Tyler asks: "You emphasized that the two Aes Sidhe that accompanied you are not Guides, but Guardians. What is the difference?"

   In the upcoming new book, "Risen on Earth: A Companion to Grief" (in progress) this subject is addressed, and briefly discusses those  I call guides, guardians and watchers.  I can speak only from my experience, but feel I can reasonably expect that it's shared by many others in general ways. It's my pleasure to share some of the yet-unpublished material here.

   There doesn't appear to be any limit to who or even what a Guide in Spirit could be. A Guide can also be a Guardian, but sometimes not. Perhaps some have already intuited and experienced this, but keep in mind that the Universe is a population of beings, so wherever we are, we are never alone and never far from help. For many, our Guides and Guardians will be someone who was once living on the Earth and has since transitioned to another spiritual geography. They might be someone we actually knew when they were earth-embodied, but often not.

   It’s possible that one or more of will have once been related to us in some way, as family, friend, or companion, including animals and birds. The affinity we have for and with them, which might reach back through many generations before we were born on the Earth, is the glue that attracts and holds such relationships together. The Principle of Affinity is but a very small facet of the Unprincipled Principle—Love, the ultimate energy.

   For example, one of my Guardians is my great-grandfather, who interestingly shares my terrestrial birthday but whom I never met on Earth, since he was born 120 years earlier.  Although it appears he achieved a notable amount of service in his brief life, he personally felt that he missed out on certain experiences to develop as a spiritual being and which were unique to an earthly life. When he asked how he could be of more service as a Risen being he was offered the role as one of my Guardians, to which he assented. My experience has been that his job is to keep me safe and out of physical danger, which he clearly has, once briefly materializing during a life-and-death situation. Until that had happened, I’d no idea that he was around me. His duties seem modest and do not include the relaying and teaching of deeper metaphysical information, which are handled by certain Guides.

  I also have two Guardians who are not human, but entities of a spirit race that once lived on the Earth, which left so long ago that they have have all but vanished into the mystery and obscurity of Celtic myth. Known by scholars as the Aes Sidhe, they are 8-9 feet tall and present as shining, silvery beings of vaguely humanoid form. Sometimes called "The Shining Ones", some people call them "faerie" -- which they are, but they are not the tiny elementals most people think of as fairies. They are absolutely fearless. They are said to have left portals throughout Ireland and Scotland in the many mounds and stone circles that pre-date the Milesians who drove them away and are not the modern race of Ireland. These two Guardians have names and personalities, but would appear so alien regarding their emotional and thought processes to a human that they could easily be mistaken as extra-terrestrial. They came to me via my Irish ancestry, able to connect because there has always been someone in my family who has sustained a conscious awareness and belief in such beings. Our beliefs can act as portals through which all kinds of energy and energy beings can pass. If I were to no longer believe in them, or engage with them or ask for their support, they would not be able to assist me; yet I know that they will wait patiently until I do. My intimate contact with them since earliest childhood has resulted in a strong relationship of sharing and trust, and they are more like companions or siblings than anything else.

   Guides can also develop a sibling or parental-like relationship with us, acting as mentors and educators about many things. They are always with us to provide a shoulder to lean on. My Guides include someone who had been a Russian poet, another once a professor of Spanish history, and another a Native American shaman in the 1500’s. Since my birth and for several decades after, my main Risen Mentor had been a well-known spiritual philosopher who transitioned in the 1980's. This role “softened” after he transitioned from his earthly life, and then even more so when he moved further beyond the Risen state. He will still make himself available should I ask for help, but he doesn’t make house calls anymore. Everything and everyone is truly in a constant state of movement and change. People come and go in our lives, no matter where we are.

   There are also those whom I call “Watchers.” While they aren’t exactly active as guides, or intervene as a Guardian might, they maintain a watchful presence about me, which is probably why I never feel alone. One of these is a younger brother who transitioned ten days after his birth. He also appears to be the caretaker of all the dogs my family ever had, and so I often feel them around me as well. And of course, all the cats I’ve ever had might be called Watchers, but still belong to nobody, continue to come and check on me, spend some time, and then zip off to other business.

   Not everyone can be a Spirit Guide or Guardian for someone on Earth, even if we want them as such. Still, it can’t hurt to ask, for our asking allows them to be able to step forward and then help in some way of service. After a good friend made her transition, I asked her if she could still keep an eye on me, especially in difficult emotional times. And she has, by whispering sweet reminders in my spirit ears that all is well and that “this, too, shall pass.” Although he is not a formal Guide, Tim serves in any way he can, sometimes more like a benevolent annoyance.

   Although I’ve never been aware of having an extraterrestrial guide, there is no reason to dismiss such a possibility, including what some are increasingly referring to as “interdimensional beings.” Tim has mentioned that he has his own Risen-equivalent guides, one which apparently appears as a kind of dolphin-like being from another dimension, and is actually visible to him much of the time.

   Spirit Guides and perhaps Watchers will lead us to certain things, places or people that may assist us in some way. We might not realize that we have a need for compassionate listening, but our Guides will, and so gently steer us to an online video about compassionate listening as presented by a Buddhist monk. In turn, we will learn from such experiences, and will be able to provide compassionate listening to others in need at some time.

   People who are spiritually different in even small ways may not attract one another across the spirit geographies. I have heard many stories about the surprising discovery of who is most like us—often they’re not who we’d expect. There are many “jobs” in The Summerland, all having to do with service, and a guide is just one possibility. Although I don’t know the specific criteria that qualify someone for such a service, there does appear to be all kinds of training, education and supervision involved.

  It is of primary importance to keep in mind that even though these beings are ever ready to respond to our call for help, they cannot easily reach us or be of use if we are shut down or closed off by deeper states of grief and other strong, uncontrolled emotions, which act as a force field against them. It is a relationship, which means we have our responsibilities as well, and this includes understanding that we will not be able to easily ask for and accept assistance if we are paralyzed by a state of fear. Therefore we must have some kind of spiritual practice in place that allows us get centered, grounded, and open to receiving the help that is always awaiting us. Even so, Guides and Guardians have their own ways and means to find a way to reach us, even through the barriers of our fear. These gestures of support often appear so subtly that we may not notice them or even dismiss them before realizing that help has arrived. Connecting with them throughout our day is a good way to learn how to recognize the signals, and to practice to stay connected with higher and sustaining forms of spiritual energy.

   One might wonder where our Guides actually are when they’re with us, and when they’re not. The answer lies not in the idea of an actual location but in actual reality, which is defined not by space and time, but by Mind.

   All spiritual geographies—which are also states or levels of the One Mind which we all share—interpenetrate one another in vastly different vibrational ways. This is how our transitioned loved ones and Guides are instantly accessible to us when we open our individual minds to each other. What keeps us seemingly apart is our ignorance or denial that they are still alive. Or we may accept they are still alive, but not believe that they are accessible. Because of the vast differences in vibration, most of us can’t see or hear them in our usual physical ways, yet another challenge to accepting their existence, until we learn to access our spiritual senses that enable us to sense and maybe even see, hear and feel them.

   A true Guide will never try to dominate or threaten us, and certainly won’t tell us what to do. But they may gently intervene by making suggestions or posing questions to us, primarily through feelings, which are also vibrations. Our spiritual senses pick up these vibrational suggestions, which are then relayed to what psychologists call our subconscious mind, which then relays them to our physical body, which then relays the feelings to our conscious mind. Remember how it was stated that feelings are messages? We must be in an open, unafraid state to be consciously aware of these messages from Spirit, as well as consciously able to tell the difference between our feelings and the feelings from someone in Spirit.

   In case there’s worry about our personal privacy, a Spirit Guide can sense when we are feeling the need for it, and will keep a respectful distance from us until we ask for help. If there is concern that someone in Spirit might take advantage of their position in inappropriate voyeuristic ways, we can simply surround our self with a protective white light, or any prayer of protection. But keep in mind that one of the tasks of Spirit Guides is to keep us safe, which includes keeping negative entities away, so they’re not going to violate their own standards.

Some Guides will also help educate us about ourselves and even help connect us with deeper, intuitive channels of information, which is the purest meaning of “channeling.”

How does one find these Guides, our Helpers in Spirit? They've usually already found us first, and are generally fine with us being unaware of them. We may actually never become aware of them in the way we might want, but we should still talk to them and try to listen.  Quite often we are meeting up and working with them in etheric-astral geographies while our physical body sleeps or even daydreams in certain trance states. But upon awakening we immediately forget them, although we may still carry very strong emotions about them with us as we move throughout our day.

   Our beliefs about our life, the universe, and everything in it* primarily dictate what we will allow in our minds and thus in our experience. So first we must locate and examine those beliefs that may be helping or hindering the experiences we want to have. This might be challenging, especially if our religion or other philosophy has instilled fear to form and manipulate our beliefs. It will be seen that throughout this book the necessity of reducing or removing fear will be presented many times and in many ways, for it is of the utmost importance for the transformation of grief.

   Reducing fear is of the utmost importance for the transformation of grief.

   I cannot tell you what your beliefs should be or how to change or remove them. That is your responsibility and nobody else’s. However, we can offer a few creative suggestions.

   Picture yourself standing before a vast, beautiful landscape, stretching in all directions around you, and maybe even above. A belief is like a fence, wall or other barrier that will prevent one from traveling in certain directions and distances. Sometimes the barrier allows you to see through or over it, and sometimes it totally hides the land beyond it. You cannot go beyond it unless you find a way through, over, under or around it. Your feelings are also your guides—what feelings come up for you as you encounter and contemplate your beliefs? You may have to modify some of them in some way, or even remove and replace them with new ones.

So we must be able to change, build or maintain beliefs about feelings and about Spirit Guides—and that at the very least such a thing is possible. Sometimes a deeper examination of one’s lesser-known religious texts may reveal that a belief in helpers in Spirit is actually stated and supported, even though certain leaders in the organization may be unaware of it, or discourage it through their own bias and fear. Examine the fence, and decide if it needs a gate, or do we just want to go over it and explore the land beyond? Then follow your feelings. Your own inner spirit will know what to do if you let it guide you.

Here is another suggestion to try, which might loosen us up a bit so that we become more open to the idea that there might be helpers in Spirit who are also devoted to guide and care for us in our time of need. It starts with the brief mindfulness exercise introduced earlier—which is presented here again, so there’s no need to to go back and find it.

Step 1
      Take a moment to be still where you are now physically. Sit or lie in a comfortable position with your back straight. Bring your shoulders up to your ears for a few seconds, and then release them. Silently and slowly say the word, “relaaaxxx” as you release and feel your shoulders settle.

      Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, and let yourself make some sounds while exhaling—more or less like sighing. In fact, sighing is sometimes a particular body signal of stress, so if you ever catch yourself sighing, you could let it move naturally into this exercise.

      After a few sighs, let the breath come naturally without trying to force it.

      You’re going to take only 5 breaths.

      Begin by gently taking the first breath, easily and unhurried, and then let it out slowly and gently.
  1. As you exhale, silently say “One” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  2. As you exhale, silently say “Two” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  3. As you exhale, silently say “Three” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  4. As you exhale, silently say “Four” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  5. As you exhale, silently say “Five” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.

 Then begin a new cycle by counting “One” on the next exhalation.
  1. As you exhale, silently say “One” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  2. As you exhale, silently say “Two” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  3. As you exhale, silently say “Three” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  4. As you exhale, silently say “Four” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
  5. As you exhale, silently say “Five” to yourself. Inhale slowly and gently.
 Never go higher than five, and count only when you exhale. You will know you are no longer mindful when you find yourself up to eight, twelve, or nineteen. Try to do this form of light meditation for ten minutes. If you fall asleep, that’s alright—you needed the nap, which is an important part of self-care for the grieving. After you’ve rested sufficiently, you can do it again.

Step 2
      Continue to breathe naturally from where you’re sitting or resting, and then imagine that golden white light is shining on you or surrounding you in some way. Maybe it comes up through your feet, traveling up through your body and then out of the top of your head and then continues to flow over your body like a fountain of water. Or maybe it comes down from above, like a spotlight shining on you or a column of light. Do whatever you like best. If you can’t imagine anything, don’t worry about it and instead say something simple, such as “Divine Light now surrounds and protects me, thanks very much!” The more you do this kind of thing, the more it will change and adapt, and eventually you will find what feels right for you. Don’t strive for perfection, just take a small action and let it unfold. Remember this also takes practice.

Step 3
      Say the following or anything like it: “I now ask for and accept help from those who are interested in my welfare and that of the Universe.” Continue to relax and breathe in a restful way.

Step 4
      Say the following or anything like it: “If my guides or helpers in Spirit are here now, please let me know in some safe and gentle way.” Feel perfectly free to suggest how they might do that, but it’s easier to let them decide as they are more experienced in such things. Be prepared to feel something, such as a soft tingling or movement on your face, particularly the forehead, temples, neck, cheeks or nose. One might feel something similar on the backs of the hands, or even on the feet, anywhere where the skin is soft and sensitive. Some people will internally hear music or something like tiny bells ringing, or even crickets and birds chirping. Others will see shapes and colors while their eyes are closed. Many feel certain emotions along with the physical sensations, such as joy or sadness, either of which might make them cry. Just be still, be unafraid, and let it happen. Nothing harmful will occur. You can stop at any time.

Step 5

      Once you’ve had some kind of response from your request, then let yourself experience it and try to refrain from judging it. You can respond back—first by saying “thank you” and then waiting for a reply back from your guide. Your might continue to sense feelings or even words in some way, or perhaps see an internal image of someone, which could be clear or blurry. The image could be of a person, animal, place or thing. You needn't force anything; but just let it unfold for as long as it wants to. At some point it will slow down and/or abruptly stop and then your can continue to rest, or fall asleep, or later journal about it.

The Inner Guide
There is also a Guide that is always and instantly available—our core self, which we also might call Authentic Self. We say “Authentic” because it is the essence and originator of who we are, from out of our origin. An originator can also be called an author. So regardless of all the unoriginal beliefs layered over us from many non-authentic sources—or other authors—each one of us must eventually come to realize that:
“I am the Author of my life and its living. I am in charge of my inner scripts and manuscripts.” Therefore it is ultimately up to me to authorize the beliefs or scripts that I carry about with me and speak as I live. It is also up to me to change them as I see fit.”
* With affectionate acknowledgement to Douglas Adams (1952–2001).

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

August in the Cabinet

I've finally recovered from my chaotic return to the US from Southern France, apparently at the height of an especially powerful and bothersome Mercury retrograde. International flights were made incredibly difficult by a sudden strike of the French air traffic controller's union. I will be happy if I never see an airport baguette ever again.

I attended several physical mediumship seances at Mont Cabirol, the beautiful 12 century estate near the medieval village of Mirepoix (which had its own Avenue de Victor Hugo - thank you, great-great-great, etc. grandad!) The well-known spirit photographer and lecturer, Shannon Taggarty, was my wonderful traveling companion, and was allowed to take photographs - including infra-red - during the sittings, including a private one where I sat in the cabinet. Shannon has been asked to exhibit some of the very unique photos from these sittings at a special exhibition held by Abraxas Publishers in England this autumn. It is hoped that Shannon will have the opportunity to discuss in detail and at length her amazing work. We had many long discussions about the often baffling and confusing nature of the "magic" of photography, which apparently photographers understand on much deeper levels in terms of time and light than do those of us who are merely looking at the images to see what we can see.

After sitting in complete darkness behind closed curtains for a few minutes, the curtains were opened and this photograph was taken after a very dim red light was switched on. Shannon and the other sitter reported seeing a good deal of what's technically called "transfiguration," which is where Spirit, or the Risen as I say, utilize various energies of the entranced medium to manifest their own faces and forms over that of the medium's. Although I can't see any such forms in this photo, Shannon has much to say from a photographer's viewpoint about odd things going on. The other sitter's descriptions of the forms seen clearly matched a very special friend who had transitioned over 8 years ago and had been trying to reach me in various ways.

Although you might see some strange things here, I share this photo not to illustrate transfiguration, but to provide as contrast to the next one, when infra-red was switched on. Click on it to enlarge.

Here can be seen very bright light pouring out and completely obscuring me but for my legs and feet sticking out in their sandals. I believe that this is a  doorway opening from behind/above me to a Summerland. "The Summerland" is a Victorian term for the Other Side, but in my Celtic, non-christian tradition, it's the sphere also sometimes known as "faerie" -  And this is what I believe it is, as I had intentionally gone into the cabinet deliberately with my two Guardians (not Guides) who are of the ancient pre-Celtic race known as Aes Sidhe, who are said to have retreated into the Otherworld or a parallel universe when Ireland was successfully invaded and conquered by the Milesians. The Milesians were from Iberia, and are the present-day Irish people. The Aes Sidhe, who are 8-9 feet tall and present as shining, silvery beings ("The Shining Ones") are not the tiny elementals most people think of as fairies. They are said to have left portals throughout Ireland and Scotland in the many mounds and stone circles that pre-date the Milesians.

This outpouring of light did not show up on any of the other many photos Shannon shot at several sittings. Here is the same photo seen through a different-colored filter, and interestingly, none of the spirit-figure details seen above are visible, although the white light from the Summerland portal is still apparent. Also it's clear, when looking at the valance of fabric running across the cabinet, that there is something disturbing the fabric on the left side, as if a breeze is flowing out.

When I was looking at the infra-red photo with a friend, we thought we could see faces of elemental spirits at my feet. But later, when looking again on my own I was very startled to actually see my two cats -- Bridget, who passed over, 15 years ago, and Oolong, 11 years ago, both about 17 years old. The enlarged section is placed at the upper right. Those who have read The Risen book will have read about my relationship with them. Oolong, to the left and the larger of the two, is a seal-point Siamese, her classical dark markings clearly visible on her face and paws, and Bridget is grey with a white chin, chest and paws; she was quite petite and half the size of Oolong. I showed them to my best friend who had known them both well, and he immediately recognized them. Bridget's facial expression is so clear, I can see all kinds of emotion in it.

A couple weeks later, I was again startled to see that there are two human faces appearing just between my two sandaled feet - a man to the left, and a woman with blond hair in a 60's hair-style to the right (Enlargement on upper left). I'm not yet sure exactly who they are, but strongly sense they are transitioned family members -- the man may be my maternal grandfather and the woman is his daughter --  my Aunt Carolyn, who passed at the age of 58 about 8 years ago from a brain tumor, and with whom I had a special relationship as she was close to me in age. Here is a link to a blog about her as she was transitioning, and one about after her passage, where I met her and she shared her fascinating experience about her illness and transition.

However, that being said, I can also see yet more faces transparently projected over the human ones! One is a family dog that transitioned many years ago, and other, 2 kittens that I can't identify. I don't know how to graphically show this layered dimensionality to anyone else, but perhaps more sensitive viewers may be able to see what I mean. I've often written how Spirit will try to compress as much data as possible into the smallest space - what Tim and I've called "infospheres" - and this is a good example of such information compression.

In the meantime, other faces may become more obvious as I continue to study the photo.

Readers might recall that The Scole Group's initial work culminated in the discovery and opening of an inter-dimensional portal, through which terrestrial humans, the Risen, and other beings could physically pass. It had to be shut down after it was discovered a malevolent being from our future had also discovered it and was trying to appropriate it for negative purposes. The work is now being continued under the auspices of The Norfolk Group.

One significance of the photo above is that here and elsewhere, such portals to other dimensions -- not just to where many of us think of as "The Afterlife" -- are increasingly opening up. I have been hearing quiet reports from various sitting circles that their guides are speaking of such inter-dimensional doorways more and more, and expect to hear more about it as we move forward in exploration.

I would like to add my great thanks to my dear and gracious friends at Mont Cabirol who had arranged for this monumental experience of my life. Many other powerful things happened to me while there, which I cannot share at this time, but perhaps will be able to at some point in the future.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

From The Archives: Everything There Is to be Known.

[First posted May 2006] [Reposted June 4, 2014 - It's synchronistic that I happened upon this posting which mentions that two of my family members have begun their transition at that time in 2006, and have since crossed over. Now, in 2014, two more family members have begun their transition. The line continues to get shorter. Re-reading this has helped to bring me back to center.]

"Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”
— Winnie the Pooh

Upon experience of Acceptance-of-Self-Acceptance-of-Source, experiential knowledge arises that the two are not two but one; ad infinitum, experiential knowledge arises that there is only one. Consummatum est contra mundum — it is completed against the world — of the ten thousand things. The world no longer stands alone, in contrast against one's Self.

There is then the experience that there are no true wars or battles, no conflicts of good against evil, for there is only one Source, one Power. The wars and battles are untrue, and therefore insane, for they are the result of a mind in conflict with itself, dependant upon its freely-chosen, freely-accepting beliefs in anything other than itself — thus a Self seemingly divided. Beliefs are, by their very nature, untrue. Unacceptance of Self/Source is a belief in division. The games begin.

Giving to the Creator Source so that the Creator Source may give back to the Self for the sake of consistent, never-ending pleasure seems circular — and so it will seem until something different takes place. The difference is the introduction and acceptance of the idea — or belief— of other. Then the Self experiences a sense of leaving the Source for some "time" and then returning to the Source — over and over, yet another sphere of experience circumscribed around the original circle. Worlds within worlds, cycles within cycles thus turn.

The Ouroborus of cyclicality, the serpent devouring itself by its tail, the constant re-manifesting of self (not Self), is the seemingly eternal return, and perceived as cycles that begin as soon as they end — nascentes morimur — "from the moment we are born, we die." Ouroborous is an archetype — an idealized model — a belief — of patterns, copies, emulations. That is, we return to the familiar, known and assumed, while attempting to resist or flee the unknown and the unassumed.

Observing the conceptualized rendering of the serpent devouring its own tail, one may notice that the serpent is going against the direction the scales are naturally designed to flow — the action is forced and against the natural flow of design. This anti-flow, this swimming upstream to return to one's Source, continually manifests as self-imposed suffering and becomes a chain of linked lifetimes of self-imposed slavery.

Krishnamurti once commented to me —

"Those of us who are still circling in the slave’s walk of hope and are desperate enough to long for something better, a simpler life with less demands and more rewards, are often more aware of ourselves through the medium of our suffering. Those who are, for whatever reasons, more intuitive than the average human being might drift in and out of self awareness through their feelings and dreams. A very small child might be astutely self-aware, but that is quickly and tragically overshadowed and eventually extinguished by the hopes, dreams, and sufferings that are its parents’ legacy, perhaps handed down over many generations, even many centuries, constantly being embellished with a peculiar type of refinement that is both alluring and addicting. If one could be totally and completely aware, totally free of unawareness, there would be nothing to be lost or gained, neither from the past nor from the future."

(Please see Chapter 21 of The Risen for further comments of K. that relate to this present discussion.)

So — what if one ceased this cyclical action against the design — the Design — what would be?

At this point, the fact of time — briefly, however, unfortunately, a bit densely — must be brought in to impress this discussion in such a way that the two-dimensional aspect is carried through the third and into the fourth dimension. Brought into relief like a repoussé design, it will still be deficient as only an impression.

P.D. Ouspensky is an ideal source upon which to draw, from his discussion on the various illusions of dimensional being in Tertium Organum. I see no other way to present this except with the original material and illustration. But because of the complexity of any conversation about dimensions and time, and self-imposed limitations of my own space and time, see the original chapter VI, page 59, in Tertium Organum.

To simplify this and to incorporate the idea of Ouroboros, keep foremost in mind the image of a coiled serpent — which is a spiral — and which is also a key symbol by which the collective Risen authors intended to codify their book, The Risen. To the right is an illustration used by Ouspensky to show the motion of a being, living a two-dimensional, cyclical (circular) existence, through time, while the dimensions of three and four continue on around the being, who is in total unawareness of the other dimensions in which it moves and has its being. The being is actually a point on the line of its existence, and this line is generated as it moves through space. The drawing shows how the line becomes a spiral as the point moves through time.

To return to our sheep — what if one ceased this cyclical action against the design — the Design — what would be?

There would be the serpent — the great symbol of regeneration (generations remanifesting generations) and (mistakenly) immortality — no longer feeding upon itself, no longer existing as a link in the great chain of self-imposed karma. Rather it would be a being living a free existence, swimming at leisure and with pleasure in the great Ocean of Self/Source.

It is obvious to many that what we are witnessing now, in this collective 21st century, is some kind of change in time — a speeding up. Some of us are speeding up the self-swallowing process as a defensive measure brought on by the ego's agenda through its fear of death. Others have managed to extricate their asses from their heads but are instead attempting to swallow their head with their own head — insanity or mental dis-ease and mental illnesses now increasingly abound and also motivated by fear. Either experience is a spiraling into a smaller and smaller point, driven by the non-conscious dreaming that all is pointless.

This entire discussion is actually for the sake of leading to some brief mention of current circumstances in my life — namely, transitional circumstances. Two intimate family members have begun their transition — one slowly with a prognosis of a few years, and the other not slowly, with a prognosis of several months. Another has begun transition in the form of severe mental illness at a very young age. My family, as I've known it, has always been incalculably enormous. Every grandparent, aunt and uncle, with the exception of one aunt, has had anywhere from no less than 7 to as much as 14 children — including my own parents. And so my childhood was a veritable Disneyland of never-ending stories and adventures, worlds within worlds, never lacking for companionship, dreams, crimes and drama.

Suddenly, everyone is gone or going. More are there; less are here. Somehow the family has shrunk to a very few individuals. Young and old have transitioned quickly in the past few years, through age, illness, substance abuse, suicide — yet there has always seemed to be such a large community of people that it was fairly easy to adapt to the changes in natural ways, probably because of a collective understanding of transition as informed by spiritualism. Each family group has had its medium or two every generation or so, as well as many highly sensitive psychics, some acknowledged, some not. Many of those there are making efforts to travel here, with messages of love and support. The smell of my grandmother's face powder continues to follow me around and clings to me like lilacs on a spring night.

What I'm experiencing is a new edge for me, the realization that I am the older generation now. I'm excited, four years old again, waiting for Santa to come, just for me.

Each person who leaves shortens the line in which I stand as I near the crossing over of my own transition. Rather like a strange cosmic game of chess where one move affects the entire game, inexorably bringing the game to some kind of end. I can feel this movement, and I can feel some part of me wanting to respond by swallowing my tail, and then my head. This feeling become more available to my awareness by selfless observation — that is, observation of the ego-self by Self, which is the felt presence of I AM, or Source. This feeling seems to be attempting to lead me into responses/reactions which would manifest in many seemingly divergent ways, depending on which belief system to which I'm currently enslaved, if any. But ultimately this feeling would lead me back into the cycle of birth and death. And here, I will present these assumed events as defined by quotes: "birth" and "death." The feeling is attempting to divide the primal Oneness into twoness. It wants to divide the self and then pit the results against one another, to begin a new game when the old one is over. But the new game will just be the same game.

The serpent uncoupled from itself and released into the cosmos can also take on another form — that of an eternal river. This river flows with uncountable rhythms of living yet to be experienced. It is upon the banks of this river we all potentially will stand, each waiting for our turn to perhaps quietly launch our little boat, or to jump in, with cries of delight into its life-giving waters, forever floating, laughing, resting and playing as we journey to new geographies, new worlds, new relationships — to everything that there is to be known.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

From the Manuscript: "The Unpretentious Way"

As the new book, A Risen Companion for Grief, unfolds, my guides feel it's important to share some of it. This is the Introduction, unedited. Please be assured that it is only this Introduction where the language is a bit dense and complicated, but I just had to get it out. The rest of the book is much simpler!

**  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **

      Readers of the first book, The RisenDialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death will likely understand if it’s referred to as densely multidimensional with information and veiled mysteries, often in frustrating ways. More than a few readers have expressed the wish that it could have been simpler. Others may also comprehend my adding that it reveals itself differently with each reading, releasing information and stimulating ideas almost as if personally customized for the one reading it. Perhaps this is why Tim, one of the authors of that book, has mysteriously remarked that is a book for the future, which is never present but seemingly always unfolding before us.
      The book now in your hands is not meant to cure grief, but to serve as some kind of comforting companion for the present. When one is in deep grief, the present is all there is—and that is the hardest place to be. Our loved ones’ transitions bring up many memories of the past and worries about the future, but we don’t need comfort from the when’s as much as we need it now.
      It is also for those who want to change their relationship to grief in a way that is deepening and expanding, to be able to contain it; to become the container.
      Grief is hard and so this book wasn’t easy—yet I so wanted this to be a simple book. It took almost eight years to find the best language of the spirit for The Risen Dialogues, published more than five years ago. Ideas and information that were presented in it are also interwoven throughout this one, and I pray that that time and experience has enabled me to re-present challenging Risen concepts in more accessible and less stressful language.
      As I wrote this introduction I realized that in spite of any such intentions, living is complex on our world. Simplicity seemingly becomes meaningless where grief is concerned, and I can’t pretend otherwise. I very much doubt I have to tell this to anyone who has experienced it. I know this because I have experienced seven personal transitions in the past year of writing, and am witnessing an eighth right now. And so readers will understand when I say that each transition is its own journey of reaching and questioning, release and sorrow, progress and standstill, honesty and avoidance, understanding and confusion.
      Yet dare it be suggested that the complexity of grief isn’t necessary, and could be the result from a collection of many beliefs? Could the view that says that grief must be complex and complicated be challenged? Can grief somehow become simpler? Do we even want it to be simpler?
      From my many years of experiences with the Risen, it is clear that my beliefs about grief must change or else I will stay stuck in a fear-based way of living, which is an inversion of Life. This inversion is the attempt to reverse Life or to stop it—-which is not possible, although I can pretend otherwise. The way I allow my experience of grief to unfold will either be in support of more Life or not. Either way, this unfolding never ends and must go on.
      It appears that on Earth we cannot have the simple without the complex. They co-exist in a way which we physically experience as a Law of Nature—polar opposites on a continuum, such as a pendulum swinging from one far end to the other. Hot and cold, light and dark, bitter and sweet are controlled by such a law. Nature does not like to be stopped but to keep moving, and as humans we are an inseparable part of Nature. No matter how many times we try to change the laws of nature by doing the math differently, two plus two will always equal four—at least on our physical Earth.
      Nevertheless, the polar ends are not really fixed unless we believe they are. How can this be? When not restricted by belief, they infinitely expand away from and contract toward one another in all directions at once, which is also the same as no direction. This is where, as Einstein once said, something gets spooky.
      Does this mean that we should seek to experience our grief in a simpler way that feels less chaotic and more orderly between the two extremes? Probably most of us will at least try, in the same experimental way a child seeks to balance a see-saw on its own. It will be discovered that the only way is to leave the end and move to the middle. But there one must stay, suspended like a pawn captured in a game of chess, or else move back to a fixed position again of one-sidedness. Either way, each place is one of suspension and trapped isolation. Nothing has been gained in the way of progress or relief. The joy of see-sawing has ceased.
      The mythic Egyptian sage Hermes says this about an earthly Law of Nature, also called the Principle of Polarity: [1]

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

      A paradox is a statement or situation that seems to be ridiculous or contradictory, but in fact is or may be true. The figure of Hermes appears in various guises across many cultural myths, and is known as The Messenger but also often as The Trickster. In this dual role of Trickster with a Message (or Messenger with Tricks) he invents lies and fabricates half-truths to steal information from the gods and then hide them for humanity to discover. He camouflages them in paradoxical places that are hard to believe, which makes them hard to find. He then says all paradoxes may be reconciled, but doesn’t say how.
      Hermes knows that humans navigate their ocean of life first by their intuitions and then by beliefs, and so his silence implies that we intuitively and simply have to believe him. He’s reminding us that a belief that appears simple can be powerful enough to reconcile a paradox and make all the difference in the discovery process. It’s being able to have the conviction of the Red Queen in the story Alice in Wonderland, who prides herself on her ability to believe six impossible things before breakfast. Alice thinks this is nonsense, and yet the Queen is still the ruler in her own belief realm. Whether or not the Queen is a happy ruler is also totally up to how she uses her own thinking.
      If one is stuck in the realm of grief, is that place of immobility also the present, and so our only choice? If this is true it doesn’t make now a very inviting place. How is such a paradox reconciled? If life is movement then the immobilization, the non-movement between the polar opposites must be death, right?
      No. This is the Great Untruth, presented as a particular belief which seeks to divert our attention from the Only Truth, which is that nothing ever stops moving, including consciousness—even when it appears that there is no movement, even when it appears that one is stuck, or on pause, or “dead.” It is also a fabrication or belief that above and beyond the pendulum is nothing. Here is a hidden message from Hermes, posed as a question: Can we see from a higher-vibrating perspective that the pendulum is finitely contained within something infinitely greater … that one lower law is contained with a greater, higher one?
      Who is putting forth this lie about life? It is our own ego-mind doing so through our current beliefs, which most likely we were consciously or unconsciously taught by someone or some institution, and/or passed on down through family and others. The Universe neither judges nor condemns our choices, but unquestioningly and with unconditional love gives us what we ask for and then accept. This includes the statements of our beliefs—including our fears—which we continuously speak into the Universe, and which then reflects and echoes them as feedback into form and function for our personal material experience.
      All fears are rooted in the ultimate fear of our personal death, brought on by a belief in the Great Untruth. What would happen if we changed that belief or idea, or even forgot it? Are we even afraid to explore this? The only Truth is that there is only Life—upward and onward, abundant and unending. Grief cannot stop the movement of Life, although it can interfere with it for a while.
      The paradox we are faced with by our grief is seen in our trying to balance or reconcile our sitting on the see-saw of two opposing beliefs: that of our fear of death which ruins and ends everything, and that of our unrelenting desire for more life never-ending. In the middle is the suspension of belief, a kind of limbo which may bring temporary rest and relief, but is still based on lack, limitation, and fear. But this middle place of temporary rest, which is also now, can be the launching pad from which to rise above the restrictions of the pendulum.
      Another word for reconciled is “reunited.” When we can allow our self to become truly quiet and rest within the now, we will begin to feel our Source, which is omnipresent, changeless and resides here, right within each of us.[2] The within is the middle of everything, which is also now. The feeling of now is the connection. It’s hard to believe it’s that simple, but that is also a belief that can be changed.
      Because there is room for only one within, the feeling of connection to the indwelling Source of Now effectively causes the two to become one.[3] When we reach in as opposed to reaching out, we bring with us and reunite our temporary outer human experience with our internal eternal Source. This reunion results in the knowledge and feeling of one’s personal immortality, causing us to forget about the idea of the fear of death. With the thought of death gone, fear is vanquished. The paradox has dissolved, and we have Risen on Earth. It might be just a little rising, but it still feels better, and so it is better.
      The feeling of reaching and reuniting with our immortal residence is also the feeling of coming Home. Here is the lost sheep found, the prodigal child returned. The fragmentation inflicted by the ego-mind has healed because one has returned to—or stopped turning away from—wholeness. Can you see the pendulum that has been at work here by our constant and unchanging behavior of going back and forth? A new action was called for, but did we hear the calling?
      The action of reaching inward becomes the rising above the pendulum that ceaselessly swings on the earthly horizontal plane. This horizontal pendulum—meaning the finite, changing world around us—continues to operate as Nature intends it, but in releasing our fear of death, we are no longer weighed down by the fear. Thus we achieve a feeling of release and relief, which allows us to rise above finite feelings and into those of the infinite. This rising itself is also at first on a pendulum, but one of a spiritual vertical nature, which can initially take us down and up into greater depths of the experience of life. This “down and up” movement can quickly transform into a multi-dimensional experience, which could be visualized as a very different geometric form from the simple, predictable path described by a pendulum.
      And so, among many things, the Risen collaborators of this current work aspire to convey a stimulating and even novel concept of resurrection—the rising above the earthly pendulum—even while it is swinging, even before one falls or flies off the thing that is the weight. Our grief is the weight and our beliefs are the gravity. To be Risen is to rise above the weight; to let go of current beliefs and then rise above them while also awakening to this rising. To arise or awaken in the present is to be aware as our Risen loved ones also are—to be where they are now—to reunite above and beyond the finite pendulum of fixed beliefs. To rise is to be able to feel the movement of change and to feel alive again. We uncover a new math that applies to a new dimension of living, and which cannot be expressed in old formulae. It reminds me of one of my most beloved wisdom suggestions: “Do not conform to the pattern (pendulum) of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”[4]
      To be free of the lie and rise above it is to be free to live. To be free to fully live is to at last become aware that as a person—including our transitioned loved ones—-we are each already on an eternal adventure of immortality. Awesome words to read and hear, and while I cannot say that I personally demonstrate them very well, I strive to keep the idea of progress and not perfection as a close companion as I move onward.
      Oh well—so much for more accessible and less stressful language! All this metaphysical talk about paradoxes and pendulums may look inspiring on paper. But nothing will change until we bring some of the ideas in this book—any of them—from virtual reality into our actual reality, and then practice, practice, practice … and then trust to let it unfold.
      To satisfy my own self-centered need for simplicity, I will risk summing up the above and what lies in the journey of pages ahead in a few brief sentences as best as I can. They may be repeated again in various ways and places as we move through the book. Maybe by the end we will have learned some things, which will validate how we have grown and transformed in ways we couldn’t have imagined when we first started out as companions on the journey.
The Unpretentious Way
1.       Feel your grief, and then use your love to leave it. Do this not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones. Then use your life to prepare for your own eventual transition.
2.       Strive to comprehend and then really feel the truth of your actual immortality as it is now. Feeling your own personal and present immortality will rob the grief of its energy and release the joy of living to rise again.
3.       Fear not, for you have always been and always will be free. Release all fearful thoughts and beliefs about death to feel the adventurous excitement of your immortal freedom.

                                                                                              August Goforth
                                                                                              New York City, 2014

[1] The Initiates, The Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece (New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin), 1st ed., 2008), 89.
[2] “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10
[3] The ego-mind will often try to defend itself by manifesting what we call “simulate selves” in this book, to make it appear that our  mind is fractured and torn apart, giving rise to the illusion that there are many selves within us, all at odds with one another, resulting in chaos and fear. We will offer more about the ego-mind and its simulate selves later on for those who are interested in learning about them.
[4] From the Bible, Romans 12:2.

Copyright August Goforth