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Recording of the 9/29/15 Interview

Here is the link to the recording of last night's show with Michael Johnson.

McHenry says, "That's my Dad!"

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Upcoming Live Interview

On Pararock TV - August returns for more lively and exploratory conversation with Michael Johnson!

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Qh3 Podcast Interview with August Goforth

Join us for this fascinating interview which touches on some of the emerging ethical issues that surround the transition of new paradigm healers into the field of mainstream mental health.

Grazie Mille to Jerry Guara for his pioneering exploration through these podcasts.   If you liked this interview, and would like to hear more  -- please contact Jerry at and let him know.

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From the Archives - Happy Journeying

[First posted 19 Decebmer 2010]
Friend and reader Sydney comments:

I have been reading Douglas Fawcett and Raynor C. Johnson.Both writers as you know discuss in their books, Imaginism. There is a discussion on "The Plurality of Lives". Tim in The Risen appears to be against this concept.Yet the evidence for a"bottom up" "top down" soul development does seem to be there.Also the idea of consciring instead of consciousness seems a good one. How do you feel about the theory of Imaginism in general and in particular Fawcett's idea of Plurality of Lives. If you could also give some opinion on consciring.

RC Johnson, who was born at the turn of the 20th Century, was not only a "christian reincarnationist" and a mystic, but had a PhD in physics from the University of London. Tim suggests that RC's scientific knowledge base informed his theories of evidential pre-existance and reincarnation, resting on Newtonian physics that applied only to the macro world of physicality; the micro and sub-micro worlds of quantum mechanics were virtually unknown then, compared to today's advances in understanding. Heisenberg's principle of indeterminacy had only been formulated around 1925. Even then, quantum mechanics clearly began evidencing that the world was not the world anymore. Most scientists at his time, including physicists, struggled with letting their minds accept what their physical senses would not. Many still do, especially as quantum mechanics has now emerged in the biological sciences, including DNA exploration.

Tim's brilliant exposition on how one can still have a reincarnational experience without actually "reincarnating" is one such example of the notion of multiplicity of worlds. Is this the same as "plurarity"? We suppose that would be up for debate. Tim reminds readers that we cannot debate those personal answers that have been arrived at from within; quantum mechanics supports the idea that everyone's world is a unique world, i.e., "authentic". We can't debate personal authenticity.

RC, along with many theosophists, kabbalists and other modalities that embrace pre-existence ideas as fact, appears to have juggled such notions on a polarized continuum - a very black and white way of experiencing the universe. We encourage the exploration of all that lies in between the black and the white. One of my guides, Boris Pasternak, is quite intrigued by your mention of "bottom up/top down" soul development, and sees it as "looking through the glass, darkly" (his words.) He notes that "this up/down view is also a polarized attempt to rationalize behavior from the viewpoint that there is and must be some kind of 'struggle' to develop within a hierarchal structure. The old-new message reemerging in the 21 C. is that struggle is not necessary, only unkind."

At the Yule party I was at last evening, one of the many lovely people there (a psychic, of course!) commented how happy she was to see the words "21st Century" on the cover of our book. "This is where we are, and where we need to keep our focus now, on the new language and new thought!" she added. We agree.

The language of RC's books are even more thick and slow-going than that of The Risen, not helped by his mysticism which made things even more gooey, however delicious. He advises the reader about this by warning that he is going to make up his own words to try to describe the indescribable, such as "conscire" - which is an interesting idea, but difficult to get. Obviously, he understood it -- or did he? At best, he exemplifies the way of self-exploration of one's inner worlds toward understanding them. Often it's like deep-sea diving and coming back to the surface and unable to fully describe what was experienced in the unseen depths. (see Fawcett's Light of the Universe as an example, and good luck!)

It is clear that RC’s ideas were informed and supported by his religious beliefs, which got him some hot water with the Methodist church. Religious beliefs, as we are sure you realize, often create hierarchal systems of judgment, such as reincarnation. Johnson practiced an eclectic mixture of Christianity, Hinduism, yoga and other eastern religions, and belonged to a group called the Santiniketan Park Association, which he began hosting in the early 1960s.
RC would probably be blown away and then enthusiastically embrace Pim van Lommels new book,  (which August highly recommends) Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience which finally begins to put the ideas of quantum physics into comprehensible language. It can be seen that RC's theory of imaginism was a launching pad for some of the Risen material in terms of finding language that worked in practical yet mystical ways, and yet it will still be challenging if one struggles with it. But what would happen if one stopped struggling to incorporate others' ideas (including that of the Risen) and instead got quiet enough to hear the answers within? As we continuously reassure the reader, the answer is always within, and it's always there. Your questions, dear Sydney, are signposts pointing the way. Happy journeying!
Maude: I should like to change into a sunflower most of all. They're so tall and simple. What flower would you like to be?
Harold: I don't know. One of these, maybe.
Maude: Why do you say that?
Harold: Because they're all alike.
Maude: Oooh, but they're not. Look. See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals. All kinds of observable differences. You see, Harold, I feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who are this,
[she points to a daisy]
Maude: Yet allow themselves be treated as that.
[she gestures to a field of daisies]
[Cut to a shot of a field of gravestones in a military cemetery].
(From Harold & Maude, 1971)

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Tim Rises

The most recent article for the Italian Congress of Mediums, "Tim Rises" is now available in Italian and English.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Contemplative Mediumship at the Italian Congress

The most recent article for the Italian Congress of Mediums, "Contemplative Mediumship" is now available in Italian and English.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

From the Archives: Out of Chaos, Order: A Liberation Drama

[First Posted 5 May 2010]

Tim and I recently teamed up together on a spirit rescue — or "liberation drama" as we say in our book, The Risen. This one had a twist that was a new one — to me, anyway. As always, being with Tim in this aspect as colleague, friend and companion is thrilling in ways that are far beyond written or spoken language, and I'm sure I'll continue to feel "high" (as in vibrations) from last night's experience for the rest of the day.

[As a kind of aside, but still an integral part of the experience, it's significant to note that Tim often does and says interesting — well, really the word is "weird" — things while we're together in these astral dimensions that impress and sometimes even shock me a bit. Not because he's being mean or playing with my mind, but for the purpose of overriding the usual psychospiritual amnesia effects that set in quite quickly after numinous spiritual events, so that I'll retain as many details as possible upon returning to my physical body. So they're very "zen-like" things brilliantly designed to catch me off-guard and make me think in different ways. It's these little quirks that stick with me for later and help me build and retain a kind of mental and emotional structure to which I can return for further review, such as the retelling of it here — in essence an "infosphere".]

Liberation dramas are multi-layered, complex, challenging, often baffling, and sometimes frustrating and exhausting. The overall deterrent to becoming healthily Risen and remaining bound to the earth or other non-Risen geographies is the fear of death and the ignorance of survival. But also, as noted in The Risen, "all unhealed and unresolved biopsychosocial disturbances, including addictions and ego-mind controlled mental conditions, will immediately transport a newly-disembodied person to less-than-positive geographies that reflect the existing state of mind." (p. 196)

These disturbance most certainly can include self-beliefs, as in this particular case, where a young woman, while on the earth, had become absolutely convinced that she was a "space alien" and not a native of Planet Earth. This was not at all true - she was a normal human being, but desperately needed to believe otherwise that she was special in some way, to compensate for childhood traumas that made it too difficult to accept being human. So deeply embedded did this ego-mind belief of simulate self become entrenched in her psyche that it continued to stay with her after her transition from the earth to the next plane of existence, and hindered any ability to move into the higher Risen vibrations of existence. In a fascinating series of linked events, and driven by the Principle of Affinity, she transitioned to a geography we've referred to as "diakka" (see The Risen for more details about this; a search on this blog will also give some good explanatory material).

There, she was overtaken and "captured" by residents who had once been scientists on the earth, and whose careers had hinged on seeking and finding "tangible proof of extraterrestrials". They still believed that they were scientists on Earth, having been unable to accept that they had transitioned, which went against their scientific beliefs and "knowledge" of how the Universe works. Now, through the Principle of Affinity, an actual "specimen" had been delivered right into their hands! Actually, into their own drama - one can, perhaps, begin to comprehend the idea of a "drama" that many people mistake for life, and how different ones will intersect and interplay. She was being held for "scientific study and observation" against her will, and it was her cry of help which was intercepted by Higher Risen, who sent Tim and me to help her.

We found her - alone - in a laboratory-like room, placed into a semi-conscious, almost comatose state, unable to move. She was also further mentally paralyzed by these circumstances, unable to decide how to respond to the situation, because these circumstances only strengthened and supported her delusion of being a space alien. She'd been captured and identified as "an alien" so therefore, she must be one. So while we initially said she was being held "against her will," she was also being held because of her will to believe that she was an extraterrestrial. If she let go of these beliefs, she would be freed; but then who would she be free to be? Either choice seemed threatening and frightening. She must have had a moment of clarity and was able to shift her mental position enough to send out a "distress call."

Interestingly, the other people there at this facility, the scientists, were preoccupied with something else in another room, and had no awareness of our presence, so we were able to work quickly and without interference. In retrospect, I see this had all been orchestrated for our benefit by Higher Powers.

Tim and I were able to show her a kind of visual representation of a potential "before and after" scenario of her being, in order to give her a contrasting viewpoint outside of her mind, so to speak. In turn, this gave her the chance to gain a more objective viewpoint of her life, and to begin to separate from the subjective aspects that were imprisoning her. She was then able to physically move from her position, and we escorted her to a "back door" where higher vibrating advocates awaited to transport her to new and safe surroundings.